All Branched Timelines Created In No Way Home

We finally have some idea about the multiverse now that we have finally gotten to see the mess it can make in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The majority of the narrative in the movie dealt with the consequences of messing with the multiverse. We get to witness a lot of villains from the past renditions of Spider-Man who appear in the movie. Each of the villains is given a chance and helped out in the narrative. The Spider-Man trio actually helps each of these villains to correct their ways and it actually works out as we get a hope that these villains won’t return to their criminal paths. But fans are wondering what this might mean for the timelines that will be created now that each of these villains will return to their own timelines. Let’s take a look at all the different branched timelines created in No Way Home because of the Spider-cures.

Timeline 1: Where Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Comes From

The time where Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man comes from is actually the time where the villains have gone. Not much is known regarding the events that may have unfolded over this time but everything that we had seen in the Sam Raimi movies were referenced. It is not known whether he actually managed to get with Mary Jane Watson, but surely he might have gotten closer to doing that.


Timeline 2: Where Norman Osborne Comes From

Branched timelines created in No Way Home

Norman Osborn mentions that he was picked from the time when he was fighting with Spider-Man. This actually goes back to the point where Norman Osborn was fighting Spider-Man at the end of Spider-Man 1. Since they managed to find a cure for Norman in No Way Home when he returns he will create his own timeline. This timeline will actually branch out from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. The events of Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 might not even take place here.


Timeline 3: Where Doctor Octopus Comes From

Doc Ock was brought from the time when he was actually strangling Peter around the end of Spider-Man 2. Since his death is also avoided considering he was also cured in No Way Home, we might not see them fighting each other. Instead, they could have worked together to stop the experiment from causing much damage. But one of the major issues this and the previous timeline might cause is the branching out of reality. Even though the TVA could be pretty occupied with the chaos that He Who Remains’ death might have caused, they could come and pick both Doc Ock and the Norman Osborne from the previous timeline. This causes some really massive chaos in the multiverse at large because we know that there’s already some chaos unfolding from the end of the Disney+ series Loki.


Timeline 4: Where Sandman Comes From

There was no clear indication of what happened to Sandman in the Sam Raimi timeline he was picked up from. We are aware that he was not killed and his return may have not caused any change with any Absolute Point narrative. But still, his change due to the cure might end up landing him in a branched reality. This theory may not be absolutely true, but there is a chance that this might be from the same timeline where Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man was also picked up from.


Timeline 5: Where Lizard Comes From

Branched timelines created in No Way Home

There was no clear indication about from where Lizard might have been picked up. But this will still be a branched reality as here the events of Amazing Spider-Man 2 are less likely to have happened. Even Gwen Stacey will be alive in this timeline and thus we can be sure that Spider-Man will be a lot more stable. Even Gwen’s father might be alive here and there could be some drastic events taking place in terms of Norman Osborn here.


Timeline 6: Where Electro Came From

Since Electro’s power was taken away, he’d continue to be alive when he goes back to the moment he was taken from. So from that point on, a new branch will be created from the year 2014 in the TASM universe. Maybe Gwen would be alive here as Max Dillon could help Peter in defeating Harry Osborn’s Green Goblin. Dillon could even try to become Electro in the right way, and he could lead his own spin-off from that point on.

Which other branched timelines could have been created in No Way Home?

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