X-Men: Jean Grey Has Founded A Place For Special Kind of Mutants

Many of us know Jean Grey as the first members of the core team of mutants at Xavier’s school. Jean was first introduced as a student, she then became a part of the facility over time. All this while Jean used her powers to save humanity from harm and defend fellow mutants from anyone who would bear them ill will. Initially, Jean Grey was the only one who could use the Cerebro except Professor Charles Xavier’s himself.

This made the character not only unique but also gave her a powerful central role in the X-Men series. The character of Jean reached its culmination with the Dark Phoenix saga.

Jean, always had innate potential, and it was remarked more than once, by Professor Xavier himself that Jean had an immense power to herself. What no one realized, was the fact that how terrifying this power actually was. Within Jean Grey resided the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force. An entity so powerful that her powers dwarfed Omega level mutants to the power equivalent of an ant.

As the series progressed we saw the Phoenix force cause more and more harm resulting in an all-out war between the various mutant factions and a transformed Jean Grey. She was now Dark Phoenix, with the Phoenix force in complete control of Jean. The heroes were able to thwart the Phoenix Force, after a great deal of effort and a sacrifice by Jean herself.

The Phoenix force was a part of her so Jean was to cease to exist if she wanted to stop the Phoenix force and that is what happened, in one version of the story anyway. This had a twofold effect on the Marvel comic universe. Everything went back to normal and Jean was no longer a part of the comic continuity.

These facts are 13 years old and recently in the five-part miniseries Phoenix resurrection, Jean Grey was brought back to life by the Phoenix force so that they can be one again. I won’t reveal the details but what entailed was Jean’s refusal to comply with the Phoenix Force’s demand and her will to make it on her own.

The consequence of the miniseries was that we had Jean Grey back, alive and well. Marvel even gave her a new comic to headline, called X-Men: Red. The first issue of this new comic arrived a couple of days back and it is already making massive changes to the comic universe and status quo of Marvel comic continuity. Why? You ask? Because Jean just created a completely new country to give mutants both shelter and solace and offer them representation on a global level. This is the mutant nation that a resurrected Jean Grey has created with the help of X-23, Black Panther, and Namor.

As the comic starts, we see Jean trying to solve the age-old problem that her team has combatted for many years. The problem of discrimination against mutants and the ensuing violence that stems from this discrimination, both from the mutants side and from the humans.

As the comic progress, Jean decides to gather the greatest minds of the entire world to contemplate this problem. She doesn’t ask them to deliberate over the problem themselves, rather she gives them thefts and then reads all of their minds together. Advantages of being a powerful telepath Jean, we’re jealous. Wish I could do that to my teachers when they asked me tough questions. Moving on.

Reading their minds, Jean comes to the conclusion that there is only one possible solution to the problem at hand. She then proceeds to the United Nations and with the king of Wakanda – Black Panther and the king of Atlantis -Namor beside her. The three dignitaries stand in front of the United Nations to propose the Constitution of a completely new country, a nation for and of mutants.

jean grey

This move, according to Jean Grey, will not only give mutants a shelter in hard times but also accord them proper representation in the world governing body is that they have been denied for so long.

The writers of X-Men have, for a long time, used the mutants as the mouthpiece of the marvel universe to comment on discrimination on the basis of cast and Creed. The X-Men have been the poster child for a unified world and abolishing all hatred from the world. Is Marvel making a political statement or is this issue of X-Men: Red just another set up for major events to come in the Marvel comic continuity. It remains to be seen. For everything X-Men, stick around.

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