How Vecna Will Die in Stranger Things Season 5

With the arrival of Volume 2, Stranger Things season 4 just came to an end on Netflix. Even though the second part had just 2 episodes to show us, They were almost 4 hours long. And that was enough to add in some great emotional moments and some crazy battles with Demogorgons, Demobats, and Vecna himself! But people have been left asking how Vecna will die in Stranger Things Season 5

Spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen Volume 2 yet.

We got quite a few surprises and one of those was Vecna’s big reveal. At the end of Vol. 1, we were left asking what Vecna had been up to for about 7 years within the Upside Down, and why didn’t he show up until Season 4. We presumed that since he felt a kinship with Spiders, he may have found the Mind Flayer within the alternate dimension and began to worship it. And slowly and steadily, he grew up the Mind Flayer’s army ranks and became its 5-star general. But then in Volume 2, Vecna revealed a major flashback about how he came across the shadow particles and created a structural Hive mind with them.


Vecna grew in strength and waited for another door to be opened. And as soon as that happened in season 1, it was him behind all the attacks at Hawkins. He wasn’t a 5 star general of the Mind Flayer, but he himself was the Mind Flayer. And now in season 4, he wasn’t dependent on Eleven to open gateways between Hawkins and the Upside Down. He found his own way to do that by building a psychic connection and killing some vulnerable teens in Hawkins. But as he tries to put his curse on his victims, he has to go into a trans-state. So at this moment, his body is quite vulnerable. That’s why he protected himself with demobats all around him.


To take him down, the kids came up with a gutsy plan. Max will grab his attention by acting as bait. Meanwhile, Dustin and Eddie would attract the Demobats towards them. And while they do that, Nancy, Steve, and Robin would go and attack his unprotected body. They also got some unexpected help from Eleven, who piggybacked into Vecna’s psychic connection with Max. And on the other side of Earth, Murray, Hopper, and Joyce scorched the Demogorgans to give the kids an advantage.


How Vecna Will Die in Stranger Things Season 5

Ultimately, things got tough on all ends as Vecna saw right through their plan with his hive mind. But El led the attack and she was joined by team Hopper and team Steve at the same time! El hut Vecna through her psychic connection and was helped by Team Hopper. Meanwhile, Steve and Robin burnt his physical body with Molotov cocktails and Nancy shot him several times with a shotgun. These constant attacks were tough to handle for Vecna and he has pushed out the window of his old house. He fell to the ground while his body burnt. This fall should have been fatal, and it seemed that Vecna was dying. But as soon as team Steve came out of the house, Pooffff! His body had just vanished and he was nowhere to be seen.


What Did Vecna Survive?

When Will Byers came back to Hawkins, he felt a strong connection to Vecna yet again since Hawkins now had a giant gateway into the Upside Down. He revealed that Vecna was still alive. He was hurt badly, and he was holding back to heal his wounds! So, how did he survive the attack? Well, I believe there’s a simple answer to this question. While he was close to his death, he could have used his final ounce of energy to call in some Demodogs and carry him away! That’s how he must have escaped and hid.


Vecna told El that she had already lost. And he had shown Nancy a glimpse into the future. So ultimately, he made that future come true. A massive gateway was opened into Hawkins as Vecna succeeded in killing Max right before El attacked him. And after healing for two days, he has begun his attack on Hawkins. Now season 5 would see him lead an all-out assault on the town. In fact, things could even begin with a time jump where Vecna and his army have taken over most of Hawkins. And team Eleven would have to regroup and come up with a new strategy to kill him once and for all.


How Vecna Will Die in Stranger Things Season 5

Since Will shares a connection with Vecna and he knows how the big bad thinks, he would prove to be a great asset against the hive mind. And I believe he’d be the one to actually kill Vecna, enacting his revenge upon the monster for what he did to him in seasons 1 and 2. Let us know what you think about this Vecna killing theory in the comments.


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