Endgame Director Picks a Shocking New Role for Chris Evans In MCU

The Russo brothers took a break from the MCU after working on the last two Captain America movies and the last two Avengers movies. They do plan to return for Secret Wars and they’ve also expressed their interest to direct a Wolverine movie in the past. And even though they are working on other non-MCU movies like The Gray Man, they seem to have mixed their wishes for Wolverine and Secret Wars. And they’ve picked a shocking new Role for Chris Evans in MCU.

Recently Chris Evans said that it may be “a tall order” for him to be back as Captain America, but he’d rather be interested in playing Human Torch. Well, he’d probably be even more interested in playing a multiverse variant of Wolverine. I know it is a totally out-of-the-blue choice, but it’s actually the choice of Infinity War and Endgame directors.


New Role for Chris Evans In MCU

After the MCU, they’ve worked with Chris Evans on The Gray Man. While we see Evans playing the protagonists in most movies, he has begun to experiment and take on a few antagonist roles as well (Knives Out and now, The Gray Man). He has shown his wide range many times throughout his career. And when asked by The Russos to pick a role for Evans from MCU’s vast multiverse, Joe Russo quickly said that he’d want Evans to be Wolverine!


New Role for Chris Evans In MCU

While speaking with Brandon Davis on the Phase Zero Podcast, Joe Russo said:

“Evans has incredible range and great physicality, and he’s real good at body control. He’s an incredible actor. I don’t mean this in a bad way, but he’s nothing like Captain America. Steve Rogers is very controlled and quiet, understated. Chris is energetic and funny and charismatic, and he brings a lot of energy to set. I’d love to see him do something like Wolverine.”


I’d admit that Evans has experimented quite a bit with his roles, but we haven’t really seen him go absolutely berserk with rage in any of his roles. So, if he could do that, then Wolverine could turn out to be an interesting role for him. But can we really presume that if the Russos were to helm MCU’s Secret Wars event, then they would try to bring Chris Evans in as Wolverine? Obviously not. That special alternate universe Wolverine cameo spot is reserved for Hugh Jackman and no one can take that away from him.


Still, what do you guys think about Evans playing an alternate Universe Wolverine? Let us know in the comments.

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