5 Things You Need to Know about the Greatest Villain in The Walking Dead

 Followers of the walking dead regard the series as having the best written villains. The sheer attention to detail given into writing these characters and adapting them from the comic book series is what makes the show successful. These strong villains reinforces Rick’s idea of “We are the Walking Dead”, in the sense that no matter how many zombies surround them, humans are the biggest threat. Comic book followers have been waiting for Negan to show up in the tv adaptation for a long time, and their demands are finally being met, with the latest episode pointing straight towards a confrontation between Rick and Negan. Let’s go over the 5 things you need to know about Negan.

The Next Big Bad Guy

While The Walking Dead has been consistently producing great antagonists, ever since the Governor died, no one has been able to match up to him. The sheer amount of hate that The Governor got as a villain goes on to show how well the character was written. However, ever since his demise, the next villains have been quite underwhelming. This makes it the perfect time to introduce Negan. And mind you, Negan is not just any simple villain who will die in an episode or two. He is going to be the biggest challenge the group has faced yet. Unlike the Governor, he doesn’t make silly decisions based on emotion and has both Brains and Brawn. Rest assured, Rick Vs Negan is going to be nothing short of EPIC!

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