12 Celebs Who Have Unique Interests That We Can’t Dream Of

Everyone needs at least one hobby at a time to survive and to stay sane. No one should be judged for whatever choices they make as long as it makes them happy. In spite of it, we couldn’t help but raise our eyebrows, out of bewilderment, at the weird stuff that some Hollywood celebs are into. We can’t think of anything but ask “How???” to them. No, we aren’t indicating at rich people kinda’ things that give them pleasure. These interests aren’t bad but so uncommon that we never imagined our idols to be enjoying. Find out the 12 celebrities who have unique interests that we can’t dream of.

 1. Jim Carrey

We never expected the eccentric Jim Carrey to be into anything conventional or mundane. But no one imagined the iconic face of comedy and light-hearted classics to have darker interests. He digs death metal and follows bands like Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Napalm Death etc. He even convinced the directors of ‘Ace Ventura’ to keep a cameo of ‘Cannibal Corpse ‘and changed the whole production schedule for the band’s convenience.

 2. Chrissy Teigen

Celebs Unique Interests
Celebs Unique Interests

The advent of internet and android/ios has driven most of us into the virtual world. With every passing day, we are replacing everything around us with virtual reality. Famous model and wife of John Legend, Chrissy was also deeply invested in the virtual world. She used to spend hours on Neopets website where one can look after virtual pets. She wasn’t in touch with the game for a long time until she got pregnant and relived the nostalgic days.

 3. Azealia Banks

Rapper Azealia had surprised her fans with many out-of-the-world revelations in the past. Just when everyone thought it couldn’t get more shocking, she threw them for a loop. Back in 2016, Banks admitted of practicing witchcraft in one of her Instagram videos. She showed them the room that she dedicated to her practices (witchcraft not music) and to sacrifice animals. The video showed her cleaning up her closet of animal blood, feathers and carcasses.

 4. Rod Stewart

The iconic singer not only has a unique voice but a unique choice of hobby as well. Just like our Sheldon Cooper from ‘Big Bang Theory’, Rod is into trains. He is passionate about train building sets and has dedicated a separate floor to house his 124-foot train set. Building trains always gave him inner joy as he used to take them everywhere on his tours.

 5. Jennifer Garner

The world may know the charming and warm Jennifer as an actress, but she has a secret talent too. Garner was blushing and laughing when she admitted her talent of playing saxophone. She even played to “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and shared that she called her saxophone “Sally the Sexy Saxophone”.

 6. Quentin Tarantino

One of the great directors’ mind is as fun and interesting as his movies. Tarantino has a thing for collecting TV-inspired board games. The ‘Pulp Fiction’ director started with lunch boxes, followed by dolls and finally moved to board games”.  Raise your hands if you want to visit Tom Hanks’ typewriter collection and Tarantino’s board games. All his games are a homage to classic movies.

 7. Elvis Presley

Celebs Unique Interests
Celebs Unique Interests

The legendary singer was a huge fan of Monty Python. It brought out a child in him as he acted out some of the episodes of the comedy troupe. He started addressing people as “squire” after watching “nudge nudge”. Presley even did lines from the shows with his partner at night.

 8. Shaquille O’Neal

Remember Shaquille’s cameo in ‘Southland’ series? Basketball player Shaquille was a huge fan of the show and made earnest request to the producers to cast him for a cameo. He was so much into it that he shared a picture of him in police officer uniform to convince the showrunners.

 9. Paris Hilton

Celebs Unique Interests
Celebs Unique Interests

Whenever we think of Paris Hilton, images of diamonds and designer-dresses pop up in our heads. So, you won’t be blamed for presuming her interests to lie in fashion, beauty or parties. But the hotel heiress and businesswoman loves to hunt frogs and reptiles. She doesn’t harm them but spends some time with the frogs and releases them into the wild once she’s done, only to hunt them the next day.

 10. David Arquette

A lot of people enjoy knitting and quilting as a leisure activity. But no one is a fan of them as much as David is. Friends star, Courteney Cox’s former husband and actor has been very vocal about his hobby for years and encourages others to try it as well. He ever sold several hand-made scarves to raise money for charity. Well, can’t deny how inspiring it sounds. The current lockdown is a good time to pick up a new and healthy hobby.

 11. Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey has the coolest and most astonishing hobby on this list. The actor has been juggling since he was a teen and is pretty dedicated towards it. He is proud of himself and grateful for learning it. The finesse with which he can juggle five-things at a time leaves us awe-struck.

 12. Mark Hamill

Celebs Unique Interests
Celebs Unique Interests

Mark Hamill, who is widely known as Luke Skywalker of ‘Star Wars’ franchise, is also a walking-library and encyclopedia of David Letterman’s show. He has recorded every broadcast from 1982 to 2003 and also the daily episodes in a journal. The team of the show had to even refer to Mark Hamill’s journal to plan out the 1000th episode.

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