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  • Ryan Reynolds Loses In The Feud With Hugh Jackman

    Ryan Reynolds Loses With Hugh Jackman If you remember Deadpool, then you clearly remember him taking shots at Wolverine by saying “Polverine.” Way to go, Ryan Reynolds, very subtle. We all know how Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are always at each other’s throats and love taking digs at each other. But in reality, they are the best of friends.…

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  • 10 Most Bizarre Celebrity Endorsements Ever

    Staying in Hollywood not only gives you wealth and luxury but also the power to influence. With millions of fans spread across the world, celebs can set a trend with just a snap.  We are constantly checking out their Instagram profile to find fashion, makeup, health, or fitness tips, and 9 out of 10 times, we don’t get disappointed. Social…

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  • Internet Fell In Love With Tom Holland

    20 Times Internet Fell In Love With Tom Holland Being Spider-Man

    Marvel and Sony collaborated together and launch a new Spider-Man franchise that could bring back the lost glory of one of the most beloved superheroes. The actor Tom Holland was cast as Spider-Man and he successfully pulled off both Peter Parker and Spiderman. He is considered by many to be the best version of Spider-Man of all. Here we brought…

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  • 10 Celebrities Whose Reputation Was Dented After Breakups

    Being famous is both blessing and a curse. It’s something that celebs hate but also cannot live without. While popularity builds their brand and brings them wealth, it also destroys their privacy. Their every action, in real life or virtual on social media, is watched by fans and paparazzi. Their personal lives are out in public and they are constantly…

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  • 10 Top Paid Celebrities of 2020 Who Made Headlines

    Hollywood has always been the playground of the rich and powerful, it is a testament to the good life. And part of the reason why there is so much glamour in the industry is because of the huge paychecks these actors and content creators receive. It is quite astonishing just much a single person can make in a year based…

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  • Celebrities Were Compelled To Apologize On Social Media

    10 Times Celebrities Were Compelled To Apologize On Social Media

    Social media is a tricky platform especially when you are a celebrity. Celebs are followed by millions of people from various backgrounds, upbringings, cast, society with different views. You never know when a tiny thing that’s insignificant to you could be a sensitive subject for someone else. Therefore, popular people often get in trouble. Clearly, social media is a blessing…

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  • 10 Celebrities With Other Talents You Didn’t Know About

    Celebrities With Other Talents: Most of the celebrities in Hollywood were born talented. No matter how hard we see these actors, singers, directors working, they have creativity in their blood. Even though they are widely known for their expertise, they have more talents than we know. These are not just random skills that they enjoy practicing in their leisure time.…

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  • Dumbest Reasons Why Actors Got Fired From Movies

    10 Dumbest Reasons Why Actors Got Fired From Movies

    While Hollywood is nothing but an entertainment platform for us, it is a major source of income for the actors. No one messes up with their bread and butter except for the following actors who got kicked out of the sets. Just like common people like us, actors also have to undergo this dreadful face. Some failures such as rejections…

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  • Surprising Images of Harry Potter Cast - Then And Now

    25 Surprising Images of Harry Potter Cast – Then And Now

    Harry Potter movie series has always been the best and we, the Potterheads, are curious about how the filming has done what are the behind-the-scene facts, and so on. Today We brought you some of the surprising images of the Harry Potter Cast and how they look now: 1. Josh Herdman (Gregory Goyle) 2. Afshan Azad (Padma Patil) 3. Chris…

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  • 10 Celebrities Who Have Been Married And Divorced Several Times

    Hollywood has taught us everything about romantic stories and fairytales. Every year it pushes out at least 50 romantic movies with most of them having a happy ending. But Hollywood relationships off the camera are the last people to teach anything about love. Most of the celeb marriages end up in divorce and it’s a miracle if one of them…

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  • 10 Pairs Of Celebs Who Got Together In 2020 During Quarantine

    Celebs Who Got Together In 2020 During Quarantine: 2020 has been an unusual year. We can mark it as the year not just with the Pandemic but also that saw maximum breakups and pregnancy news. Our Instagram is brimming with celebrities and influencers announcing their pregnancy. 2020 has either made the couple stronger or weaker. Several couples have also fallen…

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  • George Clooney Supports Idris Elba As 007, Thinks He’s Too Old For Bond

