Wonder Woman Screening Leak Reveals MAJOR Justice League Member Being Involved In The Movie

Wonder Woman was first introduced to DC Extended Universe in the film Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Like the film itself, the character of Wonder Woman is already a familiar figure to Batman and later on to Superman. The film was critically panned but Wonder Woman came out relatively unharmed from the criticism. Her solo movie will, however, finally give light to her history and beginnings. And since her past is so different from her current situation, how did she come to this position? The answer-Batman.

According to YouTuber Midnight’s Edge, the upcoming film Wonder Woman had early screenings for a small audience, who in turn leaked a major plot point for the movie’s connection to Justice League.

The video channel reports that the framing of the story will see Batman aka Bruce Wayne being the trigger for Diana confessing her past. The movie begins with Wayne emailing Diana Prince in Paris, inviting her to join his new team The Justice League and asking her to help in the search of other metahumans like Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash. Diana proceeds to tell Bruce her beginnings and by the end of the film agrees to join him in his new pursuit.

wonder woman

The Youtuber’s do no proclaim that this is the final cut of the movie and say that the studio could definitely edit the film to be a totally different movie from what was first screened as most movies do, according to audience reactions.

But if this leak is true, then Batman may be a major player for the entire DC Extended Universe, more than was expected at first. Batman already has his own solo movie The Batman and characters from his comic series Nightwing and the Gotham City Sirens as upcoming features. The reveal also shows the importance of the character of Batman for the Justice League.

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