5 TV Shows Cancelled Just After One Episode

Some television programs are so popular that their fan following continue from generation to generation and continue to make millions. While some of the TV series are not that enough lucky. There are many TV shows that struggled badly and end up being canceled for forever. Here are 5 TV shows cancelled after one episode.

1) Osbournes Reloaded

The Osbournes family had only one hit reality show. Despite having a backing of Producers of American Idol. Osbournes Reloaded couldn’t find the viewership, and labeled as “Must-Flee TV.” Poor TRP rating and unappealing content forced Fox to remove it just after the premiere episode aired.

2) Dot Comedy


After seeing the popularity of the internet in the early 21st century, ABC started a series that would feature want-to-be stars trying to go viral, but the executives of the network weren’t pleased by the low ratings.

3) Emily’s Reasons Why Not


Everyone was shocked when the news broke that the star Heather Graham would jump from movies to TV. The main culprit behind the unsuccess of this sitcom was the unoriginal setup. The show was panned by critics and failed to draw in viewers despite a large amount of hype.

4) Quarterlife


Every one of us must have gone through or going through the midlife crisis. Yes, that was the idea behind NBC’s 20088 broadcast version of a MySpace series. Though the series was a major hit on the internet whereas the TV show couldn’t attract the audiences. The first show got a dismal response from viewers, with very much lower TV ratings.

5) Secret Talents of the Stars

tv shows cancelled

A star may be famous for his acting or singing talent, but that doesn’t mean that they only possess those skills only. CBS show Secret Talents of the Stars was intended to showcase how multi-talented are our stars. The show was scheduled for seven-week with stars featuring Joe Frazier and George Takei. Viewers had the chance to vote for their favorite star, but they didn’t find it much exciting. And it was pulled after first episode only.

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