Home is Where Baby is

Baby needs no introduction. Baby is a Winchester. Looking back at ten completely awesome seasons, you realize that Supernatural isn’t just the story of two hunters (and an angel) but of two hunters, an angel, a bunch of dead guys, a bunch of going-to-be-dead guys and a car. Baby has been there for the brothers since they were kids and has upped the style quotient by a gazillion (who wouldn’t kill to own a ’67 Chevy Impala?). 

Crashed, blood-caked and broken, Baby’s opening scene had me worried. But of course, Dean managed to punch his way out. Literally. This episode was shot entirely from Baby’s perspective and boy, was it a fun ride. We waited with her. We watched Sam get his thing going. We watched the girls take her out for a joy-ride. And we watched Dean crash her; no excuse for that, really.


This episode showed a part of Supernatural we rarely ever get to see. The brothers being normal people, poking fun at each other, singing Night Moves, enjoying a road trip and laughing. How often does the Supernatural fandom get laughter from the Winchesters? Not as much as we’d like, to be honest. All this before dumping a whole lot of feels: classic Winchester. You can never let a good moment be, can you Kripke?

While we’re on the topic of Winchesters, who is sending Sam visions? Is it really the side-effects of the infection or are these cryptic messages being sent by Lucifer? Sam’s adorable goofiness aside, these visions are getting really strong, tangible and ominous. If it is indeed God sending hints, can Darkness be the only thing to wake God up from his reverie? Whoever sent these visions, I am glad they sent it in the form of a young John Winchester.

Also, can we please talk about how Castiel discovered Netflix? Now Dean and Cas can Netflix and chill *winks*. I hope the trio binge watches Orange is the New Black in between cases so Cas can finally figure out ‘how orange correlates with black in a way that’s new’. Pretty sure Alex Vause taught him some new moves like the pizza delivery guy did.

One thing we love about Supernatural is how they give back to the fandom. With their episodes being constantly fan-friendly and conversationalist, the Supernatural team lets their creative juices flow freely when it comes to scripting and directing. Baby was shot from some beautiful angles and the story-line went from ridiculous to more ridiculous. And do you know what? We loved it. It’s the show’s ability to turn something ridiculous to something ridiculous and fun that makes it so strong. From Yellow Fever to their 200th episode special, Supernatural ensures that the fans are never unentertained.


Supernatural really didn’t need to give me more reasons to love it, but their latest episode just did. Home is where the heart is: Baby. Here’s to fighting monster armies and Darkness together!

Anwesha Bhattacharya

The world is a mixture of fantasy, fiction, colours, music, and a little bit of reality for Anwesha Bhattacharya. An avid screen junkie, she is currently pursuing Economics from Lady Shri Ram ​College for Women. Struck by wanderlust, she dreams of backpacking through Europe someday. Cynical, ambivert, eccentric, eclectic and esoteric: she is everything and a bit more.
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