“You got baby nuts, Dada” Bellator 149

On Feb 19th, there will be some serious cage action courtesy of Bellator. Bellator 149 will feature two of MMA’s legends and two clowns. Headlining the main event are none other than Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock!

The clowns are Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000. In case you haven’t seen this yet, this is what Kimbo had to say to Dada 5000

“You got baby nuts Dada.” Seriously? Now if you watch this short clip, you will see that poor Royce Gracie is almost teabagged by Kimbo, while Ken Shamrock struggles to keep his composure.

Main event / MATCH 18




28 – 16 – 2 (Win – Loss – Draw)

Kenneth WayneKenShamrock  is an American mixed martial artist, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall of Famer, and professional wrestler. He emerged as one of the biggest stars in the history of mixed martial arts, headlining over 15 main events and co-main events in the UFC and Pride Fighting Championships during the course of his career and set numerous pay-per-view records with his drawing power. 
Shamrock was named The World’s Most Dangerous Man by ABC News in a special entitled “The World’s Most Dangerous Things” in the early part of his UFC career, a moniker which has become synonymous as his nickname.




14 – 2 – 3 (Win – Loss – Draw)

Royce Gracie is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist for Bellator MMA, a UFC Hall of Famer, and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. He is considered by UFC fans to be the most influential figure in the history of modern MMA.
Kevin Ferguson (born February 8, 1974), better known as Kimbo Slice, is a Bahamian-born American boxer, mixed martial artist, and occasional actor. He became famous for mutual combat street fights which were spread across the Internet, leading Rolling Stone to call him “The King of the Web Brawlers”.

Dada 5000 is a clown, I’m sorry. No, I wouldn’t fight him, then again if the price was right, maybe I would. Regardless of the fact, we will witness class vs. clowns.

There are 16 other fights on the card, some of them should prove to be interesting however, in my humble opinion, the most entertaining will be these two. Any thoughts/opinions? Please take a second and let your fellow readers know.



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