    George Clooney Supports Idris Elba As 007: “The name is Bond…James Bond.” Yes, this iconic dialogue comes from our very own suave, slick, and elegant British spy who goes by the name of James Bond, or ‘007’, which has over the years become his trademark. In the recent developments, we got some news pertaining to George Clooney playing the legendary…

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  • 12 Times Celebrities Shocked Others With Their Pranks

    Even though the glamorous lives of celebs seem to balance on sensitive glass, it’s not that dull. It is true that they run on a schedule with a team of managers, fashion assistants and PR who compel the stars to appear perfect and flawless 24*7. Most of us perceive that celebs and rich people have no sense of fun but…

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  • Creative Ways Actors Transformed

    10 Creative Ways Actors Transformed Themselves Into On-Screen Characters

    Adrien Brody left his house and girlfriend to get into his character from WWII in “The Pianist”. Method actor Jared Leto reportedly gifted used condoms to his “Suicide Squad” costars to feel like Joker. There are more Hollywood actors who adopted wild ways to immerse themselves in their roles. Some are out-of-the-box while some went overboard like Jared Leto. You…

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  • Savage Celebrities Revenge

    10 Savage Celebrities Who Got Revenge in Awesome Ways

    A wronged person taking vengeance from their cruel boss by buying the company in the future may sound too fictional and dramatic. Well, such stories are limited to the reel world. Celebrities are all sunshine on-screen who actively participate in charity until you cheat or wrong them. With money, comes immense power which these influential people aren’t afraid to exercise.…

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  • Weird Secrets About Celebs

    12 Weird Secrets About Celebs That You Didn’t Know About

    “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean”- Dark. This caption can be applied to all of us since humans are a complicated species. But it couldn’t reflect anyone better than celebs. They carry themselves as lovable personalities on screen but no one knows how they are behind the cameras. The abnormal work schedule and…

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  • Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot Movies New Release Dates

    Upcoming Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot Movies Find New Release Dates

    Disney’s Investor Day was an exhausting program as they literally just announced their plans for the next three years, i.e., movies/series/add-ons till 2023. Even though it was a delight for their fans and the world in general, we noticed something a bit odd. Pixar, Hulu, FX on Hulu, Nat Geo, ESPN, HBO Max, etc., got all the due recognition as…

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  • Hollywood Celebs Tried To Trademark

    10 Unbelievable Things That Hollywood Celebs Tried To Trademark

    Fame turns celebrities into a brand. Many of them were clever enough to capitalize on this popularity and open their product lines. Kylie Jenner and Paris Hilton are the biggest examples of celebs who tapped on their screen fame and became successful businesswomen. There are also celebs that picked up bizarre things to trademark. These were either famous catchphrases they…

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  • Celebrity Neighbors of Hollywood

    12 Real Life Celebrity Neighbors of Hollywood You Did Not Know

    Imagine a neighborhood full of glamor and globally famous faces. There are two types of people in Hollywood- one who enjoys the paparazzi and parties and the other who relishes peace and privacy. As a result, similar celebs mostly end up in places that serve both their needs and budget. So imagine two celebrities live next door. What a morning…

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  • Crazy Advices Given By Celebrities

    10 Crazy Advices Ever Given By Celebrities That Will Blow Your Minds

    Being famous comes with lots of responsibilities. Celebrities have millions of followers who consider them as role models. Fans look up to them for fashion, health, and life advice. This calls for a need for extreme attention so celebs don’t drive these people off the bridge. While some influencers share insightful things and helpful advices, there are many who were…

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  • Movies Dwayne Johnson Starred In

    6 Movies That Dwayne Johnson Almost Starred In

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is currently sitting on the throne, making money off of movies left and right. He gets a bunch of offers and keeps signing new films left and right. But things weren’t as easy for him in the 2000s and the early 2010s. There are some movies that he had a great chance to be a part…

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  • Unbelievable Demands Made By Celebrities

    12 Unbelievable Demands Made By Celebrities While Working

    We have already spoken about the insane demands made by Hollywood actors on sets. But the la-la land of Hollywood is vast and extends to singers, models, popstars, directors, and so on. SO, basically, you will not be considered a high-profile celeb unless you make a crazy wish that throws the crew and staff for a loop. If you ever…

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  • Celebs Lost Temper Shocking

    10 Times Celebs Lost Temper In The Most Shocking Ways

    Hollywood is infamous for the biggest dramas and scandals. We will never understand how some of the privileged celebs deal with their share of problems. But we are thankful for their tantrums, for they provide some of us our bread-n-butter. Many celebs are popular only for their dramatic episodes which are immortal, unlike their career. It is mean of us…

