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Top 10 Tom Holland Movies Outside MCU- Ranked

Tom Holland Movies Outside MCU:

Tom Holland might be best known as Spider-Man to the world but he has been in projects outside MCU as well.  The British actor started his career with Hollywood at an early age long before Marvel happened to him. He has recently been in headlines for his latest horror star-studded movie, The Devil All the Time that also has Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgard, and Sebastian Stan. It was a surprise and a new treat for his fans who are used to seeing him as the neighborhood friendly teen superhero. It’s an intense thriller that puts Holland in a completely new light. However, most of you would be surprised to know that Holland already has a wide variety of genres in his resume. His movie graph ranges from comedy to sci-fi, war, crime, and historical drama. Apart from superhero roles, Holland’s bucket has plenty of historical movies. If you are his fan, you wouldn’t want to miss his other lauded works. We have listed the top 10 Tom Holland movies ranked from worst to best.

 1. The Current War

Tom Holland Movies Outside MCU
Tom Holland Movies Outside MCU

Taken from the historical chapters of great scientists, this movie navigates the war between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse over the invention of electric power generation. It also includes other great minds like J.P. Morgan and Nikola Tesla. The movie stars another MCU star, Benedict Cumberbatch from Doctor Strange, Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult long with Tom Holland.

 2. In The Heart of the Sea

Apart from Benedict, Tom has had the opportunity to work with another big MCU star, the Thor actor Chris Hemsworth from where the latter became the former’s mentor. The movie is adapted from Nathaniel Philbrick’s novel of the same title where a crew of men on a ship has to save themselves from a gigantic and violent whale.

 3. Edge of Winter

This is another thriller of Tom where plays the protagonist. Things get awry when a man visits his two sons to spend his holidays. A chain of curious yet intense events forces the sons to leave their father. Every second in the movie is super engaging and will pull you closer to the screens with curiosity. Needless to say, Tom’s performance was breath-taking and chances are that you’ll fall in love with him even more.

 4. Pilgrimage

Tom Holland Movies Outside MCU
Tom Holland Movies Outside MCU

A group of Irish monks transporting a holy relic to Rome encounter life-threatening dangers on their journey. Soon their pilgrimage becomes a fearful adventure as they are caught in the middle of tribal conflict.

 5. How I Live Now

We bet you don’t want to miss this movie as it stars not one but two fresh and riveting talents, Holland and Saoirse Ronan. It is a romantic drama set during the war in Europe. Both Saoirse and Tom are pretty young in this movie. She plays an American teen residing in the English countryside with her relatives while she has to fight for her survival.

 6. The Devil All the Time

The latest thriller by Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson is already swirling on the net and has turned their fans euphoric. The Devil All the Time is an arresting thriller about a boy dedicated to keeping his dear ones safe from the corrupted and sinister minds in his town. The mind-bending story will envelop you in its mystery and the characters’ strong emotions.

 7. The Lost City of Z

Movies and Series Starring MCU Actors

This is another movie where our favorite stars Tom and Robert Pattinson share the screen. It is one of Holland’s best-rated movies where an explorer and his family embark on a journey to the forest to discover an obscure yet advanced civilization.

 8. The Impossible

The Impossible is one of his earliest movies in 2013. It is inspired by the true events of the Tsunami in 2004. The movie captures the plight of a small family that was vacationing in Thailand when the tragedy occurred. It navigates how the members struggled to find their scattered  loved ones.

 9. A Monster Calls

It is a fantasy film about a young boy who befriends a monster and confides in it with his deepest problems. The tree in return helps the boy deal with his mother’s illness and the cruel bullies at school. You will not see Holland in this movie but you’ll be surprised to know he was the monster stand-in and did the director a favor by doing so.

 10. Locke

Tom Holland Movies Outside MCU
Tom Holland Movies Outside MCU

Locke is an exciting on-road movie where a construction manager gets a phone call about one of his flings going into labor. This engaging film exemplifies acting, writing, and cinematography as most of the movie takes place in the car ride. It’s an art by a genius who can convey the whole story and a person’s various shades through a single scene. The movie features only Tom Hardy all throughout with Tom Holland’s voice contributing the story.

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10 Actors Who Made a Successful Comeback in Hollywood

Actors Made a Successful Comeback:

Hollywood is an uncertain place where a celebrity’s journey is like a roller-coaster. Some find success at an early stage only to fall hard later, while others are late bloomers. Today we are going to talk about inspiring actors who revived their drowning careers. It’s not easy to retrieve the top spot once you fall from it and Lindsay Lohan is the best example of it. But the actors in this list fought against all the odds and changed the direction of the wind. Let’s dig deeper into the 10 inspiring actors who made a successful comeback in Hollywood.

