5 Characters of Game of Thrones Who Are Missing in Action

It’s a challenging task in the hands of D&D to manage plotlines of a maze of disparate characters with affiliations to different houses. They need to sift through material and tell a compelling story in 10 episodes in a particular season, keeping in mind mighty expectations of millions of viewers of the show.

However, there are a few characters who made their presence felt in a particular season, but soon they faded into oblivion or were inadequately used subsequently. Here is a list of 5 major characters who are missing in action, and they are not dead:

Bran Stark & Hodor:



The plotline of Bran Stark was totally dropped off from season 5. He is one of the most critical characters on the show who may even hold the key to the Iron Throne. The reason given by show-makers was that his character arc was so ahead of others that they had to hold it for future seasons.


Balon Greyjoy & his daughter:


He is a Lord of Iron Islands, captain of the Great Kraken, his rebellion was crushed by Baretheon forces. He sent his daughter Yara Greyjoy to rescue his son Theon Greyjoy captured by Ramsay Snow. She realized that her little brother is dead, he has turned into full- blown “Reek” (a name given to him by Ramsay). The entire Ironborn storyline was dropped in season 5, but now Euron Greyjoy has been cast by the show producers for season 6.


Uncle Benjen Stark:


He was introduced to the audience in the first season, then he just vanished, never to be found again. He served in the Knight’s watch at Castle Black. Fans are speculating if he is alive or not, but George RR Martin has made it categorically clear that he is very much alive.





He rowed away from Dragon-stone, down to King’s landing. But the show has’nt used him at all. He is probably still rowing across the narrow seas.



Brotherhood without Banners:


They were seen hunting and killing in the Riverlands against Lannisters’ interests, but now they are no longer visible.


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