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Someone Deepfakes Adam West Batman on Robert Pattinson And It’s Perfect

Internet is a wonderful place. Anyone is free to do whatever they can on here. It is not a question of access or resources, but only the willingness to get it done. The Batman was a wonderful movie. Some may even call it the moment that cinema achieved perfection. But someone on the internet decided that it could be made into something better. So they decided to use Deepfakes to put Adam West Batman on Robert Pattinson’s face and body in The Batman trailer and the results are absolutely hilarious. Take a look at what the trailer has in store for you now that it has been altered a little. The Youtube video has been reproduced down below for your viewing pleasure:-

Deepfake: Adam West On Robert Pattinson

This trailer starts off the same way as the original one, but then you notice subtle differences, like how the Bat-signal is completely different. Then in comes Adam West and he beats up the thugs from the start of the movie. The only difference is that the action sequences have comic text, and Batman has Adam West’s face this time. What really drives us crazy is the fact that this Batman keeps making weird faces over and over while fighting crime. The editor has used the old scenes from the show in unique ways. Such as Adam West carrying a Bomb through the city streets has been linked with The Riddler’s bombing of Gotham.


Adam West Batman on Robert Pattinson

Moreover, the editor has also swapped this new Riddler for the old one and the new penguin for the one from the show. This all makes for a hilarious video that is almost too perfect to be ignored. We even enjoyed Batman’s appearance in gunfire as he skips around with his cape. It is the most perfect homage to Adam West’s work we have seen in a long time. Moreover, the comic beats are strong and consistent throughout the trailer.

Let us know what you think about Adam West Batman on Robert Pattinson? Share your thoughts with us down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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