Universal Releases The First Official Trailer of Jurassic World 3

The Jurassic World duology has done wonders for Universal. They never would have thought that reviving this franchise from the depths of darkness would lead to a billion-dollar release. But after the Chris Pratt-led Jurassic World made over 1.6 billion dollars, it was obvious that there were going to be sequels. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was released in 2018 with positive reviews and also collected $1.3 billion in gross revenue. So the studio has decided to go big for their third release in this continuation of the franchise. With the release of the trailer of Jurrasic World 3, it seems that our reckoning is upon us.

The Trailer of Jurassic World 3

Earlier today Universal studios posted this trailer on their official youtube channel, take a look:

It seems that the rumors of the OG cast returning for this installment of the franchise are true. We see Dr. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler in the trailer. They seemed to have been brought back to consult on the intermingling of humans with dinosaurs. The previous movie ended with the dinosaurs being released into the world and politicians urging people to try to coexist with them. So it comes as no surprise that they would try to figure out just what this co-existence would look like moving forward.


There are all sorts of things happening, even Jeff Goldblum is back in his full glory in this movie. The trailer seems to be paying homage to the original Jurassic Park with its scenes. “Life finds a way” particularly stands out. In that movie, it was meant to iterate the concept of natural evolution. However, in this trailer, the line is used to signify the new world order that is dawning on this world. Living with the Dinos is easier said than done. One does not simply coexist with them.


Trying to befriend them is moot because some of them are vicious predators and it is not in their nature to befriend us. This is evidenced by the shenanigans in the trailer. Especially when a dino disables a plane and another one hunts in the swamp. “We are no longer the dominant species in nature, we are subordinate to it”. This sent shivers down our spine.

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