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  • Strategies Famous Celebs Used

    12 Strategies Famous Celebs Used To Cope Up With Attention

    A celeb’s job stretches beyond the studios and sets. They have to deal with pressure from all directions even when they are off-camera. They always watched and followed, which throws their private life out in the open. To make it worse, they are constantly scrutinized by the public on the basis of their personal life. Celebrities rely on various methods…

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  • Celebs Unique Interests

    12 Celebs Who Have Unique Interests That We Can’t Dream Of

    Everyone needs at least one hobby at a time to survive and to stay sane. No one should be judged for whatever choices they make as long as it makes them happy. In spite of it, we couldn’t help but raise our eyebrows, out of bewilderment, at the weird stuff that some Hollywood celebs are into. We can’t think of…

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  • Celebs Expensive Purchases

    Expensive Purchases That Prove Celebs Care Little About Money

    It’s really hard to comprehend some privileged celebs’ struggles. No doubt that they work hard to earn those millions and billions of dollars, But what problems can they have when they can make paper boats and airplanes out of cash? While we start saving in advance to buy those front row tickets to a concert or for an international trip,…

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  • 12 Unbelievable Things Poor Actors Had To Do During Auditions

    Just recall the most dreadful interview that you have ever experienced. Now imagine that having 10 times worse and more embarrassing. That’s what some Hollywood actors had to go through for certain movies and series. Their lives may look glamorous from this side of the fence but we don’t know the backstory of it. No wonder why actors prefer dodging…

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  • Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes

    14 Interesting Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes You Didn’t Know

    Every movie and series has a separate costume department that spends day and night creating the best outfit for the character. It is not merely about wearing something or setting a fashion statement. The team has to go through meticulous research behind every costume. It should tell a story, describe the nature of the character, or tap onto the viewers’…

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  • Things Harry Potter Cast Has Spent On

    10 Bizarre Things That The Harry Potter Cast Has Spent A Fortune On

    The Harry Potter cast, including young and old, earned a lifetime of fame from the worldwide success of the movie franchise. This long-time commitment became a cash cow for the actors. While we can expect the adults to incline more on savings, the child stars wouldn’t have shied away from splurging their million-dollar income. Clearly, these celebs left no stones…

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  • Celebs Heroic Gestures

    10 Celebs Whose Heroic Gestures Were Much Needed By Fans

    Some celebrities keep their job limited to entertainment, fame, and money. But there are some who use their platform to do some good for others. Often fans need more from famous people that go beyond the superficial things such as fashion and their relationship status. It’s good to see when celebrities use their power of influence to make a change…

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  • 10 Times Artists Tried To Copy Their Own Creativity

    Creativity is very proud and egoistic. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and comes at its own will. Even the best of the best cannot summon imagination and originality at their own will. One can wait for years and try every day but creativity chooses her moment. Some singers drive their music and lyrics from random moments and dreams. Some…

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  • Celebrities Who Are Not Connected To Reality

    10 Celebrities Who Are Not Connected To Reality

    We understand that the lives of celebrities are far different from ours. The mansions that they call homes are fancier and more heavenly than our holiday resorts. They travel in a private jet, spend vacations on Private islands, and mostly get whatever they want. What we call paradise is basically a reality for them. But some celebs are floating too…

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  • Celebrity Married Their First Love

    10 Famous Celebrity Who Got Married To Their First Love

    Most of the relationships in Hollywood haven’t left a good example. Celebrity couples are infamous for falling in and out of love pretty fast. Focusing too much on Hollywood marriages and relationships might take your faith away from love or just drive you crazy. But it would be unfair to say that true love doesn’t exist in the show business.…

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  • Celebrity Couples Vacations Together

    Celebrity Couples Who Have Been On Vacations Together

    “Birds of the same feather flock together”. This caption strongly applies to a celebrity’s life where one mostly marries and befriends someone from his/her industry. They have better chemistry and bond with one another than with an outsider from a different background. Their worlds are widely different from ours. They definitely have more things in common to talk about- social…

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  • Every Major Movie Role Keanu Reeves Has Rejected

    Keanu Reeves has been the most loved actor in the recent times. While people love him for movies like John Wick, The Matrix, and Speed, they also love the fact that he does a lot of passion projects. His choice of films is different, and rather unique as compared to what the other A-listers pick. So, that’s what makes him…