 1. Justin Bieber

Facts About Justin Bieber

Justin learned what success and fame meant from a very early age that can get overwhelming for kids. He was not just famous but an international sensation. However, his teen phase and massive success and money got the better of him. His image soon turned into a spoilt boy who drowned in glamor and parties. Justin pulled the last straw when he was captured in a camera while peeing in a restaurant mop bucket. It was too late by the time he realized how badly his career had fallen. He was compelled to lay a low profile for some time for time.

But then he returned with his album Purpose that became an instant hit, especially with Sorry and Love Yourself. With his recent marriage with Hailey Baldwin and hit song Yummy, we know that Bieber is back for good.

 2. Ariana Grande

Ariana’s attempt to be cute and fun backfired when she was caught licking donuts in public that were displayed for sale. The outrage compelled her to make a public apology but it was already too late for her.

However, she made the impossible possible only with her skills when she launched back to back international hits, Dangerous Woman, and thank u, next albums. The massive success of her songs not only saved her career but took it to new heights. Today she is the most followed woman on Instagram.

 3. Winona Ryder

Winona was a sweetheart of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s with her successful movies like Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and Little Women. The world knew that she was a critically acclaimed woman who carried many a lot of potentials to become a star one day. Unfortunately, her rising career took a turn when she was caught shoplifting.

Winona got a second chance on the hit Netflix show Stranger Things where she gave a killing performance. It was Winona’s ability to get in the skin of her character that resurrected her as an actress.

 4. Joaquin Phoenix

Actors Made a Successful Comeback
Actors Made a Successful Comeback

Joaquin began his work in the entertainment industry from a very early age as he followed his brother, River Phoenix’s career path. But the loss of River in 1993 had a huge impact on Phoenix. It took him 2 years to deal with his brother’s loss and return to acting. Later after the critical success of Walk The Line, Joaquin checked himself into rehab due to alcohol problems. Playing the character Cash in the movie took a toll on him and pushed him into excessive alcohol consumption.

Later he also took a break from acting to become a rockstar and got into erratic behavior that tarnished his image. It later turned out to be an extended performance of the mockumentary I’m Still Here. But then, Joaquin made an amazing comeback with a bang in Her, You Were Never Really Here, The Master, and the one that earned him an Academy Award, Joker.

 5. Robert Downey Jr.

No one’s journey is as challenging as RDJ’s whose career and life had hit rock bottom. What we see in RDJ today is a miracle. It’s impossible to believe that the highest-paid and globally loved celebrity had once fallen into the darkest of the darkest chasms. He had a promising start in Hollywood but soon got into substance abuse and was later imprisoned twice. His father, who himself from a director, and the rest of Hollywood had given up hopes.

Even MCU was reluctant to cast him as Iron Man but it was Jon Favreau’s undeterred belief in RDJ that persuaded them. RDJ rose from the ashes and made the best of his new-found life. He isn’t in touch with his old lifestyle anymore but is a happy family man and a successful star now.  RDJ is the biggest inspiration who built his shattered career with his own hands.

 6. Selena Gomez

As a former Disney star, Selena grew up in the spotlight since a very young age. Today she is the second most followed woman on Instagram, making her one of the most expensive influencers. Selena is the face of many brands today and is nailing in music and productions.

But there was a time when she was hit with personal battles like a hurricane. Her mental health compelled her to check into rehab and lay low for treatment and introspection. Selena has been very open about her mental health battles. Fans couldn’t be more proud of her for fighting so bravely. She is now in a steady phase in her personal and professional life. She is rocking it as a singer and a producer.

 7. Drew Barrymore

Actors Made a Successful Comeback
Actors Made a Successful Comeback

Drew Barrymore had a rough past which was full of nothing but darkness. She got into acting and fame at an early age but parental ignorance and the Hollywood effect grew on her. She eventually got into substance abuse and ended up in rehab twice during her teens. But as she grew up, Drew took life in her hands and worked towards self-growth. The 50 First Dates actress recently starred in the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet which was a big hit. She is also an entrepreneur who runs a beauty brand, wines, and apparel.

