Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition: Easter-eggs & Deleted scenes

Batman v Superman Ultimate Editions – uncut versions – easter eggs, we just wait for these names to pop up to unravel hidden information within the movie. Not far behind on the list is Batman V Superman with its 30 minute Ultimate Edition cut, which bought in few missing links and highlights to the movie which were absent from the theatrical version. Without much ado, let’s begin and see how many we cover his time:

For starters, if you look carefully, throughout the Ultimate Edition there few places where the reference of Watchmen has been made. From what we know, Watchmen now seems to be a part of DC Comic books.

In the police car, while watching the football game, we hear the cops shouting out ‘Delta Charlie 27’ – apparently, it stands for DC 27, which was originally Detective Comics 27, Batman’s first appearance in the comic book.

If you look carefully at the football field on the bottom right-hand corner, you would see the number 52 – that is in reference to the 52 parallel worlds in the DC Multiverse, as well as the company’s New 52 universe.

Continuing with the policemen and their name tags, the officers name tag reads Mazzucchelli and Rucka. They are the two prominent people who modelled the world of Batman and Gotham.

Then there’s two more big time reference made of Watchmen – ‘The End is nigh’ on a billboard which looks like a war shack sign. Synder insisted on having the sign appear as it originally did in the graphic novel.

During the fight between Batman and Superman, when they go down the staircase there’s a graffiti in Latin “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?” which means – ‘who watches the watchers’, this too is a reference the Watchmen.

Few scenes just appear to be as it, but in the Ultimate Edition, if you look really close in when the gathering takes place after Superman funeral you will see the cameo of Perry (Laurence Fishburne) and Jenny (Rebecca Buller) arrive in the kitchen of the Kent Farm, and the woman leaving with a meal bowl in hand is none other than producer Deborah Snyder.

Towards the end of the movie when Lex Luthor is in prison, there’s a clear indication made to Superman. Lex’s prison number as shown is, AC231940 which is Superman’s first appearance in action comic 23 in 1940. In the theatrical cut, Lex’s prisoner number was TK421 which is a Star Wars reference. In a way, in both the cuts, Lex’s prisoner number is an Easter egg, making it Superman-centric in the longer version.

There’s a big Jimmy Olsen Easter Egg in the movie where he gets killed off immediately. The question remains, did Zack Synder just kill Jimmy Olsen oo was he removed from the theatrical version? While in the Ultimate Edition, we see him introducing himself to Louis Lane as Jimmy Olsen. When Jimmy is killed, we learn that his CIA call sign was “Talon” from the comic series New 52.

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