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20 Times Fans Roasted Chris Pratt For Voicing Everything

A new Garfield animated movie is in the works and some crazy new information has come to light. According to the sources, Guardians of the Galaxy actor, Chris Pratt is to voice Garfield in the upcoming movie. The Hollywood Reporter posted this update on their Twitter handle this Monday. Now the fans are ecstatic after hearing about this new update. Also, there was an update stating that Chris Pratt is going to voice Mario in the upcoming movie. Now fans are trolling him for taking out all the voice-over roles and they cannot stop it now. Here are the instances showing how fans roasted Chris Pratt for being the voice of almost everything:

1. The Reminder!!


2. He’s Everywhere!!

3. Haha!!


4. LMAO!

5. This Is Fun!


6. This Is How It Feels!!

7. It can’t Be!!


8. Hilarious!!

9. Funny!!


10. Oh God, No!

11. Could Not And Would Not!!


12. Oh yeah!!

13. Oh Ho!


14. Stop It Now!!

15. Crazy!!


16. One Voice Man!!

17. Classic!!


18. Love This One!!

19. Too Powerful!!


20. Oops!

Did you like how fans roasted Chris Pratt for voicing everything? Who else should he grant his voice to? Let us know in the comments.

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