10 Most Heartwarming Ways Famous People Were Given Tribute

Some people were born to leave a mark in the world. These celebrities were not just famous with their names but reserved a special place for themselves in the history of mankind. Your life’s contribution will reflect on how people remember you after you leave. Well, the following personalities made the best of their lives regardless of whatever time they had on earth. They were paid with touching tributes by their followers, friends, loved ones, fans, etc. Find out the 10 most heartwarming ways famous people were given tribute.

Marilyn Monroe

American baseball player, Joe DiMaggio was widely known as “The Yankee”. He was also a recurrent name on the news for his famous marriage and relationship with the iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe.  They did get divorced after a year of marriage but reportedly reconciled later. After Marilyn Monroe passed away, Joe took or delivered red roses to her grave thrice a week for 20 years.

Stephen Hawking

After the passing away of the great theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, a chain of tributes flew in. He was buried between Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin and some of his words were beamed into the nearest black hole from the satellite.

Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton was iconic actor and director who appeared in films like Aliens, Apollo 13, The Terminator, and Twister. In honor of the “Twister” actor’s memory, the storm chasers used GPS markers to draw out his initials “BP” on the tornado map.

George Washington

The soil on which a statue of George Washington stands on in London belongs to Virginia. That was done to honor the first US President’s words “I will never set foot in London again!”. So they made sure that even his statue doesn’t touch the British soil.

Aretha Franklin

Famous People Were Given Tribute
Famous People Were Given Tribute

The iconic singer also known as “Queen of Soul” gave us hits like “I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You”. Aretha introduced us to the world of soul music of the ‘60s. The NYC subway has named the Franklin station after her and also added the sign “Respect” on the wall.

Paul Walker

Millions of fans cried when the saddening news of Paul Walker’s death hit the news. It was shocking news to process but the people who affected the most were his family and loved ones. One of them was his ‘Fast and Furious’ costar and pal Vin Diesel who grew very close to Paul over the course of the franchise. Vin was devastated by the loss of his friend and named one of his daughter Pauline after Paul Walker. Pauline was born two years after the actor’s death.

Jose Fernandez

The exuberant baseball player Jose was known as Nino by his teammates for his sportsman energy on the field. He was just 24 years old when he died during a boating accident. In his memory, all his teammates, Marlins, wore his jersey.

Groucho Marx

Famous People Were Given Tribute
Famous People Were Given Tribute

Groucho Marx was known as one of America’s greatest comedians. He was a star of the 1930s who was admired for his powerful stage persona. You must know that the second ‘O’ of the world famous HOLLYWOOD sign was donated by singer Alice Cooper in the memory of Groucho Marx to preserve the iconic sign.

Nicholas Colasanto

Nicholas Colasanto was a well-known actor who appeared in movies like “Raging Bull”, “Fat City” etc. but best remembered as “Coach” from the sitcom “Cheers”. After the actor passed away, a photo frame that hung in his dressing room was brought to the set and given a subtle tribute on the screen when Sam straightened the picture.

Terry Pratchett

Famous People Were Given Tribute
Famous People Were Given Tribute

Terry Pratchett was a popular humorist, satirist, and author of fantasy novels. Some of his best works are “The Colour of Magic” and “Good Omens” which also got adapted on the screen later. During the premiere of “Good Omens”, a seat was left empty in honor of Terry with his signature hat.

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