Top 15 Hugh Jackman Movies Ranked According To Box Office Earnings

Hugh Jackman is one of the most popular and beloved actors currently working in Hollywood and even though his movies turn out to be good or bad, we love the amount of work he puts in and that hard work has paid for him and we have got to witness the amazing movies he has done which were big hits on the box office as well. Here is a list of movies done by Hugh Jackman ranked from top to bottom according to their box-office earnings.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past of was the best X-Men movie in the entire franchise and it was the best in terms of money as well. The movie made $747 Million worldwide on a production budget of $200 Million.


Logan is surely the best solo Wolverine movie in the trilogy and probably the best movie Hugh Jackman has ever done. He acted his heart out and paid tribute to the character that made his career. It earned $616 Million worldwide on a budget of just $97 Million.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Even though it was the weakest movie in the original X-Men trilogy, it wasn’t short on money. And moreover, people loved Wolverine, especially in this one. The third X-men movie brought in a hefty $459 Million on a budget of $210 Million.

Les Miserables

We got to see Hugh Jackman’s musical theatre talents in this movie and it earned him a best actor Oscar nomination as well. It was the second best movie he has ever done. It made $441 Million worldwide on a budget of just $61 Million.

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman was released in December, 2017 and the movie has managed to earn over $420 million globally with a production budget of $84 million. It’s a musical drama film which was directed by Michael Gracey.

The Wolverine

The second solo outing of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was just remarkable and it was another praiseworthy performance by our favorite mutant. The movie did well and brought in $414 Million on a budget of $120 Million.

X2 – Men United

The second X-Men movie of the original trilogy was one of the best X-Men movies ever made and all the fans loved it to its core. The movie did pretty well at the box office as it brought in $407 Million on a budget of $110 Million.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet was surely an amazing movie and it was the second time Hugh Jackman gave his voice in an animated movie. The movie made a huge $384 Million on a production budget of just $100 Million.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Even though the movie got backlash due to the studio interferences, it stood out only because of the fantastic performances of Hugh Jackman and Live Schreiber.

Rise of Guardians

This is the third animated movie in which Jackman voice-starred. It is one of his better movies and we all loved him as the Easter Bunny. The movie earned $306 Million on a production Budget of $145 Million.

Van Helsing

Jackman hasn’t just played one fictional character that we have loved and admired, in 2004, he was also the monster hunter Van Helsing. It was a very unique role that he took on and the movie did very well on the Box Office as it got in $300 Million on a budget of $160 Million.

Real Steel

Jackman has done movies of different varieties and this was yet another unique movie added to his array. Robot Boxing was surely more interesting than a normal man to man boxing. The movie earned $299 Million worldwide on a production budget of $130 Million.


This was the role that cemented his career in Hollywood and it was the first time we got to see him put on the claws and become our favorite mutant. The movie made a handsome $296 Million on a budget of just $75 Million.

Flushed Away

This was the first animated movie that Hugh Jackman got involved with and we totally loved the character he voiced. The movie brought in $178 Million on a production budget of $149 Million.


Jachman’s third movie in Hollywood was surely one of his well-received movies. It earned $147 Million on a budget of $102 Million.


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