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  • Behind The Scenes Moments From Sets

    10 Shocking Behind-The-Scenes Moments From Movie And TV Series Sets

    The lives of actors seem pretty glamorous on the outside but the reality is far different. Making a movie or TV show is one of the most difficult and messy jobs in the world. There are several teams who are assigned with 100-different duties which must be completed within a specified period of time. Coordinating the design department, scriptwriters, costume…

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  • Characters Deleted From Popular Movies

    12 Famous Actors Whose Characters Were Deleted From Popular Movies

    Directors often make eccentric characters with a purpose in their head but that is not always comprehended by the test audience. Either it is too distracting, doesn’t long, or simply doesn’t contribute to the story. Many cameos and short appearances by famous actors were left out from the film for these reasons. Whatever the idea behind them was, the makers…

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  • Unseen Marvel Set Photos of Spider-Man

    20 Amazing And Unseen Marvel Set Photos of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

    Marvel and Sony collaborated together and launched a new Spider-Man franchise that could bring back the lost glory of one of the most beloved superheroes. The actor Tom Holland was cast as Spider-Man and he successfully pulled off both Peter Parker and Spiderman. He is considered by many to be the best version of Spider-Man of all. And now it…

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  • Ryan Reynolds’ Mom Picks Hugh Jackman’s Side in Their Feud

    Another day, another moment to rejoice the funny banter between Hugh Jackman & Ryan Reynolds. These two individuals don’t leave a single chance at pulling each other’s leg! They do exactly what young siblings do to each other. It isn’t just a marketing tool that they follow. Sometimes it’s not even scripted, as they do it out of their sheer…

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  • Performances of Popular Actors

    12 Best And Worst Performances of Popular Actors In Movies

    As bizarre as it may seem, there isn’t much difference between Hollywood actors and common people like us. Keeping the glamor and wealth aside, their experiences mirror a lot with ours. Their journey to the current success was met with countless challenges and hurdles. These stars also had ups and downs in their career. As exceptional and magnificent as the…

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  • Celebs Dumped Brutally

    10 Beautiful Celebs Who Were Dumped Brutally

    Some of us strongly believe that “money can buy happiness”. It surely makes the challenges bearable for Hollywood celebrities. Having mood swings? Go to the spa. Been dumped? Go on a trip on a private jet. But some wounds cannot be treated with jets and foreign trips. Beauty and wealth couldn’t save these successful people from heartbreaks.  Moreover, one of…

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  • Celebrities Always Dumped

    10 Famous Celebrities Who Have Always Been Dumped

    Don’t let a rejection question yourself. If it was always you then these successful and gorgeous people from Hollywood wouldn’t have experienced heartbreaks. There are numerous factors that keep a relationship tied. But the same reasons can also break the ties. These celebs were left by their loved ones for their difference in life choices, work schedule, or simply due…

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  • Celebrities Tried To Remain Popular

    10 Celebrities Who Desperately Tried To Remain Popular

    Fame is a fickle thing! It can rise in a second and before you know, it can plummet on his face in the next. But who doesn’t enjoy fame and the benefits that come along? You are admired by the world and followed by endless endorsements. So, we can’t blame the people from show business who relentlessly try to stay…

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  • 8 Upcoming Movie of Will Smith That You Should Be Looking Forward To

    Will Smith Upcoming Movie:  Will Smith is one of the biggest movie stars of all time. He has largely been on a triumphant run in the recent years, and we’re glad to tell you that he isn’t done. He has much more to offer us acting-wise. People have complained that he doesn’t experiment a whole lot with his characters. But…

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  • Black Panther Best Cast

    12 Reasons Why Black Panther Has The Best Cast In The MCU

    The release of Black Panther hit theatres like a hurricane that revolutionized Hollywood and the superhero genre. It not only focused on a powerful Black superhero but also had a cast dominated by Black actors. The impact it had on the audience, especially the children of oppressed and ignored communities was far greater than the other superhero movies did. It…

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  • Behind The Scenes Avengers Age Of Ultron

    10 Fun Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Avengers: Age Of Ultron You Can’t Miss

    It has been years since the second installment of the Avengers team released on the big screen. We have come a long way since then. New Marvel heroes like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange have come on board while old ones, Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron Man have taken an exit. But it is always fun to relive the good-old…

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  • Mark Ruffalo Joins Ryan Reynolds As His Father In Netflix’s Time Travel Movie

