5 Of The Biggest “Karens” In Hollywood

How do you describe an entitled and usually white, middle-class woman who throws public tantrums when she doesn’t get her own way? You call her a ‘Karen.’ The meaning of the insult has been explored through viral videos of bad behaviour ranging from rudeness to store staff and calling the cops on Black families having barbecues. Many movies, TV shows and books have long explored what happens when white women weaponize their privilege. Let’s take a look at these TV show characters, who are similar to the biggest Karens:

1) Cersei Lannister – Game of Thrones

If memes existed in Westeros, entitled women would probably be called Cerseis. The eventual Queen of Westeros has a high opinion of herself and is willing to step on anyone to advance her family. Anyone who stands between her and what she wants faces her rage and her desire for power is immense. Unlike your average Karen, she has access to wildfire and guards who will slit throats at her command, making her especially dangerous. Her spoiled and selfish nature was also passed on to her son and morphed him into something evil.


2) Skyler White – Breaking Bad

Skyler is ultimately a very caring mother and to some extent, a supportive wife. She and Walter had many great relationship moments. However, Walter is the protagonist of Breaking Bad, even if he is an anti-hero and makes questionable choices. Skyler’s consistent questioning and interfering make her a Karen. Skyler’s Karen-ness is on full display when she sleeps with her boss Ted during her foray into money laundering, and when she confronts Jesse early on in the series. She even awkwardly attempts slang when talking to him.


3) Lucille Bluth – Arrested Development

Biggest Karens

Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development, is famous for drinking, eye-rolling and plotting against her children. Her put-downs are legendary and her scheming would rival that of any villain. Lucille’s privileged lifestyle has led to a huge sense of entitlement, especially towards waiters and her own staff. She’s also determined to maintain a luxurious lifestyle, which causes grief for her entire family. She mocks her maid for not owning a house and checks her bag as she leaves to ensure she isn’t a thief. Her attitude towards her children is especially toxic, scrutinizing Lindsay for her looks and regularly insulting Buster. She’s a rich, powerful Karen.


4) Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter

Dolores Umbridge’s sickly voice paired with her fondness for authority takes her Karen-ness to the extreme in Harry Potter. Perhaps the cruellest Hogwarts teacher Harry, Ron and Hermionie ever dealt with. Umbridge tried to completely change the way Hogwarts was run. She got Dumbledore fired, enacted dozens of overreaching rules, and punished students with actual physical and emotional harm. These are just some of the worst things she ever did. It took a gang of centaurs and a literal giant, not to mention Harry and Hermione’s scheming, to remove her from the school grounds, and even then that wasn’t the last viewers would see of her.


5) Ross Geller – Friends

Yes, a male entrant on our list of Karens. Ross is unquestionably the most Karen-like of the six friends. When someone eats his sandwich at work, he leaves the culprit threatening notes in the fridge. And when he finds out who is responsible, he dramatically loses his temper in classic Karen fashion. Karens are infamous for making a scene in stores and other public places. When Ross goes couch shopping, he kicks up a fuss about the delivery fee and decides to take the couch home himself. After much pivoting, while trying to manoeuvre the couch upstairs, it ends up completely demolished. Despite this, Ross still tries to return the couch in exchange.


Did you ever think the above-mentioned actors are the biggest Karens? we want to know your answers in the comments.

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