10 Things To Know About The Three Eyed Raven


Game of Thrones has many interesting characters and we just want to know more about them. There are some characters that are fascinating but are underrated. One such character was the three eyed raven who we couldn’t see much of and lost too soon. These are facts about the mysterious three eyed raven from the books and they are really interesting.

10. He was supposed to be ‘Three eyed Crow’:

The show has changed many names and things to keep it simple and consistent. In the books the three eyed raven is actually called the three eyed crow. The reason for this change has not been explained and the show doesn’t mention crows a lot. The men in the night’s watch are often referred to as crows and the messenger birds are ravens.

9. The raven was supposed to have the third eye at the back:

The three eyed raven is shown having a third eye in the middle of the two normal eyes. This is often seen as a sign of enlightenment in many cultures. The makers, however, wanted to give it an eye at the back of its head so that it could have a 360-degree vision but then they would have to show it turn its head and that was difficult to do.

8. Jojen was in contact with him for years:

Jojen Reed was in contact of the three eyed raven for years as he was visited by him in dreams. Jojen was very sick as a child and it is believed that he would have died if the three eyed raven had not contacted him. He chose Jojen to lead Bran Stark to him when he appeared in his dream and showed him a wolf that was chained up.

7. It is believed that his name is Brendyn Rivers:

The three eyed raven is believed to be Brynden Rivers who was a legitimized bastard of Aegon IV Targaryen. He was known as blood raven and was the hand of the king. The books have talked about Brynden and it is believed that he went on to become the three eyed raven.

6. He was lord commander of the night’s watch:

Brynder Rivers had a great life as after being hand of the king he even came to the night’s watch. In a short time he became the lord commander of the night’s watch and held the post for 13 years. He disappeared after ranging off beyond the wall and then a new commander was selected.

5. He used magic to rule the seven kingdoms:

Brynden Rivers was a greenseer like Bran and could warg into humans and animals. When he was the hand of the king he used his abilities to find out all the plots and schemes of his enemies and therefore he had no threat. He could not be the king but he had great power being the hand of the king.

4. He was a kin-slayer:

In GOT there are a few taboos and one of them is killing off your own kin. Brynden Rivers ordered the deaths of Damon Blackfyre and his sons. This made him a kin slayer as he killed someone in his own family and got this title for it.

3. He was in love with his Half sister:

Like many other Targaryen, Bloodraven was in love with one of his siblings. Bloodraven lusted after Shiera Seastar, who was the daughter of Serenei of Lys. Shiera and Bloodraven slept together on many occasions, though she would not allow him to become her only suitor, as she liked to make him jealous.

2. He lost an eye in battle:

Bloodraven or Brynden Rivers went to war with his half brother Aegor Rivers. In the fight, Aegor struck him hard and took out his eye from the socket. Bloodraven, however, did not cover his empty eye socket and proudly showed it off later.


 1. Mellisandre believes he is the God of the white walkers:

three eyed raven

Mellisandre is a follower of the lord of light and believes that the white walkers believe in the rival God known as the ‘great other’. She saw the three eyed raven in the fire and thought he was either the champion of the great other or was the rival God himself.

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