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Why Man of Steel 2 Will Not Happen (But Why It Should)

We think we speak for everyone when we say that Henry Cavill’s Superman was one of the best things about the DCEU. His casting is already going down in the history as one of the best of all time. The only bad thing about his version of the character was that he never got his sequel. After Snyder’s break between Justice League and Cavill’s resignation, it is highly unlikely that we will even get a sequel. Here’s what we think of why Man of Steel 2 will not happen:

Man of Steel gave us the first look at Cavill’s titular Kryptonian and stole the show. The movie got great reviews from the audiences and critics alike. Fans loved the darker tone added by Zack Snyder and that laid the foundation of the SnyderVerse and also the DCEU. But since that, DCEU got involved in continuous controversies that led to the cancellation of some movies and delays of others. This led to the downfall of a franchise that had just been starting up. Even now it is facing issues with the one movie that they hope can kickstart the franchise(The Flash). But we think another movie can help them- Man of Steel 2!


Cavill’s time as our favorite Kryptonian started in 2013’s Man of Steel. He appeared in two more movies, BvS and Justice League, and rebranded himself in Zack Snyder’s Justice. And after that, his time as the Man of Steel is just over. And we think he deserves another chance to play the character. But will the studio give a go-ahead to that movie? With the execs already getting ready to welcome another Kryptonian, Supergirl, in The Flash movie, will they want to bring back Cavill?



There are a lot of things that DC did badly with their own shared universe. But the one that hurts the most is the imperfect handling of Cavill’s Superman. Their first bad decision was the changes in his origin, obviously. And then it was just a series of one mistake to cover up the last one. This led to a darker Superman, as opposed to every rendition of the character that people had seen before, and loved. This hurt a lot of Superman and DC fans who have been with the company for a very long time. And now that DCEU is trying to change themselves, all these fans have been asking for a Superman reboot, or more essentially, a Cavill reboot.


Why Man of Steel 2 will not happen

And they have good reasons to demand this, not just fanboy wishes. The first is, obviously, how good Cavill was in his suit. He just looked like a superior being with his height and physique, and some people even call him the perfect Superman, but that’s up for discussion. The second reason is his incredible acting skills. Unlike many actors before, he decided to make the character his own instead of just copying his predecessors.


And the third reason is his love for the character. Henry Cavill is a big nerd and everyone knows about it. Heck, he even lost the Superman gig because of his love for video games. We know that he knows the character from the source material better than most of the actors. And that is why people think that he deserves a second more than anybody. But the most compelling reason is the fact that DCEU needs a Superman! Superman is the most popular superhero of all time and DC keeping it in their back pocket doesn’t seem like a good deal.



Superman is a household name all over the world. And Snyder rebranded the superhero when he made Cavill’s Superman a dark one. But now he needs to be redeemed. And Man of Steel 2 is the best way to go. They can add some light humor, to begin with. The whole world knows that Cavill’s Superman needs to be a little less serious than in his past appearances. Snyder didn’t plan to do so but now that he’s gone, maybe someone else could take his own path rather than going by Snyder’s plans.


If DC is really planning to go a different path with their new Kryptonian, they first need to give another chance to Cavill’s Kal-El. And if this goes well, they can even keep him for the future, rather than recasting him. But this all seems impossible at this stage now! Because DC has been unresponsive towards the character. Even when Snyder’s Cut revealed what Snyder had planned for the character, DC ignored it. The news even came that his contract had expired but it was never reinstated. So it does seem odd that they would just leave the character without addressing him in the future. But after all that they have done wrong, this doesn’t seem like a big surprise.


Do you also know any other reasons why Man of Steel 2 will not happen? do let us know about it in the comments down.

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