‘Bumblebee’ Writer Explains the Reason of 1980’s Setting!

The official trailer of ‘Bumblebee’ released a few months ago and it was quite good. Things with the Transformer movies are that it’s not meat to take seriously, it’s for kids and it does a good job to entertain them. As we know, it is the sixth installment of the Transformer film series and is the prequel to the 2007 movie ‘Transformers’.

The setting of the movie is in 1980, which is interesting considering the previous Transformer movies. The writer of the movie Christina Hodson at the San Diego Comic Con gave the reason for the film’s setting in 1980. He said that the film takes place in 1987, 20 years before Michael Bay’s first live-action film and the reason for that is to pay tribute to the original ‘Generation 1’ series. The series ran from 1984-87 and inspired many children, he said:

“Honestly, I want to tell a pretty timeless story with this one,” Hodson said. “I grew up on Amblin movies. I always loved the way those movies did kind of feel timeless. They felt like they could exist anytime, anyone in this small town that felt almost like a bubble. And the 80’s felt like a natural fit. I grew up in the 80’s. It’s when Transformers became a big thing. It’s when a lot of people fell in love with Bumblebee, so it made sense to do it then.”

The story of Bumblebee looks interesting as it is the story of the beginning of Transformers series. The fact that it sets 20 years before the Transformer movie makes it compelling and interesting. It stars Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena in the lead role and it is a very important project in both of their careers. Hailee has done some films but has not made a huge impact, her music career is great, she has impressed a lot of people in that but in acting, she has yet to impress the mainstream audience.

John Cena, on the other hand, is trying to make his name as a star. After becoming a part-time wrestler, Cena has done some great films and made his name in the Hollywood but he is yet to give a huge Blockbuster and it looks like his first Blockbuster will be ‘Bumblebee’. Cena is one of the biggest WWE stars just like Dwayne Johnson but unlike Dwayne, he is not a huge movie star. ‘Bumblebee’ will definitely help him considering his popularity.

The movie is produced by Stephen Spielberg’s production company, which has given some of the best movies from the 80’s. The director of the movie Travis Knight shares his experience as the 80’s child. He also said that Transformers has made a huge impact on him in the early years.

“I was around when the first wave of Transformers hit our shores,” he said. “I love these characters. The first feeling that I got when I saw the Transformers was wonder. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never seen anything like it. I thought they were so completely awesome, but at the same time I grew up, you know, loving ’80’s cinema and there was nothing for me that was more meaningful than those great Amblin, Spielberg, Spielberg-ian coming of age stories.

The first movie that moved me to tears, was E.T. I saw in the movie theater with my mom and I remember seeing this whole thing transpire on screen and it was this incredibly moving portrait of childhood loneliness. It felt like someone had somehow peered into me and, and seen an aspect of me and put it on the screen.”


Transformer movies have always been a Box Office success despite the reviews, but its last film ‘The Last Knight’ failed to make an impact in the Box Office. ‘Bumblebee’ has an even bigger point to prove right now, it has to take the load of the failure of ‘The Last Knight’. Let’s see how it goes in the Box Office.

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