15 Overpowered Cosmic Beings Who Were Defeated By Thanos

After six years of the tease, the Mad Titan Thanos finally made his grand appearance in the 19th installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Avengers: Infinity War. His entrance was nothing short of bone-chilling, as expected from someone who is literally enamored with Death. While Thanos is definitely unlike any other the Avengers have faced before, his true potential is yet to be witnessed. Rather than being someone who relies entirely on his raw strength, Thanos is extensively knowledgeable in the field of science, genetics and a bit of magic too.

Having built himself a chair which enables him to teleport in the vast cosmos to be able to destroy planets with his brute strength, Thanos is the ultimate deal. Unfortunately, we might never get to see the true might of The Mad Titan on the silver screen for some obvious reasons. So, in order to give a glimpse into Thanos’ incredible strength, we have compiled 15 overpowered cosmic beings who were decimated by the Mad Titan.


While this particular encounter between the two purple giants didn’t have a proper conclusion, The Mad Titan became one of the few who could blast off Galactus, the devourer of worlds off his feet.

Galactus is a force of nature, which despite of his relentless hunger, is a necessary requirement to bring balance to the universe. Cursed with the never-ending hunger, Galactus devours planets with entire civilizations to satiate himself. Considered as one of the mightiest beings in the entire Marvel Universe, even the Mad Titan wasn’t very keen to take him head-on. But with Galactus in search for the Infinity Gems to satiate his limitless hunger, Thanos discovered that it might give birth to a new entity called the Hunger. In desperation, Thanos goes on to fight the devourer of worlds with his full strength and manages to blast him off from his own citadel.

Drax the Destroyer

The MCU has not done justice to the character of Drax. Shown as a goofball who is proficient in martial arts and has superhuman strength, the original Drax is entirely different from his movie counterpart. Drax was originally created with one goal; to kill Thanos. Created by Thanos’ uncle and father, Drax was originally a human who lost his family due to the Mad Titan’s attack. He was genetically engineered once again to become the perfect killing machine.

In Annihilation, Drax manages to accomplish his goal. But when has Death ever stopped Thanos? In their ensuing battle, the two fighters destroy an entire planet, but, Thanos walks away victorious in the end.

The Chitauri

The Chitauri are a warring alien race who is technologically superior to many other races. Movie goers would remember them as they were introduced in the first Avengers. Despite having access to advanced weapons, the entire race was no match for The Mad Titan, when he decided to land on their planet.



Parallax belongs to the DC Universe, yet, Thanos has managed to kick his ass. In a crossover event of Green Lantern and Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliance, The Mad Titan enters the DC Universe to seize the Green Lantern Power ring for himself. But before he could seize it, he faces Parallax, the evil version of Hal Jordan.

Thanos had previously stolen the power of Oa while Parallax seized the Power Cosmic from Silver Surfer. In the end, it took the combined efforts of Silver Surfer and Kyle Rayner to defeat the two villains and bring back peace to the universe.


Rot was the product of the alliance between Thanos and Mistress Death. Unknown to The Mad Titan, Rot had grown to threaten the entire reality from a speck of dust in little time. In desperation, Mistress Death requested Thanos to kill him off, to which he readily accepted.

Being a half abstract entity and half Eternal Deviant, Rot was too powerful to be defeated at the hands of Death alone. So with combined efforts from The Mad Titan, Rot was finally defeated. In the ensuing battle, Thanos released a beam of energy so powerful that it made the universe scream.


As evident from the recent movies, the Asgardians are one of the strongest races in the entire universe. Endowed with the warrior spirit and millennia of experience by fighting battles in all the ten realms, fighting an Asgardian is to court death itself. But surprisingly, The Mad Titan has managed to defeat Odin, well, almost.

In Infinity Watch, Thanos went head on against the All-father. Despite being the king of gods and having access to some of the most powerful weapons in the universe, Odin was evenly matched by the Mad Titan. The battle was going against Odin, until, there was an intervention which put the fierce battle on hold.

