Logan: Here’s One Thing You Should Know About The Villain X-24

Logan has been a revelation for the superhero genre. Not only has it broken the bounds of what can be counted as a superhero movie, it may be the only film to really focus on character study that is typically seen in dramas. The movie trailer also did something that is quite rare today-It held back a few surprises that left fans shocked and if you have not seen the movie yet, it’s better to read all of the other awesome articles on the site than being pissed at reading spoilers.

Logan introduced the new character X-23 and a new enemy in the form of the evil mastermind Zander Rice and his company Transgien. Logan learns more of the company along with the audience as the movie moves along.


The company had created clones out of prior mutant’s DNA (including his own) and decided to abolish the program once they decided their creations were uncontrollable. But they were not the only creations.

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By the end of the first half, a new creation came into the picture, a Frankenstein-like creation of Logan called X-24. The character had the same physical appearance and capabilities as Logan. Both aggressive and violent, the clone went on a killing spree the moment he was in his first scene. X-24 is also unusually very compliant to the commands of Zander Rice and even Donald Pierce at one point.

X-24 Marvel
X-24 Marvel

X-24, unlike the other characters in Logan, was not a part of the Marvel comics universe. He was specifically created for the movie alone. The closest comparison to X-24 in Marvel Comics is the robot doppelganger of Wolverine created by Donald Pierce. In the books, it is called Albert, having been crafted in the Reavers’ secret underground base. It was all created as a ploy by Pierce to kill the Wolverine.

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