The Real Age Of Stranger Things Characters vs Its Cast

It is time to head back to Hawkins as Netflix is ready to release Stranger Things season 4 soon. There has been a long gap and multiple delays between Season 3 and 4 due to the pandemic. However, the latest season promises to be full of action that will make up for the delay and three-year gap. Since the final trailer dropped, there has been a wave of curiosity among the fans. Many people are left wondering how old the characters would be in this season. So, let’s take a look at the real age of Stranger Things characters to the actors who play them.


While Eleven’s exact date of birth is unknown, it has been revealed that she was born in 1971. And she was 12 years old in season 1, 13 in season 2 and 14 in the third season. Since the fourth season will be set in the spring of 1986, Eleven will be 15 years old. She will be in her freshmen year of high school. In contrast, actress Millie Bobby Brown is 18 years old.


Mike Wheeler

Just like Eleven, Mike was also born in 1971, which means he was 12 in the first season. According to the comics, his birthday is April 1, but the show hasn’t revealed that. Thus, Mike Wheeler will also be 15 in season 4. On the other hand, Finn Wolfhard is 19 years old.

Will Byers

Although Noah Schnapp might be the youngest actor out of the original cast members, Will is supposed to be born in 1971 like his friends. This makes sense as all the kids are in the same grade and will be 15 years old in season 4. However, Noah Schnapp is only 17 and younger than his peers in real life.


Dustin Henderson

The real age of Stranger Things characters

Just like his classmates, Dustin Henderson will be 15 years old in season 4, even though the show hasn’t revealed his birthday. On the other hand, actor Gaten Matarazzo will be 19 when the season is released.

Lucas Sinclair

Since Lucas is also assumed to be born in 1971 like his gang members, he will also be 15 years old in season 4. But Caleb McLaughlin will be 20 years old when the season premieres, making him one of the oldest of the original cast.


Max Mayfield

Although Max joined the show in season 2, her birth year is assumed to be 1971 like the rest of her classmates. Hence, she will also be 15 years old in season 4. Sadie Sink on the other hand will be 20 years old when the season is released, just like Caleb McLaughlin.

Nancy Wheeler

Mike’s older sister Nancy was in her sophomore year of high school in season 1. She was working as an investigative journalist in season 3 at only the age of 17. Hence, Nancy will be 18 years old in the upcoming season. In contrast, Natalia Dyer will be 27 when the season drops.


Jonathan Byers

Since Nancy and Jonathan are in the same year in high school, it can be assumed that Jonathan will also be 18 in season 4. However, Charlie Heaton will be 28 when the season premieres, making him a decade older than his character.

Steve Harrington

When it comes to fan favourites, how can we forget about Steve Harrington? Steve is supposed to be slightly older than Nancy and Jonathan. Thus, he will be 19 years old in season 4 which is set in spring 1986. You’ll be surprised to know that Joe Keery will be 30 when season 4 drops. This makes him the oldest actor to play a teenager on this show.


Robin Buckley

Robin was introduced in the third season and quickly became a fan favourite character. Although it can be assumed that Robin might be Steve’s age, it was revealed that she is younger than him. Hence, it can be assumed that she is the same age as Jonathan and Nancy, making her 18 in the latest season. Maya Hawke will be 23 when the season is released.

Jim Hopper

Hopper is the perfect father figure for Eleven and is probably the best dad in the show. It is no surprise that Jim Hopper is in his 40s and will be 44 in the upcoming instalment. David Harbour is only slightly older than his character as he will be 46 when the season drops.


Joyce Byers

Will and Jonathan’s mom Joyce is revealed to be the same age as Jim Hopper and will be 44 in season 4. This is the reason the pair could easily connect as they were friends in high school. Winona Ryder is three years older than her character at the moment.

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