    Now that Ryan Reynolds is done with Netflix’s Red Notice, he is gearing up to star in the next Netflix film, The Adam Project. He has a bazillion upcoming movies lined up. But as of now, he is gearing up to film Netflix’s time travel movie along with director Shawn Levy. The two also worked together on Free Guy previously.…

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  • Craziest Things Actors Did For Their Roles In Movies

    Craziest Things Actors Did For Their Roles: Actors know no bounds in the name of art. They are ready to experiment with anything that we can’t even begin to imagine. These talented minds aren’t afraid or shy to harm themselves or bang a fruit (YES) if it promises to deliver the best outcomes. No hurdle or bumps can stop them…

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  • 12 Weirdest Fan Reactions To Actors In Public Places

    Sometimes we can get over-enthusiastic about certain series, movies, or characters. But an average fan’s response is limited to social-media stalking, interviews, reviews, YouTube videos, posters, etc. If you think wearing costumes at Comic-Con or crying on spotting your favorite celeb is bizarre then wait till you finish this article. Remember Joey Tribbiani’s fan on Friends who thought that he…

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  • Actors Behind Their Characters

    12 Times Actors Had A Big Role Behind Their Characters

    An actor’s job is mostly considered to be limited to acting and memorizing lines. It is true in some cases except a few where the actors had a major contribution towards their roles. They helped built the characters in a way that even the directors and writers couldn’t have visualized. Clearly, these actors are multi-talented, for they didn’t just mug…

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  • Celebrity Items Sold At Auction

    12 Weirdest Celebrity Items That Were Sold At Auction

    While companies spend a truckload of money on marketing their products, celebrities only have to discard a chewing-gum to make millions of dollars. These celebrities have earned so much popularity that they can spend the rest of their lives sneezing into tissues and selling them for a fortune. Diehard fans don’t see a price tag when it comes to their…

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  • Facts About Robert Pattinson

    10 Crazy Facts About Robert Pattinson That Will Blow Your Mind

    Robert Pattinson is nothing like Edward Cullen, the Twilight character that brought him under the spotlight. He has many bizarre aspects to himself that make him pretty interesting in this show business. It’s really hard to understand this complicated actor and harder to crack what he says and why he says so. One thing is for sure, this Batman actor…

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  • 25 Times Internet Loved Keanu Reeves And It’s Simply Breathtaking

    Every man and woman has had a crush on Keanu Reeves from his earliest years. He has dominated the action genre for many decades with his evergreen youth. Being part of large franchises like The Matrix and John Wick has stimulated his career to a height from where he doesn’t need to look back. Check out the funniest ways the…

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  • Female Celebrities Proposed

    10 Female Celebrities Who Proposed Their Partners For Marriage

    In a fast progressing society, it is odd to see that the pressure or willingness to pop the question still rests on a man’s shoulder (or knee perhaps). In some cultures, such as the Irish, women get the chance once in four years on the 29th of February. However, there are couples where the girlfriend decided to propose to her…

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  • MCU Actors Trolled Each Other

    12 Times MCU Actors Trolled Each Other During Interviews

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe started 12 years ago. So many years are enough time for actors to form close bonds and almost become like a family. The Avengers stars broke the ice a decade ago and now know one another personally outside the sets as well. These actors are known for their sharp sense of humor as most of the…

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  • Celebrity Siblings Shared Screen

    10 Pairs of Famous Celebrity Siblings Who Have Shared The Screen Together

    Some celebrities are more famous as a team than as individuals, such as Dylan and Cole Sprouse or the Olsen Twins. These sets of Hollywood siblings or twins in this case are popular across the world for sharing the screen since childhood. There are more families who have worked together at least once in their career, though not as famous…

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  • 25 Unseen Images of Marvel And DC Stars When They Were Young

    We all love Marvel and DC stars. They are smart and powerful that they can save us all. But before that, they possess the powers of cuteness which we brought here today in pictures. Check out the cutest photos of Marvel and DC stars when they were young: 1. Karen Gillan – Nebula 2. Anne Hathaway – Catwoman 3. Will…

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  • Celebrities Broke Up Before Married

    Pairs of Celebrities Who Broke Up Before Finally Getting Married

    If two people are meant to be together, they will always find their way back to each other. No relationship is perfect and these ideal couples are examples of that. They have gone through many challenges and hardships to come out even stronger than ever before. Life parted them for some time so they could realize each other’s importance in…

