5 Actors Who Took Pay Cuts To Keep The Movie Going!

Many established actors are known to have such huge paychecks that they tend to run out of space. And they should. After all, they have worked hard for it. They all risked their futures for acting roles and now they get their share. And it’s not just actors. Anyone who works hard expects a good payday. But not these actors. Well, they say that the artists work for the art and not the money. And the actors in this list prove that they do believe in the notion that the reel should keep on rolling. So here’s the list of Actor who took pay cuts to keep their movies going:


You’d think that one of the most successful actors of our time would be there because of his high salary. That might be the case but Keanu Reeves is so much more than that. A philanthropic actor, Keanu Reeves has often donated most of his salaries to a noble cause. He has even taken pay cuts so that he can be a part of a great movie. He decided to re-allocate The Matrix’s budget so that more money can be invested in its visual effects. And that was one hell of a decision, as we know that it’s one of the best movies of all time. He did it again when he accepted a cut so that they can afford Al Pacino.



Actors who took pay cuts

To be an A-list actress in a male-dominated industry is no meager task. It takes hard work and utter devotion. And Angelina Jolie has earned that with her constant diligence. She is in a time of her career when her base fees range from $15 mil to $20 mil. But this doesn’t stop her to take pay cuts whenever necessary. For instance, she took home only $8 million for Paramount’s Beowulf (2007). Hardworking, beautiful, and humble- Jolie is the definition of perfection.



Jonah Hill is a big Martin Scorsese fan. It was evident when reportedly said in an interview that, he “would sell his house and give him(Scorsese) all my money to work for him.” And he proved he wasn’t lying when he took a huge pay cut just to work with him and Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of the Wall Street. He agreed to act in exchange for only $60,000 when DiCaprio took home $10 million. Is Hill the ultimate Scorsese fanboy? Because this fact proves it.



Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger was a movie that was struck with a hurricane of problems. The film faced budget complications, multiple postponements, and then the damned script edits. Among all these problems, finishing this movie would have been almost impossible if the lead cast members, Depp and Armie Hammer, and the director didn’t take significant pay cuts. As for Depp, he took 20% less than he was supposed to!


5. GEORGE CLOONEYLeading Stars

When you get to a certain stage in your career, you know what the critics will like and what they won’t. And Clooney knew what he was doing right when he accepted a huge pay cut for his passion project, Good Night, and Good Luck. He knew that being a part of this movie would be good for his career so he only took $120,000 to be part of this movie that went on to receive six Oscar nominations. These types of pay cuts turn out to be very profitable for these actors’ futures.


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