Kevin Feige Almost Went To DC During Phase 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown into a huge living breathing organism to the point that it can subsume any and all storylines from the comics with relative ease. This universe’s recent expansion can be ascribed to two things, the internal expansion of the universe through the introduction of cosmic factions such as The Celestials and the external expansion through the introduction of the multiverse. Both of these actions have led to exponential growth in the MCU, to the point that we don’t recognize where we started from. Undoubtedly, all of Marvel’s success can be ascribed to Kevin Feige’s vision and it is hard to imagine an MCU without him. But did you know there was a time when Kevin Feige almost went to DC during MCU’s phase 2?

I am not joking. It is common knowledge that Feige was increasingly irritated by the oversight of Ike Perlmutter. After decades of making Marvel movies for everyone but Marvel, Feige was given the keys to the kingdom of Marvel Studios and he was asked to create one of the most complex and expansive cinematic universes ever conceived. Feige delivered exceptional results and by the end of Phase 1 of the MCU, it became abundantly clear that MCU was here to stay. But everything was not picture-perfect in Marvel Studios at the start of Phase II. If industry insider Matthew Belloni is to be believed DC has been trying to poach Kevin Feige for a very long time. Let me explain how.


Kevin Feige Almost Went To DC

In a  Puck News report insider Matthew Belloni had this to say about the issue, “Zaslav could make another run at Feige, who, I’m told, talked pretty seriously with Warners a few years ago when he was angling to escape the oversight of Marvel’s then-madman C.E.O. Ike Perlmutter. (Iger and Horn ended up siding with Feige, smartly.)” He is, of course referring to the new WB Discovery CEO David Zaslav who has sworn that he will bring the studio back in the green and make a lot of profit. But is getting Feige to transfer over to DC the right approach for their universe? I don’t think the question is about what is right and what is wrong.


It has now become more about what Kevin Feige is capable of. He had the vision to create the MCU when he was not hindered by the studio executives and he could do this all over again with DC. I mean, Feige popularised the Marvel characters even when he did not have access to half of the cast of Marvel comics. Who could have thought that you could get audiences excited over a Marvel universe without X-Men, Spider-Man, and The Fantastic Four?


Kevin Feige almost went to DC

And yet, only Feige was able to pull off that miracle. Hence, we can understand Zaslav and the previous WB CEO’s thought processes. A talent like him is quite rare in the film industry and every studio wants a cinematic universe now. I mean, can you blame them? MCU is now a multi-billion dollar industry with every new release shattering the records of the last one. It is quite amazing to see what Feige has done and what he will do now.


The Possibilities

Kevin Feige MCU

But it would have been quite shocking to see him transfer over to DC (something that could still happen if Zaslav were to entice him enough). Untangling the DC web is a challenge and we have never known Feige shying away from a challenge. That is the only reason we find this news a little unsettling. We want to plug any possibilities of an MCU without Feige. As long-term fans of Marvel, we know how much this man matters to the entire machinery and how everything might fall apart without him.


Avengers 4

Unless DC pulls off what Feige has they have a very minuscule chance of survival. Their entire cinematic universe depends on Zaslav figuring out a way to perpetuate and enhance the basic storylines. Can he do it in time for the next major releases?

Let us know what you think down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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