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At Least 3 DC Movies Are Confirmed For 2023

The DCEU is a mess right now. If not for The Suicide Squad and Snyder Cut of Justice League, it would have faded into obscurity a long time ago. But the creators at WB are finally giving way to the visions of talented directors. James Gunn gave us one of the most iconic live-action iterations of Harley Quinn with The Suicide Squad and the Snyder Cut was just fabulous in and of itself. Now, the time is coming that DC must look to the future if they want to develop a cohesive universe. A piece of big news for the fans is that WB has no plans of slowing down. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that there are 3 DC movies Confirmed for release in 2023.

Shazam 2

The first of these is glaringly obvious as everyone knows that Shazam 2 is scheduled to release on June 2, 2023. Shazam was a big hit on its release, no one thought that a spin-off superhero with his own team will do this good. But the likeability of Billy Batson is through the roof, even Zachary Levi is endearing as Shazam in the movie. It was an innocent flick for the themes it tackled and we are glad that the fans appreciated it.


Next on the list is the Batgirl project which has most of its details hidden as of now. All we know is that J.K. Simmons will be reprising his role in the movie and that it will be based in Gotham itself. There is no news on the villain or anything like that. However, we did get a trailer for the movie a while back. Seems that the studio is trying to push the diversity agenda with the movie which is not a bad thing.

Blue Beetle

3 DC Movies

The most interesting part of the 2023 release schedule for DCEU is the newly announced Blue Beetle movie. It is unknown whether the movie will be an origin story or will it involve a self-contained adventure. What is confirmed, however, is the actor who is playing the superhero. Recent reports confirmed that Cobra Kai actor Xolo Maridueña will be the one taking up the blue mantle. For the non-comic fans, Blue Beetle is actually a misnomer as the character who plays the hero is laced with alien technology that acts as his battle suit. The situation is much like a symbiotic relationship but much more badass as the Beetle can change his tactics and weapons on a dime.

Black Superman and other Projects

With the release of three DC movies so close together it is nice to contemplate the future of the DCEU. If the studio plays their cards right they will be able to create enough hype to revive their drowning franchise. I should also mention that J.J. Abrams is producing the new DCEU Superman project. It is confirmed that the lead in this movie will be a Black Superman played by an actor of color. The script and the release of the movie are unconfirmed yet but we do know that Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing the screenplay.

The Black Superman project will most likely revolve around Val-Zod, an alternate version of Superman from Earth-2. We cannot wait for JJ Abrams to show us what he has in store for the DC universe. The franchise needs a well-constructed movie and it cannot afford another failure.

The conclusion

DCEU has been struggling for a long time, in fact, the franchise has struggled since its inception except for the first movie and some spin-offs. Soon these things will change and with the aforementioned movie lineup, it is possible that the huge hype will help the DCEU. It can also lift the DCEU out of the pit of irrelevance that it has seemed to made its house in.

3 DC Movies

When will these movies come out? 2023. How many new projects are we getting? 3 DC movies. Are they going to be any good? You bet! Which one should we look forward to the most? Probably the Abrams project, but we don’t have a release schedule for that particular project. Can you wait? No, we really cannot. We sit in eager anticipation that something will click soon and we will get a flurry of good DC movies. The last one to surprise us like that was Snyder’s Justice League.

What do you think about DC’s release schedule? Does it make you quiver with anticipation. Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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