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Angelina Jolie: 10 Interesting Facts about the Top Hollywood Actress

Angelina Jolie is one of the best actresses in Hollywood who earned international fame from a very young age. Even non-Hollywood followers know of her unique beauty. Jolie has secured the top spot in the industry with her acting chops, fitness, and action stunts. She has plenty of intense-action movies under her belt and most of them are super hit. Despite having a strong fan base spread all over the world, very little is known about personal life. For all we know, she is the daughter of Jon Voight who reportedly abandoned her when she was young. Jolie is a very mysterious actress who has a lot to share about herself. We have attempted to find out the lesser-known facts about the Hollywood star. Without further ado, let us dig into 10 interesting facts about the Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie.

Keeps Reptiles As Pets

The mysterious actress has an eccentric taste in pets. She has reptiles as pets that include a variety of snakes, rats, and lizards. She has given interesting names to each pet such as Vladimir and Harry Dean Stanton.

Wanted To Be A Funeral Director

 Facts about Angelina Jolie

Angelina has also had an unconventional fascination towards death since childhood. She wanted to turn her interest into a profession by becoming an undertaker or a funeral director. She also went to pursue embalming but left in midway after her breakup and joined the acting school instead.

Underwent Mastectomy

Angelina’s mother and grandmother had battled Ovarian cancer and succumbed to it eventually. Apart from inheriting her mother’s beauty, the actress also carried the gene that could have given her breast cancer. That’s why she underwent a double mastectomy to remove the tissues from her breasts.

Collects Knives

Given her inclination towards dangerous things like death and reptiles, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Angelina loves to collect knives. She has been obsessed with knives and daggers since her youth and has built a huge collection of them by now.

Has A Pilot’s License

 Facts about Angelina Jolie

Angelina is admired for being one of the most fearless and badass actors in the industry. The action movies are her forte and she is well-trained to perform in them. The actress has another impressive skill in her resume that includes a pilot’s license. Angelina owns a private plane and has the training and license to fly it. She uses it to transport aid and meals to under-developed countries.

Born Blonde

Contrary to popular belief, Angelina was born as a blonde. It is hard to imagine her with blonde hair as we are strongly used to see her with dark and brunette hair. There is no doubt that her sharp features look more prominent with dark hair but the actress was a natural blonde as an infant.


 Facts about Angelina Jolie

According to reports, Jolie suffered making emotional connections since a teenager. She wasn’t fond of hugging people, not even her mother. During her high school days, Jolie was reportedly teased and mocked for her punk lifestyle. All this drove her further towards darkness and she resorted to self-harm on several occasions.

Did The Stunts Of Lara Croft Herself

One of the most prominent and most remembered works of Angelina Jolie is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Her action and swag left a lasting impression in our minds. But her awesomeness wasn’t limited to the screens as she performed the stunts in the movie herself. Even customized guns were designed for her as she is a left-handed person.

Used To Be A Rebel

Just like her characters, Jolie was a badass rebel in her real-life since her youth. According to reports, she used to date a “punk” and got involved in dangerous habits like knife play. Since she wouldn’t concede to her mother, Angelina was made to hang out with her boyfriend only at home.

Social Causes

 Facts about Angelina Jolie

Her interests might be eccentric but her heart lies in the right place. Angelina is a former UN Goodwill Ambassador for her strong advocacy and contributions towards the betterment of the world. She provides aids for refugees and has opened schools in Kenya. Jolie has also built medical centers for children with HIV positive. Her humanitarian work has rewarded her with over eight awards.

Some of the other lesser-known facts are that she is reportedly a bisexual, she has helmed 5 movies, her daughter also appeared in maleficent, and she wore a vial of her ex-boyfriend Billy Bob Thornton around her neck.

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10 Hollywood Celebrity Careers Started And Saved By Netflix

Celebrity Careers Started And Saved By Netflix:

Netflix is the wizard that has revolutionized the TV and entertainment industry. It is the mammoth in the streaming-platform business that has formed and changed many Hollywood careers. Many incredible shows and celebrities wouldn’t have entered our lives had it not been for Netflix. From Peaky Blinders to Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black, The Crown, and many more, our lives wouldn’t have been the same without them. Our daily weekends are incomplete without ‘Netflix and Chill’. Netflix has displayed meticulous selection for not only series and movies but also the actors. Actors would kill to be a part of this platform that has catapulted many careers. Some new global talents were born on Netflix while others revived their dying career on this platform. We are talking about 10 Hollywood actors’ careers that were started and saved by Netflix.

