All 13 Marvel Shows Ranked from Worst to Best

The year 2021 started with Marvel’s WandaVision season 1 episode 1 premiering on Disney+ on January 21st. The setup for the series was set in a post-endgame era and witnessed the arrival of some new characters into the MCU. Soon, we will also witness the premiere of Anthony Mackie’s & Sebastian Stan’s ‘Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ premiere on Disney+ on the 19th of March 2021. The series will showcase the events post the absence of Captain America aka Steve Rogers. But this article will be dealing with all those television series that are linked to the MCU and are available for a watch on several OTT platforms and also rank them according to the content.

13. Inhumans

Ms. Marvel Series Could Mean That Marvel is Rebooting Inhumans

Inhumans back in 2017 seemed to have launched with a lot of zeal and zest, as the series portrayed a part of the MCU which looked too massive to be presented on TV. But later on, turned into a complete slowdown with ABC axing the series down to just one season with 8 episodes.

 12. Helstrom

Horror Thriller Series Helstrom New Trailer
Marvel Shows Ranked

Viewers were marching into Helstrom expecting a lot of magic vs black magic, possession, voodoo, etc., and even though the viewers did get all that, they still could not connect it with the narrative. The series was a bad mash-up of bland vanilla dipped magical goo, which was unable to ignite the spark of its viewers. As an MCU spooky show, Helstrom failed miserably, with even other low-budget spooky series turning 1000x times better than Helstrom.

 11. Iron Fist

Marvel Shows Ranked
Marvel Shows Ranked

By the time Iron Fist was released, the audience has already watched a season of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. Even then Iron Fist was not able to make a deep enough impact to steal away the spotlight from these other MCU series. The viewers found the adventures of Jones Rand to be bland for the action-packed palate that it apparently boasted about.

 10. Runaways

Marvel Shows Ranked
Marvel Shows Ranked

The plot revolving around Runaways was always very intriguing. The story about gifted individuals coming together, to gang up against their parents who were all supervillains is immensely exhilarating. Compared to its previous predecessors, Runaways did see some success up to season 3, before the whole idea was brought to a halt.

 9. Cloak & Dagger

This series revolved around several plots, part love story, part coming of age teen drama and part superhero troubles made this one a powerful mix of some sort over the edge series. During the episode both the lead, actors discover, that their newfound powers complement each other and work better when used in sync. Although, even with a wonderful two-season run on television, which was well received by both viewers and critics alike. The series was brought to a halt after the second season came to an end in 2019.

 8. The Defenders

Why Daredevil Needs To Return To MCU

Netflix came up with its own version of mini avengers when it planned a miniseries called The Defenders. The plot witnessed the arrival of Netflix’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist come together to fight the forces of evil. With an 8-episode season, the writers were aiming at setting the ball rolling but were unable to gather the numbers for a second season opening.

 7. Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D

Marvel Shows Ranked
Marvel Shows Ranked

This is probably the longest-running show of the MCU narrative, the show started way back in September 2013. In the first 5 seasons, viewers saw extremely long stories, which after some time became quite a daunting experience. The series witnessed the arrival of quite a few characters on the screen which kind of improved the prospects a little bit. The show was a good initiative but could have avoided the multiple bumps the viewers had to experience along the way.

 6. The Punisher

In the Marvel comics, Frank Castle is quite the character who has been known to survive and evade death on numerous occasions. In the center, Frank is a really simple guy with strong codes that he lives by, but when push comes to shove, he does not hesitate to leave behind a trail of bodies everywhere he goes. Although the show never did many wonders, compared to the other MCU narrative-based series. But it was interesting to see an ex-marine trying his best not to be broken by the past experiences of his life.

 5. Agent Carter

This series witnessed Peggy Carter make it as a single woman operative, post the disappearance of Captain America after the First Avenger events. The series boasted of a lot of action, but could not quite deliver. The prospect sounded great on the paper, but in practicality chopped down its viewership to half by the beginning of season 2.

 4. Luke Cage

Marvel Shows Ranked
Marvel Shows Ranked

The Luke cage series witnessed the arrival of Mike Colter as the titular being, in charge of Harlem and the person looking after the safety of his community. Mike did bring his physique in to play the popular Luke Cage, but it was also his show of intelligence, calmness, and sheer coolness which made him perfect for the role of Luke Cage. The series revolved around the concepts of political powerplays, human ideals, and a superhuman standing up for what he believed in while providing support to his community. The series witnessed several ups and downs, but it still managed to leave a mark on its viewers.

 3. WandaVision

The latest time-defying sitcom setup witnessed the events that opened up to the viewers, of what had happened with Wanda before and after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Season 1 of the WandaVision arc witnessed the arrival of several characters who were an addition to the MCU narrative. But most importantly we witnessed the transcendence of Wanda Maximoff from Wanda into the Scarlet Witch, which was an interesting turn of events.

 2. Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter starred Jessica Jones, witnessed a very darker side of society. The plot revolved around Jessica Jones who is part-timing as a private investigator and delves deep into a swamp of PTSD’s, abusive relationships, sexual assaults, addiction & manipulation. The second and third seasons were great, but David Tennant’s role as the ‘Purple Man’ made up for some tense, gripping, and powerful viewing.

 1. Daredevil

This series probably tops the list for delivering everything that ever had to with keeping the audience captured or glued to the screen. The show was a portal for viewers who dreamt of watching the man without fear on the screen do a lot more than just evade blades thrown at him by a world-class assassin called Bullseye. The show witnessed pulling direct inspiration from the pages of the comics, which might be one of the reasons for the show’s immaculate success. The series displayed Charlie Cox’s play the death-defying Matt Murdock, who in the daytime is an advocate and by night becomes the all-seeing night vigilante with a hot lady assassin as his girlfriend.

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