The Leader of A-Force Should Be Captain Carter in MCU

The first episode of Marvel’s What If…? brought to us a delightful variation on the first Avenger story. Instead of Steve Rogers taking up the mantle of Captain America it was Peggy Carter who inherited the role. This meant that the entire story was flipped on its head and instead of a bit scout we got the most employing woman superhero. Peggy is an inspiration in the episode. So much so, that we think that the Leader of A-Force should be Captain Carter MCU. What is the A-Force? Read on to find out.

The A-Force is a superhero team that came out of the latest iteration of Secret Wars. When Dr. Doom took the power of the Beyonder he created the Battleworld. This was a collection of civilizations from across the multiverse and one of these was a matriarchal society called Arcadia. The matriarchal society was protected by a team of superheroines called the A-Force. This team had to contend with God Doom’s army of Thors, eventually. But they held their own for a considerable amount of time.


This all-female team of super guards consists of She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Nico Minoru, Medusa, Dazzler, Dazzler Thor, Singularity. The team also had many others including a female version of Loki and even Spider-Woman. A-Force is representative of the power of these women and as the sanctity of the walls of Acardia. We have had some nods to the team throughout the MCU. Especially in Endgame and Infinity War where we got a femme fatale team-up scene in each movie. I suppose A-Force is less about the team members and more about how the team functions and what it represents.


Leader of A-Force Should be Captain Carter

Now that you know what A-Force is, I guess you should also know that it is normally led by She-Hulk. As she is the leader of Arcadia. This is why we bring up the Team at this juncture because the She-Hulk series is on the horizon. As things stand all the pieces are in place to create A-Force in the MCU. Starting from heroes like What-If…?’s Captain Carter there is a slew of candidates who can make a valuable addition to MCU’s version of the A-Force. But we think the Leader of A-Force should be Captain Carter in MCU.


We say this because of several reasons. The primary of which is the fact that the current version of Captain Carter in the MCU has the most experience than any other Avenger on the A-Force. Captain Carter fought and defeated Shuma Gorath in another dimension. This is a testament to her might. Her tactical skill is well documented both through the first episode and the Agent Carter series. Though the sacred timeline version of Peggy may be more proficient in subterfuge, this particular version is definitely more powerful.


Leader of A-Force Should Be Captain Carter

We consider the A-Force to be an Avenger-level team. It can respond to world-ending threats. In fact, that is what it is made for. So it makes sense that it will need a strong leader. Just like how Avengers benefit from Steve Rogers’ resilience and moral compass, the A-Force will benefit because of Captain Carter’s initiative and headstrong attitude. It seems almost absurd to consider anyone else.


She-Hulk and Captain Marvel

The only other valid contenders would be Captain Marvel and She-Hulk. But She-Hulk is yet to be introduced and Captain Marvel is too much of a hothead for a leadership role. Hence, we think an A-Force movie in the MCU will work well with Peggy at the helm of things. This would also pave the way for a new kind of Captain  America in the MCU. Maybe even help us fill the void that is caused by Steve Rogers’ absence.


We consider this to be the most opportune moment for such a team to come out of the shadows, with Echo and She-Hulk debuting in the MCU soon. It can be expected to see more of these female team-ups and an ultimate female team. This will help Marvel push the empowerment agenda and meet audience expectations at the same time. What do you think of our analysis of the current situations and our recommendation thereof? Let us know your opinions in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel DC and Hollywood.


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