Kendrick Lamar Teases The Upcoming Black Panther Anthem

Kendrick Lamar, the current reigning rap G.O.A.T, and Grammy Award winner will be penning the anthem for the upcoming solo Marvel flick Black Panther.

Kendrick Lamar

In the recent San-Diego Comic-Con, the final trailer of Black Panther included Kendrick Lamar’s recent release ‘DNA’. The trailer is yet to be released to the less fortunate, who were unable to attend the comic-con event.

But according to sources, the music beautifully complemented the visual prowess of the trailer. Chadwick Boseman, who plays the titular Black Panther and Ryan Coogler, the director of the movie was moved by the inclusion of Lamar’s music. Both of them have said that they felt a personal connection with the trailer when they heard the background music.

The previous trailers of Black Panther have been absolutely mesmerizing. The trailers have teased the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda. With some serious dialogues and intense action sequences, Black Panther has created the much needed hype.

Also, the trailers are splashed with vibrant colors, which make them vividly gorgeous. But another vital fact behind making the trailers truly unforgettable is the choice of music. The first trailer used Legend Has It by Run The Jewels and the second one had Bagbak by Vince Staples. Now with the inclusion of someone as big as Kendrick Lamar, Black Panther has smartly adopted the marketing trick.

The use of pop music in movie trailers has worked brilliantly so far. In Suicide Squad, the trailers incorporated the hugely popular song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Also, Jared Leto himself asked for the use of Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex and Rick Ross. Similarly, Thor: Ragnarok used The Immigrant Song by Led Zepellin which worked wonders for the movie. The key is not to just use any popular song, but, to use something catchy which is also coherent with the visual imagery.

Kendrick Lamar teased his involvement in Black Panther through one of his popular music video LOVE. At 1:54 mark, one can easily mark Lamar teasing his upcoming music in Black Panther. It’s also a possibility that his music can be a part of the official soundtrack of the movie itself, along with Run The Jewels and Vince Staples.

We can also expect female MCs like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Lauryn Hill to be a part of Black Panther’s official soundtrack. After all, Wakanda has got both male and female warriors, who are more than capable to kick some serious ass. A song from anyone like Beyonce or Rihanna can be used for the Dora Milaje, the elite female-only guards of Wakanda. It is only fair that the female singers share the limelight with their male counterparts.

The popularity of Black Panther can be attributed to Chadwick Boseman’s brilliant performance in Captain America: Civil War. Apart from that, Marvel has been releasing some gorgeous character posters from the movie.

From T’Challa to Erik Killmonger, the posters have received universal praise. Now with Kendrick Lamar in the team, Black Panther can enjoy some more spotlight by infusing the two behemoths of popular culture together. When two insanely popular pop cultures join forces, it can be safe to assume that Black Panther is already tracking for a massive opening upon its release on February 16th, 2018.

Early predictions have shown that Black Panther might have the largest opening for any solo movie released by the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far.

Black Panther, like other solo flicks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, enjoys the backing of a massively popular cinematic universe. While most of the previous solo movies of Marvel have been commercially successful, only a handful of them has managed to get universal acclaim.

With the same generic superhero formula, the solo movies have gone a bit stale for the moment. But with Black Panther, it might change. Till date, Black Panther is the most experimental venture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the majority of the cast being colored, Black Panther has the potential to change the superhero movie industry into something larger than itself. In a time when racial discrimination is still a major concern, Black Panther can challenge the status quo, given; it doesn’t turn into another popcorn flick.

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