Harry Potter Cursed Child Movie: A Major Villain Addresses Potential Return

Hey guys, remember Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies? Well, actor Jason Isaacs recently talked about possibly joining Harry Potter Cursed Child movie. Despite being a fan of the play, Isaacs is aware that a direct adaptation from the live performance to the big screen might not be as successful as the play was. He did not, nevertheless, completely disqualify the prospect of returning to the franchise.

In a recent interview with RadioTimes, Isaacs discussed the play and potential adaptations. He claimed to have watched the play and thought it was absolutely fantastic. Additionally, he mentioned that the play accomplished a remarkable feat by bringing newcomers to the theater, who perhaps will now visit more frequently. The actor mentioned that occasionally plays and films may not translate well into each other. Regarding a potential return to the franchise, he would not, however, say “never.”


Cursed Child, released by Warner Bros., continued the series after the Harry Potter movie saga ended. created the Fantastic Beasts sequel movies. Even though it was intended to be a five-film series, after three films neither fans nor critics were impressed. There are currently no confirmed plans for the Wizarding World franchise’s future, but a Cursed Child adaptation featuring recognizable actors and characters could be just what the franchise needs to resurrect itself.


The way that Isaacs responded to the prospect of playing Malfoy again was in line with what he’s said in the past about going back to any well-known franchise he’s been a part of. The actor claims that it is always the script that determines the outcome. He stated that he wouldn’t return to a franchise just to appease fans or his bank manager in an interview with ComicBook.com in 2021, which confirmed this. In its place, he seeks out activities that will amuse him and provide a fascinating story.


Isaacs emphasized that it’s never about the cast or the setting but always about the script. While he enjoys being in beautiful places, getting paid well, or spending time with friends, he concentrates on what needs to be done between “action” and “cut.”. He does not want to participate in something merely for the sake of attracting attention from others. Having an excellent story to play is essential for Isaacs.


Additionally, Isaacs discussed his time on Star Trek and the calls for him to come back. He mentioned how much he enjoyed being a part of that universe and how his captain, Prime Lorca, has not yet been located. He wouldn’t, though, return merely to participate. If there was a fascinating story to tell, he would return. There you have it, everyone. If the script is good, Isaacs might rejoin the Wizarding World series. We’ll have to wait and see what transpires until then. Watch this space for more information on the Wizarding World franchise’s future.


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