The Flash: Will Barry Kill Himself to Defeat Savitar? Here’s a NEW THEORY

We already have learned the identity of Savitar in The Flash episode, “I Know Who You Are”. It was none other than Barry himself and many fans had predicted this already. With this revelation there lies an impossible dilemma in front of Barry, how to defeat himself? Can Barry redeem himself and save Iris and total destruction. The “God of Speed” has always been one step ahead of Team Flash all this time and now we know why. So to defeat Savitar they need to do something which future Barry (or Savitar) can’t anticipate.

Since Savitar is from the future, it puts present day Barry at a great disadvantage. In the latest trailer from The Flash, we see, Team Flash trying to erase Barry’s memories, so Savitar can’t know anything as he is Barry himself from the future. But, this could be the thing that leads to the creation of Savitar himself.

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We all know how good a man, the present Barry is and he would go to any length to defeat Savitar. So, it forces us to ask another question, Wil Barry do the ultimate sacrifice? Will Barry Allen kill himself in order to defeat Savitar? But then again Barry’s present is Savitar’s past, and he already knows what Barry is thinking and planning at this moment. So how do you beat a thought? By learning Savitar’s true identity, even present day Barry is at an advantage. He can use this against Savitar.

We will all know what will happen in a few episodes as The Flash returns this week on Tuesday (US TIME). We already have been promised a cliff-hanger ending for the Season 3 of the show by the show runners. Let us hope for an amazing race to the finish!

Aditya Goel

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