10 Evil DC Gods That Are More Terrifying Than Darkseid

The DC comics, in general, have portrayed Darkseid as the worst of the bad in comic book lore. No guy or girl (except a select few) in the DC universe surpasses him in sheer nefariousness. He is the God of Evil and the king of Apokolips – a planet of New Gods. While the Justice League may have teased his much-waited entry into the DCEU, there are a lot of Gods that are far more scarier in the comics than even the freaking God of Evil.

 10. Ares 

The God of War is extremely powerful in the comics. A member of the Greek Pantheon, Ares feeds of the misery and bloodshed from the various battles that take place on the face of the earth. The DCEU portrayed Ares as the big bad of Wonder Woman. As powerful as Diana is, the God from Olympus still almost gave her a run for her money in the movie.

9. Trigon

Trigon is the father of the Teen Titan Raven. A huge demonic entity who rules his own dimension called Azarath, Trigon’s sole purpose is conquering worlds and enslaving entire civilizations. H e fathered Raven only so that his daughter can act as a portal for Trigon to enter Earth. He almost succeeded. The comics portray Trigon with extremely overpowered abilities. God forbid if he ever gains entry into the DCEU.

8. Orion


Orion had the good fortune of having to leave Apokolips and join New Genesis for the sake of a compromise between the two warring planets. Orion may be a good guy now but it doesn’t take much for a guy to turn to the dark side. He is the son of Darkseid after all. New Genesis taught him to control his inner apokoliptian rage to destroy everything in his path. But sometimes he loses control and gives in. Once he did and Darkseid had his heart ripped out of his chest.

7. Granny Goodness

You think only dashing young men and beautiful women get to be gods? Well think again. Granny Goodness is here to prove you wrong. Granny was once part of Apokolips’s slave population. She rose through the ranks to become one of his elite. Granny is adept at close quarter combat. But her most frightening quality is to train almost anyone into becoming the most badass fighter the world has ever known.

6. James Olsen of Earth 2

The Jimmy of Earth 1 is somewhat of a sissy. He is a pal of superman no doubt but that doesn’t give much of a bragging right. His Earth 2 counterpart on the other hand has a completely different story. A hacktivist by profession, James Olsen of Earth 2 came in contact with a Motherbox to gain the ability to teleport, fly and fire energy blasts along with a lot of other capabilities equivalent to a New God.

5. Grail

Grail is the daughter of Darkseid and the renegade Amazon Myrina Black. She was prophesized to bring about the end of days in DC lore. Grail has a frightening set of abilities which includes but is not limited to superhuman strength, speed and durability. She can also tap into users of the speedforce and use them as gateways to other dimensions.

4. Rao

Rao isn’t a God with followers from this Solar System. Rao is a god of Kryptonian Origin. His name is synonymous with the Red Sun that the planet Krypton danced around before its eventual demise. Rao was a benevolent entity in the comics until New 52 happened. He now is a sinister being who siphons of the life force of his followers to maintain his God-like status.

3. Kalibak


Kalibak is a New God from the plant Apokolips. He is also the son of Darkseid (the guy is a fucking chick magnet). Kalibak is the only true offspring of his father. He shares his views and upholds combat and waging war above all else. Kalibak is even more ruthless than Darkseid in the comics. His only weakness is his blindness. But to compensate for that, he has an incredible sense of smell. So that he can sniff your scaredy ass when he squishes it.

2. Mad Harriet

Remember how we talked about Granny Goodness and her badass teaching abilities. Mad Harriet is her most prized creation. One of the founding members of the female furies – the universe’s most elite group of assassins, Harriet is a being who adores torture and pain. She does not have too many friends coz of her sadistic nature to things but she managed to befriend Harley Quinn. Man would I pay to watch those damsels get their hands bloody.

 1. Emperor Joker


The Joker is the craziest being in the entire universe. Not just in DC but also in Marvel. His dementia is unmatched and has no parallel. With a purple suit and a few limericks he has managed to unleash absolute chaos on Earth. What if the Joker became a God? In Superman: Emperor Joker, The Joker manages to trick Mr. Mxyzptlk into giving him 99.9% of his powers. The joker then created his own crazy Joker themed universe where Batman was killed and bought back to life to be killed again, over and over. Now that’s a sight for sore eyes!!!!

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