10 What If Characters that Might Appear in Live Action Projects

Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. This includes diversification into other forms of media as compared to just being limited to movies. What If…? Is a prime example of this. The scale of fights in a What If…? Episode far exceeds what can be done on film. Moreover, with animation, the writing team has the freedom to go crazy and create characters that would not fit anywhere else. But we think there are some What If characters that might appear in live-action MCU projects.

Skinny Steve

The most interesting part of the first episode was giving non-supersoldier Steve Rogers a rudimentary Iron Man suit. This allowed him to fight on equal footing with Captain Carter. It’ll be nice to see this character return for live-action. Mostly because it’ll be a cool contrast to the all-powerful Captain America we are used to. Plus the Hydra Stomper might fill in the void left by Iron Man.


Captain Carter

What If…? Episode 1 was about Captain Carter and The Hydra Stomper’s fight against Hydra and the Red Skull. The entire episode was reminiscent of Captain America: The First Avenger. Even the battles were pulled straight from that movie with slight variations to adjust for Carter’s proactiveness. Peggy was a different kind of super-soldier. Just as noble as Steve, but much quicker to act in the face of adversity. Her input might e invaluable in the MCU if she decides to join the main timeline.


Strange Supreme

The being known as Strange Supreme is a person with a messy past. He literally has demons raiding inside him and he has destroyed his own universe. But we expect that this version of Dr. Strange will soon become the guardian of the Multiverse. He will come to aid the heroes of the sacred timeline in battling the Multiversal war. It seems quite redundant, otherwise, to create such an intriguing character and never use him in live-action.


Zombie Hunter Spider-Man

What If…? Zombies was a wild ride through and through. We never expected to see the heroes fall like pegs, much less encounter a zombie iron man and zombie Dr. Strange working together. The Spider-Man of this universe never got the chance to go on his space adventure like in Infinity War. This Spider-Man spent his time hunting down Zombies and became the protector of this realm. It’ll be nice to have him in the sacred timeline only to reunite him with everyone he has lost.


Party Thor

What If characters that might appear in live-action

The proposal that Thor would be a brat if he were raised as an only child is a funny one, we admit. But the most interesting part is that the God of Thunder seems more powerful than his sacred timeline counterpart. The hero can hold his own against the most powerful Avenger, Captain Marvel. Still, it would be fun to see such a nonchalant Thor appear in the main timeline.


Frost Giant Loki

There is no Party Thor without Frost Giant Loki. The most interesting thing about this dynamic between the two is that it seems much healthier than the one in the sacred timeline. This implies that the brothers might have done much better if they did not have a kingdom to share. Frost Giant Loki is Thor’s buddy and the two get together like peanut butter and jam. We would love to see all of this translate over to the sacred timeline.


Killmonger Black Panther

The version of Killmonger that appeared in What If…? Was much more vicious than the MCU version. Hence, we expect to see the villain return in the sacred timeline in a future movie. Maybe in the multiverse war to aid the fighting effort of Wakanda. We wonder how Shuri from our universe will react to that. We guess, she won’t be happy, to say the least.


Jane Foster

Jane is set to return in Thor: Love And Thunder but the question is what version of Jane that will be. With the advent of the multiverse, it seems more and more likely that the female Thor appearing in the next movie will most likely be a multiverse variant of the Jane we know. The main reason for this is the destruction of Mjolnir in the main timeline.


Infinity Ultron

What If characters that might appear in live-action

What If…? Gave us the true age of Ultron. Something that we want to happen in the future, is to see this infinity Ultron realized in live-action. It will be fun to witness James Spader chastising our heroes while ending their lives. There are not many people that can pull of menacing yet calm like him and a return to the timeline is long overdue.


The Watcher

This has technically already happened. The watchers were seen chilling with Stan Lee in an after-credits scene, and this is the interesting part. We feel that the timeline has been part of the multiverse for a long time but we have just found out about it. This makes the appearance of The Watcher during the multiversal war even more obvious than everything else. No one can protect the multiverse but he can. And, he will need our help just like we will need his.

So these are all the What If characters that might appear in live-action in the coming future. Who else would you like to see? Let us know.

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