Adam Warlock

Waiting to make his appearance on the silver screen, Adam Warlock is essentially one of the few beings who are a major hindrance to Thanos’ quest to absolute power. Like Vision, Warlock is also tied to an infinity gem, in his case it’s the Soul Gem. As The Mad Titan is considered to be the harbinger of death and destruction, Adam Warlock is the exact opposite to it. He is the Yin to Thanos’ Yang. So, it’s only natural that these two would clash frequently.

But despite being powered by an infinity gem, The Mad Titan has bested Warlock on several occasions.



The God of Thunder, the mighty Asgardian warrior is arguably one of the greatest fighters to ever grace the Marvel universe. With centuries of experience and being worthy enough to wield the Mjolnir, Thor has managed to take down foes more powerful than him. But despite these advantages, the Mad Titan has managed to give Thor a hard time in a few occasions.


The Grandmaster is one of the few beings in the universe who is present since the beginning of time. Being an Elder, it’s incredibly difficult to fool him, thanks to his million years of experience.

In his quest to retrieve all the infinity gems, Thanos had to go through Grandmaster, who happened to be in the possession of the Mind Gem. Instead of relying on his brute strength, Thanos used his genius intellect and tactical expertise to outsmart the Grandmaster to steal the Infinity Gem.


Thousands of years ago, Galactus once created a sentient being in his image and imbued it with the Power Cosmic and decided to name it as Tyrant. But once it was created, Tyrant became hungry for power. In order to keep him from destroying the universe, Galactus decided to strip him off his powers and exile him.

Centuries later, in the present day, Tyrant managed to come back being more powerful than ever. His powers attracted the attention of Thanos. Being the narcissistic monster he is, Thanos decided to challenge Tyrant, who was powered by Silver Surfer, Beta Bill Ray and Terrax. Thanos brought his own band of misfits and heralds to fight him off. As the battle ensued, Tyrant was able to easily hold off Thanos. But seizing his opportunity, Thanos managed to steal his Power Orb, leaving him vulnerable to Galactus’ next attack.


Terrax was one of the first Heralds of Galactus. He is able to change the landscape of any area with his mind, which was further amplified when he was imbued with the Power Cosmic. With his mind, he can cause volcanic eruptions and tectonic shifts. Also, he wield an cosmic scythe with which he can shoot energy beams.

But despite being powered by the Power Cosmic, Terrax was put out like a fly on the wall by Thanos, proving that he is not even in the same league as that of the Mad Titan.

Dark Thanos

Created by the evil Magus, Dark Thanos is a doppelganger of the original Mad Titan who is endowed with the same abilities and desire. This version of Thanos was presented before the original one, before he battled Magus.

The Mad Titan, having held the infinity gauntlet before, had lost the will to fight and win. But as the fight ensued, Thanos emerged victorious, proving his mettle once again.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is probably the most famous heralds of Galactus. Imbued with the Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer has a variety of powers in his arsenal which includes traveling at a speed faster than light, inhuman strength, agility, enhanced senses, energy manipulation and cosmic awareness. Without any surprise, Thanos has still managed to defeat him in the past.

Recently, Silver Surfer was powered by the Mjolnir, which enhanced his already gigantic arsenal. But in a confrontation with both the younger and older versions of The Mad Titan, he was no match for the duo.

Phoenix Force


The Phoenix Force, which is closely associated with the X-Men, more notably with Jean Grey is a devastating force of nature which can destroy civilizations in instance. In a storyline, Thanos’ son Thane is chosen by the Phoenix Force as its host. In a mission to kill his father, Thane confronted Thanos. In the ensuing battle, Thane managed to kill Thanos. But like the Phoenix itself, Thanos rose from his apparent death to pummel Thane so hard that it destroyed a nearby planet.

King Thanos

Being the narcissist he is, The Mad Titan once sought after his younger self to defeat in battle. Taking the quote ‘our greatest enemies are ourselves’ quite literally, Thanos pulled his younger version to the future.

Cosmic Beings Who Were Defeated By Thanos

As the last battle before embracing Death herself, the older Thanos fights his own younger version. But before the fight could reach a conclusive end, a twist of events bring the Mjolnir powered Silver Surfer and the Cosmic Ghostrider into the picture.

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