Why Daniel Craig Would Have Been Better As Mr Fantastic Than John Krasinski

I think I speak for everyone when I say that John Krasinski’s cameo as Mr. Fantastic was one of the best things about the new Doctor Strange movie. But what if we told you that it wasn’t for the better? What if we told you that before John Krasinski, ‘007’ Daniel Craig was considered for the role? And we believe that Daniel Craig’s Mr Fantastic would have been better than John Krasinski’s version of the character. Read until the end to find out why Daniel Craig would have been better as Mr Fantastic.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was full of unexpected twists and turns. And a lot of cameos, not to forget! We finally got to see Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Lashana Lynch’s version of Captain Marvel, Hayley Atwell’s live-action Captain Carter, and Anson Mount as the King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt. But what fans loved the most was the one they anticipated for the most, John Krasinski as Reed ‘Mr Fantastic’ Richards! The Earth-838’s Illuminati team gave us some of the best and most horrific scenes of the MCU. And what made them great was the element of surprise.


On some level, we always knew that besides Professor X, we will see Captain Marvel and Captain Carter. Anson Mount’s Black Bolt was a big surprise for the fans of the group. But Krasinski as Mr Fantastic was out of the world. Fantastic Four’s MCU cameo is one the most awaited ones, so Reed Richards’s cameo worked very well with the narrative. And just when we were starting to think that Illuminati will play a bigger role in the future, Wanda goes ahead and kill every single one of them. So now we don’t know if the characters will ever return to the MCU! Especially John Krasinski as Reed Richards!



Fans are worrying that they might never see Krasinski as Mr Fantastic again but we think it’s for the better. And better for the character too. The first reason is, of course, that Krasinski wasn’t the top choice for the character. The casting directors tried to reach Daniel Craig before Krasinski but Craig declined the offer. Because he didn’t want to risk catching the COVID-19 virus for a brief cameo that may not even have a future in the bigger MCU. If he was the first choice for the character, this says something about how he would have been one of the best for the role. We are not saying that Krasinski was bad. He was quite good for the brief period he was on the screen, but we don’t know if he would work in the long term.


Why Daniel Craig Would Have Been Better As Mr Fantastic

The second reason is the immense popularity Daniel Craig has achieved during his 15-year-long term as James Bond. Again, we are not saying that Krasinski isn’t a popular actor, especially after his time as Jim Halper in the Office US. But Craig has already played in a league that many actors can only dream of. And his inclusion in the Earth-838’s Illuminati would’ve taken this movie to that level too. Moreover, Craig appearing as Reed Richards would have been a much bigger surprise than Krasinski. And the reason for this is the huge number of fan arts featuring him as Mr Fantastic. But if Craig had cameo-ed as the character, Marvel fans would’ve gone berserk.


But for all the Daniel Craig and James Bond/MCU fans out there, this may not be the end. Mr Fantastic was not the only role for which Marvel was considering the actor. Now that things are moving in the otherworldly direction, what with Thor: Love and Thunder, there are rumors that Craig might appear as Balder the Brave. Balder is a brother of Thor from the comics and is yet to appear in the MCU. That said, we will always feel the need to see him as Mr Fantastic, even if he appears as Balder. Although it is highly unlikely, given the fact that he is fresh out of a franchise and may not be eager to be a part of another any time soon.


And that is why we think that the short role of Mr Fantastic would have been fantastic with Daniel Craig. But do let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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