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Iron Man Plans To Blow Up The Ship of Galactus To Stop Another Powerful Villain

Iron Man has been evolving a lot in his comic book storylines following the success the character has experienced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There was a time when the character was not as popular today even though he had interesting arcs. Characters like Spider-Man were given an upper hand in the Marvel world because of the relatable factor this character had over the others. But it seems that present-day fans have understood the space Iron Man holds and this has led to some of the best storylines. Let’s take a look at the recent developments where Iron Man decides to blow Galactus’ ship in order to stop a powerful villain.

Iron Man Comics

Ship of Galactus

The recent adventures of Tony Stark have been seeing him getting stuck at various planets that exist quite far from Earth. The recent narrative saw Iron Man getting stuck in Galactus’ ship. It was intended to help Iron Man so Korvac from stealing the powers of Galactus in order to become a god. Stark along with Avro-X was teleported to Galactus’s ship by the Living Tribunal. Avro-X is basically the Canadian version of Iron Man. The duo decides to take matters into their own hands to prevent the villain from doing his acts before it’s too late.


Korvac has had quite a development in acquiring the god-like powers by absorbing the cosmic energies from Taa II. The two heroes navigate through the ship in order to reach towards the main power source before Kovacs. They are in a quite difficult situation considering both of them are detected by the ship’s defenses. The ship has major defensive protocols that come to action and lasers and projectiles are launched aimed at the two of them. When Iron Man finally confronted Korvac he was met by quite an opposition as then he had to witness Avro-X getting killed. Iron Man himself was badly injured and had to rely extensively on morphine so that he could keep on fighting but that only led to more damage.


The Plot

In Iron Man #12, we got to see these events unfold. The defense mechanisms on Taa II actually are only the very beginning of the problems for Iron Man. Even after going through it all, they might have to face a much bigger threat that is Korvac himself. Not only that but the defense mechanisms might have also triggered some sort of alarm that could have alerted. Taking upon both of these characters is a rather big deal for our heroes. 


Ship of Galactus

In the preview for the very next issue, Iron Man #13, Iron Man witnesses as Korvac and his own teams of villains teleport away from the battle. Tony Stark finds it rather difficult to even stand considering the multiple injuries he has acquired over time. He couldn’t even stand without the help of War Machine. But he is genuinely happy with the fact that his friends have been able to make it to Taa II. 


They immediately start working on their next attack in order to stop Korvac. Stark makes the suggestion to find a self-destruct option on Taa II to War Machine, Halycon, and Frog-man. This was clearly because it is probably the only option left that could prevent Korvac from acquiring the Powers Cosmic. Later we see the group of three looking for this option in the ship. Along the way, Frog-man how he was grouped with this trio of hero and he is told by War Machine that he’s “kind of a liability”.


This narrative from Christopher Cantwell, Angel Unzueta, Frank D’Armata, and VC’s Joe Caramagna seems to be taking a rather interesting turn pretty soon. There is a major possibility that Iron Man might not actually destroy Galactus’ ship but he might actually wield the powers himself!!!

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