3 Movies That Should Never Be REMADE Ever

Rehashing and remaking are just two things which keep the Hollywood industry at a safer side just to not fall short in the trend. With all of that, the industry does it well to an extent that we as viewers barely able to find any fault in it. But, do you think all old movies should be remade ? Do you think the original stories are better than their remake ? Well, not all remakes stand up to the expectations or maybe they do. Without giving an extra thought, we bring you three movies that should never be remade ever and we don’t want Hollywood to keep their hands on ‘remake’.

1) The Wizard of Oz

The wizard of oz

The all-time favorite, the film is an adaptation of a 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. The movie holds the cultural relevance and the original story from the classic book. It shows that no other place than a home is the best place in this world and characters played different roles. This trend has been unrivaled for several decades. After saying this, the 2013 Oz The Great and Powerful, shows that any attempt to remake this classic would result in shoddy CGI.

2) Stand By Me


The comedy-drama adventure movie is the adaptation of Stephen King’s novella The Body (1982). It is a story of four boys who went on to search a dead body of a child. No doubt Hollywood has plenty of good actors in the industry, but today it is nearly impossible to bring the same scenes with that energy the characters maintained in the movie.

3) Ferris Buller’s Day Off


This 1986 teen-comedy film should be remade. Starring Mathew Broderick as Ferris Buller, the film is all his character who fake his sickness and stay home with his girlfriend and best friend. Riding his favorite Ferrari to commandeering parade show, the movie just has its own style and mood, which should not be touched for a remake.

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