10 Celebrity Encounters With Fans That Are Super Funny

Celebrity Encounters With Fans:

What’s the first thing you’ll do if you encounter your favorite celebrity? Ask for a picture or autograph? Or make it more memorable? Every movie and music buff has a dream of meeting her or his favorite actor or singer at least once in their lifetime. Despite playing imaginative moments a thousand times in our head, we will go speechless around them. You might want to note down some tips before your paths ever cross. Go through this list of funny fan encounters with celebrities that stood out the most.

 1. Shawn Mendes

To be followed and pounced on by female fans must be a dream for many of you. But it didn’t take much time for this dream to turn into a nightmare for Shawn Mendes. He was out with the audience signing autographs when an army of 400 fan-girls bolted at him. The Senorita singer was lucky enough to escape in time.

 2. Emily Blunt

A Quiet Place actress had the weirdest interaction with a fan. You must be aware that celebs often deny their identity when a fan meets their eye so they can lay low. However, this time Emily Blunt genuinely meant it when a relentless fan was convinced that she was Katy Perry and not Emily. How do you get away from that one?

 3. Mila Kunis

Celebrity Encounters With Fans
Celebrity Encounters With Fans

Mila was once invited by one of her fans to a big event. This fan was Sergeant Moore who wanted her to accompany him as his date to the Marine Corps Ball. Modest Mila couldn’t refuse the sweet gesture and joined him to the ball. The pictures clearly said that the two had a good time that evening.

 4. Channing Tatum

The Step Up star has been attacked with one common request on multiple occasions. Most of his fans dial to their friends and hand over their phones to Channing. All Tatum has to do is convince their friends that he really is Channing Tatum. Well, fame comes in various shades.

 5. Demi Lovato

Celebrity Encounters With Fans
Celebrity Encounters With Fans

Regardless of the celeb or the popularity, no fan encounter can beat this one. It was one of the most hilarious celeb-fan moments that we have ever heard of. You must have heard of tears of joy. In fact, people fainting in surprise is no news to us as well. But have you ever heard of fart of joy? Well, this particular we are talking about farted out loud when he ran into Demi Lovato. Wow! Those were some fireworks, indeed!

 6. Jessica Chastain

Since we are going through various types of fans, this point recalls an adorable die-hard fan who was earnestly waiting in the cold for hours just to get a glimpse of Jessica. When the star finally stepped out, she encountered a cold and shivering fan in tears of joy.

 7. Fifth Harmony

Now we have arrived at a stalker-fan! Fifth Harmony was a big deal in the music industry that attracted fans from all over the world. The snazzy girls were once leaving from their show when a fan decided to trail their limo for about 20 minutes.

Not that we support stalking but would have been fun if they had a Hanna Montana secret. If you know, you know!

 8. Dax Shepherd

Celebrity Encounters With Fans
Celebrity Encounters With Fans

Dax is known for comedies who also appeared in When In Rome and got married to its star, Kristen Bell. Dax didn’t have a pleasant fan encounter but it still counts as hilarious. He was chilling at a restaurant when a fan suddenly charged at him and called him the father of her child. The delusional was so convinced that she even challenged him for a paternity test.

 9. Matt Smith

Stars are used to all kinds of fans, some who forget any decency and die to kiss them. But this particular fan wanted to kiss Matt for other reasons. She said that he looked like a hedgehog and found him so cute that she tried to get a kiss. Thankfully, the security pulled the woman away from Smith on time. We wonder how Matt felt about that.

 10. Kaya Scodelario

It is another incident of a die-hard fan who sort of dedicated her life to Kaya (with a permanent tattoo). After Kaya signed an autograph on her fan’s arm, she returned the next day to flash a tattoo of that autograph on the same arm. Talk about commitments!

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