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  • Celebrities Voted 2020 Elections

    14 Hollywood Celebrities Who Voted For The First Time In 2020 Elections

    Many celebrities are utilizing their platform and popularity to influence their fans to do the right things. As the 2020 elections drew nearer, the famous people geared up to explain people how much their vote mattered. They dedicated their social platforms to promote the US presidential elections and the importance of casting vote. But amongst the sea of stars encouraging…

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  • 10 Upcoming Franchise Movies Which Will Replace Key Actors

    Upcoming Franchise Movies Replace Key Actors: Sequels, Prequels & Spin-offs of flagship franchises have become a pretty common norm in Hollywood. One could argue that the industry actually runs on them. Some of the franchises are continuing in the present day even after having their previous films come out in the 80s, 90s & the early 2000s. Since a lot…

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  • Major Movies That Johnny Depp Turned Down In His Career

    Movies That Johnny Depp Turned Down: Johnny Depp has clearly shown his versatility through the roles he opted in his career. But apparently, he turned down a lot of infamous movies. He was recently asked to resign from playing Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, but there were some roles that he left behind willingly. So, here are all…

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  • Marriages Shortest Lifespan

    10 Celebrity Marriages That Had The Shortest Lifespan

    Love is mostly in the reel and not in the air when it comes to Hollywood. We aren’t new to celebrity marriages falling apart. Even the most ideal couples have exceeded the benchmark of surprises by ending their 10-25-year-old marriages. Yes, anything can happen in Hollywood! Only 2 out of 5 unions last forever and it is a miracle if…

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  • Celebrities Dressed Halloween

    16 Times Celebrities Dressed As Other Celebs During Halloween

    The rules of Halloween have undergone major changes over the years. The costumes are no more confined to cliché scary witches, pretty nurses, cats, and superheroes. Creativity has reached its peak in recent times. Celebs seem to be enjoying this time of the year the most. They invest a great deal of time and ideas to stand out from the…

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  • 10 Roles That Matt Damon Could’ve Played In His Career

    Matt Damon has been a Hollywood A-lister for over 2 decades now. Even though Jimmy Kimmel may not like him as much his wife & his ex, we as fans certainly love him. Damon has starred in several duds over the years, but he has also picked some impeccable roles throughout his career. Here’re some movie roles that Matt Damon…

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  • 25 Actors Before And After Applying Movie Makeup

    Some actors go beyond their limits and work really amazing in the movies. And to make them look the best Hollywood industry has really talented makeup artists. They make them totally unrecognizable and here we brought you some of the pictures of actors before and after applying movie makeup: 1. Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice 2. Jim Carrey, The Mask 3. Jack…

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  • Celebrities Didn’t Go To College

    10 Celebrities Who Reportedly Didn’t Go To College

    Everyone has different goals in life and their ways to achieve them are also different. For some people like Natalie Portman and Emma Watson, education is vital. But there are also celebs who built their own unique paths and invested in their talents than in universities. You’ll find plenty of powerful names in the show business today who didn’t attend…

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  • 12 Celebrity Names That You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

    Schools have taught us that there are some names that are not pronounced the way their spelling appears to be. A single name can be pronounced in various ways depending on the culture the person belongs to. At times, it’s simply the play of vowels and consonants that are too complicated to crack. For instance, Irish names are one of…

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  • Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles

    10 Crazy Reasons Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles In Hollywood

    Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles: It’s impossible to think of another face portraying the iconic movie characters. But the directors had to go through many options before finding the right fit. You will be surprised to know that some actors had the audacity to turn down the famous characters of today. And the reasons for passing up these tempting offers…

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  • Celebrities Domestic Violence

    Celebrities Who Opened Up About Domestic Violence

    Millions of people are subjected to domestic violence, physical and mental, every year. Many of them have fought it and come out of it more empowered and determined than ever. Even some celebrities in Hollywood have battled it in their personal lives. With time, they mustered the courage to put an end to it and speak up in public to…

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  • Celebs Rejected By Other Celebs

    10 Successful Celebs Who Got Rejected By Other Hollywood Celebs

    Celebs Rejected By Other Celebs: Do you think only common people like us get rejected? Even celebrities with 6-pack abs and beautiful smiles get turned down. Brace yourselves because some names are too shocking to digest. Who said fame, money, and good looks can land you up with your crush? In fact, the same fame cost them their privacy and…

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