10 Celebs Who Had Chilling Supernatural Encounters In Real Life

Celebs Supernatural Encounters:

These are not just plots taken from movies but real-life ghost stories experienced by Hollywood celebrities. Clearly, their real life is just as thrilling as their reel life. For all we know, maybe the spirits paid a visit just for an autograph. Some of you may not believe in ghosts but you surely enjoy listening to spooky stories with friends during sleepovers. It doesn’t matter whether they really happened or not, these freakish incidents described by celebs are pretty arresting and give the chills. It has some of your favorite names like Keanu Reeves, Miley Cyrus, and Emma Stone. If you want to take it a notch higher then read this list in the dark after everyone is asleep. We bring to you a list of 10 celebs who had freakish supernatural encounters in real life.

 1. Carrie Fisher

The legendary Princess Leia from Star Wars and the Republican Political advisor R. Gregory Stevens had a great camaraderie. It was a day before the Academy Awards when Carrie Fisher woke up next to Stevens who wasn’t breathing anymore.

Celebs Supernatural Encounters
Celebs Supernatural Encounters

They were one of the closest friends that Hollywood had ever seen and Stevens was even planning on building himself a room on Fisher’s property. The late actress claimed that she felt a powerful presence of her friend in the house. His spirit would play with the lights and make noise through the walls.

 2. Emma Stone

When Emma says she had an encounter with a spirit, we believe her. It was a family affair in the case of the La La Land actress. Her house was visited by her grandpa who was completely harmless. All he did according to Emma was leave quarters around the house.

 3. Keanu Reeves

The Constantine actor has real-life evidence to support his belief in spirits. Keanu was six years old when he moved to a new apartment and felt a spooky presence in his bedroom.

He was sitting with his nanny when an empty jacket floated towards him in the air. He had no visible body but its sleeves waved at young Keanu.

 4. Miley Cyrus

Miley started believing in the existence of ghosts since one of her tours in London. She had rented an apartment in the city which turned out to be preoccupied with a young boy.

Celebs Supernatural Encounters
Celebs Supernatural Encounters

One day she, her sister, and Liam spotted a blurry figure of a little boy sitting on the sink. This was followed by more creepy and unexplained incidents which forced them to move to a hotel.

 5. Jessica Alba

Celebs Supernatural Encounters
Celebs Supernatural Encounters

Jessica’s experience really gave us the heebie-jeebies regardless of its authenticity. One of Jessica’s selfie went insanely viral because of a spooky dark figure peeking from her background. Things got more serious when the actress claimed of being forced down on her bed by an unseen force. We would have brushed it off as sleep paralysis had it not been for the selfie.

 6. Lady Gaga

The sensational music diva must be used to fans and stalkers following her everywhere throughout the globe. But according to this point, she is now used to ghosts following her as well. This particular spirit accompanied Lady Gaga to the end of the world. The singer was so freaked out and bothered by it that she purchased a spirit detector machine for 30 K pounds.

 7. Selena Gomez

Selena has recently moved into a new mansion as we can see in her latest cooking show on HBO Max. Maybe she found a better house, or could there be another reason? The international singer once claimed that her then house was haunted.

She added that even her mother and her former boyfriend had spotted a specter of a little girl in a white dress.

 8. Cher

Another supernatural activity involving a family affair! Singer, Cher swore that she felt her former husband’s presence in the house. She claimed that he meant no harm but only flicked the lights sometimes.

 9. Oprah Winfrey

When the great Oprah Winfrey claims it, we are sure it isn’t a made-up story. Oprah had once invited Akosua Busia to stay at her house for a night. It was past midnight when Oprah woke up to phantom zooming across the room.

The next morning, even her guest complained of seeing the phantom. Now, this sounds like a perfect episode from The Haunting Of Bly Manor.

 10. Laura Linney

Celebs Supernatural Encounters

Now let’s come to the Haunting of The Broadway! The Ozark actress, Laura once claimed of witnessing a figure of a woman in a blue dress standing at a theatre in Broadway. Interestingly, even the manager of the theatre has stated seeing the same woman.

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