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7 DC Characters Scarlett Johansson Could Play

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen unprecedented growth over the last couple of years. Be it because of things like the freeing up of the multiverse or because of an introduction of a number of new factions in the MCU. Marvel has always been known for creating magnificent things with stuff that no one thought was worth anything. MCU is notorious for reviving the careers of many actors and pushing them into the forefront of the movie industry. But some actors like Scarlett Johansson were well established before they came into the MCU. The MCU only made use of them. What if ScarJo went to the DC universe instead of the MCU? Now, there’s a thought. Here are 7 DC characters Scarlett Johansson could play.

Star Sapphire

Several women exist in the DC universe that has held the title of Star Sapphire. The most interesting of these is the second Star Sapphire aka Carol Ferris. Carol is an interesting character because she was the love interest of Hal Jordan and an overall good character for a long time. But then she turned into a villain and became a staple of Lantern’s rogue gallery. We feel that ScarJo has just the right demeanor for this character and we admit that it would be interesting to see her in this costume.



Giganta is a Wonder Woman villain. She was a gorilla who turned into a red-haired woman because of the experiments that were performed on her. Her abilities are quite absurd. Mostly because she has unparalleled strength and can do things that other people can’t. Moreover, her size is quite a size to behold. Scarlett Johansson really rocks the red hair, so we think she would be a perfect fit for this role.



Contrary to her name, Superwoman is not a gender-flipped version of Superman. She is actually an amalgamation of various characters since a lot of characters have used the moniker over the years. It would be really easy for DC to create a clive-action superwoman as played by ScarJo. This character is almost always a villain in the DC universe, so it would be a lot of fun to see ScarJo going toe to toe with Superman and Supergirl. We have only ever seen her competing with Gods whilst engaging in hand-to-hand combat. What happens when you give this woman superpowers?



There is an argument to be made about the legitimacy of Suicide Squad‘s Enchantress. She was scary and powerful but she lacked a certain gravitas. It is our expectation that Scarlett Johansson would do much better in this role. She has the right kind of vibe to pull off an immensely powerful witch with an ulterior motive. No one plays both sides like a fiddle quite like the characters that ScarJo is used to playing.


Killer Frost

Killer Frost is a character that The CW audience is quite familiar with. Since The Flash decided to include so many multiversal elements, the writers couldn’t help but introduce Killer Frost into the fray. This deadly supervillain has the power to create ice spontaneously and she uses this power to press the common folk and make a name for herself. The most amazing thing is that her heart is as cold as the ice she creates. It is an old cliche but one that works wonderfully well with this character. Scarlett could bring an entirely new vibe to the character that we would love to see.



DC characters Scarlett Johansson could play

Starfire is a character that was part of Teen Titans for a long time. But there came a time when she was infected with negative energy and became a villain. Regardless of the iteration, the character of Starfire is one of the most fierce in the DC universe. We think that ScarJo will be the perfect actor to play an adult version of Starfire.


Poison Ivy

What’s better than ScarJo in a black leather costume? Well, I am glad you asked! The answer is ScarJo in a Poison Ivy costume, of course!! We kid you not, it would be the most thrilling thing to see this beauty take on the seductive demeanor of Ivy. This Batman villain controls the plant and the men around the world. Her powers know no bounds. Truly a character worth playing.


What do you think of which of the above-mentioned DC characters Scarlett Johansson could play? Comment down your answers.

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