 1. Ruby Rose

Celebrity Careers Started And Saved By Netflix
Celebrity Careers Started And Saved By Netflix

Ruby Rose made her first appearance on MTV Australia followed by modeling. It was the ultimate Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black that brought her under the spotlight. Ruby hasn’t looked back since then and has been cast by big projects like Batwoman, John Wick: Chapter 2, The Meg, etc.

2. Katherine Langford

Epic Scenes That Never Happened in Avengers Endgame

Katherine became a household name ever since she starred in the hit international teen show, 13 Reasons Why. It wasn’t just the arresting plot but her riveting portrayal of the happy teen whose life changed upside down as she became a victim to bully that gave her the spotlight.

 3. Joey King

Joey has been in the acting business since she was about seven years old. She is the famous kid from Ramona and Beezus who later appeared in The Conjuring and The Dark Knight Rises. But her career great swing after she starred in Kissing Booth that earned a global success. It was the perfect platform for Joey to re-launch herself while entering youth.

 4. Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi was launched by Netflix in Kissing Booth. Since then he has become a popular teen star and had successful works like Euphoria, followed by Kissing Booth 2.

 5. Winona Ryder

Winona was a rising star in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s when she appeared in Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and Little Women. But her career got a big blow during its peak when she was caught shoplifting. Winona got a second chance in Hollywood by getting to play a primary character in Stranger Things. She still has the compelling acting chops and has taken the viewers by storm.

 6. Noah Centineo

Celebrity Careers Started And Saved By Netflix
Celebrity Careers Started And Saved By Netflix

Noah became a sensation since he starred in the teen rom-com To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Now he is on the road to becoming the next big star soon. He is 24 years old but has already starred plenty of well-known movies like The Perfect Date, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, and Charlie’s Angels. Now Noah has been signed by another big franchise that is DC for the upcoming Black Adam with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He will play Atom Smasher who can manipulate molecular structure.

 7. Millie Bobby Brown

Sci-Fi TV Shows in The Last 5 Years

This list is incomplete without Millie Bobby Brown, the 11 years old girl who took the world by storm with her powerful screen presence. Stranger Things is one of the top 5 shows of Netflix for its plot and terrific actors. Millie belongs to that talent pool who is the backbone and the hero of the show. Her performance has left both adults and kids spellbound. Her very aura tells that she was born to be on the screen.

 8. Lena Waithe

Lena caught everyone’s attention since she appeared in the Netflix comedy Master of None. Though she was the supporting cast she very well knew how to steal the spotlight and reserve a spot in the viewers’ mind. Since then she has also appeared in Dear White People, The Chi, and more hit projects. Lena is also a talented screenwriter who was awarded the Primetime Emmy  for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

 9. Joe Keery

Joe’s first big break was on the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things. Though his character wasn’t portrayed as the ideal hero, Joe’s performance grabbed a lot of attention. Now he has been signed for back to back projects like Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds and Spree.

 10. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler was one of the most popular and loved actors once upon a time. He gave us the best comedies like Big Daddy, 50 First Dates, Grown Ups, and You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. But his career took a sharp downward turn after his box office flops and ruined public image. But it seemed like Netflix didn’t lose faith in Sandler and signed him up for major projects like Uncut Gems, Murder Mystery, The Week Of, and more.

Celebrity Careers Started And Saved By Netflix
Celebrity Careers Started And Saved By Netflix

Some honourable mentions are Finn Wolfhard, Lana Condor, Claire Foy, Ali Wong, Uzo Aduba and Brit Marling.

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10 Hollywood Celebrities Whose Partners Are Older Than Their Parents

Celebrities whose partners are older than their parents:

Imagine you introduce your partners to your parents who are younger than him or her. But who cares about age difference when you click with the right person? Life is short and you’d better want to spend it with the one you bond well. These celebrities have followed the same mantra as their partners are as old as their parents or grandparents. In fact, these relationships have lasted longer and stronger than the ones where the age gap was the least. Couple like Jacon Momoa and Lisa Bonet share 11 years of age gap yet their bond has only grown stronger over the years. Besides, anything is possible in Hollywood. Watching couples with an age gap that you and your grandparents share is the least eccentric thing you see in the show business. How they keep the chemistry is a mystery though. Find out the 10 Hollywood celebs whose partners are older than their parents.

 1. Amal and George Clooney

This power couple has grabbed all the global attention for their perfection and of course their surprising age difference. The handsome George Clooney fell for the beautiful and smart British-Lebanese barrister, Amal Clooney and we understand why. Amal and George share 17 years of the age gap but make one of the hottest couples of Hollywood.

