10 Times We Thought Celebs Owned Their Rented Mansions

Celebs Rented Mansions:

The world of show business is pretty deceiving. That’s why it is said that we shouldn’t believe everything we see. Celebrities get paid for portraying a perfect life on camera. The more people admire their lifestyles, the more brands approach them for endorsements. The majestic residences of these stars have always left us in awe. Their homes look nothing ours as they are curated and adorned by professional interior designers who charge millions. There are not enough words to describe their beautiful houses that seem to emerge straight out of fantasy lands. But you’ll be surprised to know that many of these famous celebrities were living on rent in these extravagant manors and apartments. Find out 10 times when we thought celebs owned their rented mansions.

 1. Rihanna

Facts About Rihanna

The popular singer has earned a fortune that can feed probably feed three generations. The way she has splurged on mansions like they were clothes speaks a lot. She has rented many mansions over the years and all of them were paradise to swoon you away. She once lived in a penthouse in New York that cost $39,000 a month.

 2. Paris Hilton

Celebs Rented Mansions
Celebs Rented Mansions

“Change is the only constant”. This is a mantra that Paris Hilton lives by and has taken a notch higher. Home to us is a permanent den and a source of comfort that we want to rush to after the traveling. But for Paris, home is more or less like a resort room. She prefers staying on properties for some time and then moves on to the next time. Paris would rather spend $65,000 a month on a beach house than buying it for a few million permanently.

 3. Anne Hathaway

Facts About Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is now a well-known A-list actress who is happily married to Adam Shulman. But almost a decade back, she was living on the rented property for $37,000 a month with her ex-fiancé, Raffaello Follieri. Her life went through some tremors after Raffaello was proved a fraud and got sentenced to prison. She later moved in with Adam Shulman to a one-bedroom loft in Brooklyn and paid $6,400 a month. She maintained a low profile for quite some time before getting back to her glamorous life. Now she has moved to a bigger home after welcoming their kids.

 4. The Kardashians

Sure you were not expecting to see this name out of all the celebrities. Their popular show explicitly says “Khloe and Kourtney Take The Hamptons”. Most of us savored the luxurious mansion we thought was owned by the Kardashian clan. Though the sisters are now uber-rich and can afford their individual properties, this waterfront home was rented for $14 million for the show. So, was it a vacation while working or working while vacationing?

 5. Justin Bieber

Justin didn’t want to invest heavily in a single property when he was single and young. He preferred renting a house for about $108,000 a month than buying one. That made sense for a young person but then Justin isn’t like the common youth as he is about $256 million. Now that he is married, Justin and Hailey Bieber have been on a mansion shopping spree. They invested about $8.5 M on a colonial-style house in 2019 and right after a year, the couple has purchased another mansion on the classy Beverly Hills for $25.8 M.

 6. Jennifer Aniston

Celebs Rented Mansions
Celebs Rented Mansions

Like her chic character on Friend, Hollywood’s sweetheart, Jennifer Anniston has an eye for beautiful things. No doubt that she has quite a classy taste for mansions too. She is known for investing in properties only to sell them off later. Anniston once lived in a dreamy Beverly Hills mansion that we thought was owned by her. She renting it for $40,000  a month while the real houses that she bought for $21M was getting revamped.

 7. Lindsay Lohan

Getting the taste of millions of dollars in her personal account at a young age took Lindsay on a wild trip. She started to appear on top of the news for her notorious activities and wild parties. As a result, she couldn’t hold on to the money and ran bankrupt. Lindsay used to stay in expensive hotels and Beverly Hills house on rent but got thrown out of these places for failing to pay her dues.

 8. Mariah Carey

Most of you know What Hamptons mean to the elite people. For them, the fragrance of summer means the luxuries of Hamptons. That’s most of the wealthy celebs have at least one bungalow in the Hamptons. Mariah Carey too enjoys the place but not so much that she’d invest millions on it. So, she rents a Condo over there.

 9. Conor McGregor

Conor has a home of his own on which he has invested a lot of money and thoughts. But the boxer has a spot for Las Vegas and doesn’t mind spending a few more dollars on a rented house over there so he can visit the Sin City whenever he wishes too.

 10. Ray Allen

Celebs Rented Mansions
Celebs Rented Mansions

You say God works in mysterious ways? Human mind functions in more mysterious ways. Different things fascinate different people. Ray Allen didn’t mind paying a fortune as rent for a palatial mansion with a waterfront in Miami that house TEN bedrooms and a majestic library.

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