 2. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Catherine and Michael make a beautiful couple who have been by each other’s side through thick and thin. They both share the same birthdays but not the same birth years. The actors have a whopping 25 years of the age difference. Their first encounter was rather awkward as Michael Douglas’ weird pick-up line didn’t go down well with Catherine. After half-n-hour of knowing her, he said “ You know I’m going to be the father of your children.” After a lot of flower bouquets and apologies, he managed to convince her to stick around. Soon, their long conversations and dinners sparked a deeper bond. They have been married since 2000 and have two beautiful children.

 3. Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone

Leonardo might be in his 40s but his heart is still young and romantic. He has a long list of girlfriends, most of who didn’t last beyond five years. In these years, one has understood the Titanic actor’s ‘type’. Most of his love interests are extremely tall supermodels, especially Victoria’s Secret Angels. He is currently dating Camila who is 23 and 12 years younger to Leonardo.

 4. Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross

Mel Gibson’s current partner, Rosalind Ross is 10 years younger than his oldest son. Mel is 64 years old while Rosalind is 30. The couple has been going out since 2014 and gave birth to a son in 2017. They might be 34 years apart but seen pretty strong together.

 5. Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey

The Interstellar actor fell head over heels for model Camila Alves when they met in 2006. They went out for about six years and tied the knot in 2012. Camila is 13 years younger to Matthew but that hasn’t affected their relationship at all.

 6. Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee Furness

The Wolverine hunk and global star has fans of all age and gender swooning over his good looks and personality. But Hugh gave his heart to Deborra in 1995 and has been loyal to her ever since. The strength of love and bond they share with each other is rare to find these days. Hugh is 13 years younger to Deborra but they are one soul in two bodies.

 7. Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere

Richard Gere’s third wife, Alejandra is 34 years younger than him. Alejandra is a gorgeous Spanish publicist who has been married to the Pretty Woman actor in 2018. The two welcomed their newborn son, Alexander in 2019.

 8. Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham

Little did the Hobbs and Shaw actor, Jason Statham know that his future wife would be a toddler when he was in his twenties. When Jason was experiencing and learning about life, career, and relationships, Rosie’s biggest concern was her kindergarten homework. But as the popular saying goes, age is just a number. Rosie and Jason have finally met and are on their 10th year of a happy relationship.

 9. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

If you have watched Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep’s It’s Complicated, you can easily relate his reel life to his real life. The 62-year old Alec tied the knot with the 26-years younger Hilaria in 2012. Hilaria is a yoga instructor and the two have four children together.

 10. Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

One of the Olsen twins found her Mr. Right in the 17 years older Olivier Sarkozy. The charming Olivier is a French banker with whom Mary-Kate tied the knot in 2015. Sadly, the couple has been having trouble in paradise ever since Olivier’s ex-wife moved in with them with his kids during the pandemic. As reports suggest, Mary-Kate has filed for divorce from Olivier.

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10 Hollywood Stars Who Transformed Themselves For Biopics

Playing famous or a historical figure from real life isn’t every actor’s cup of tea. These aren’t like any fictional character in which they can play any way they’d like to. These are real-life characters who demand absolute justice since people knew them enough to compare them with the actors. Only a true artist who doesn’t live for the fame but genuinely enjoys blending himself/herself in the character. Some actors legit breathe the roles they play and completely pour their souls in them. The following actors surprised the audience by becoming completely unrecognizable for the roles that inspired them.

Even though there are many biopics where the actors’ performances stunned the audience and the critics, like Charlize Theron in Bombshell and Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody, we have listed the top 10 according to popular opinion. Find out which Hollywood stars transformed themselves to star in biopics.

Christian Bale

Christian is the father of transformations and cannot be overtaken by anyone. He is one of the finest actors who has retained his position in the top 5 for about 20 years. He is a chameleon who becomes unrecognizable with every new role. He played the protagonist Micky Ward’s half-brother Dicki Eklund in The Fighter and lost about 30 pounds to portray the recovering cocaine addict brother. His performance earned him the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor.

Eddie Redmayne

Hollywood Stars Transformed Themselves for Biopics

The Theory of Everything dived itself into the extraordinary mind of the great Stephen Hawking. It is a biopic of the brilliant scientist and his wife Jane Hawking whose book inspired this movie. Actor Eddie gave a breath-taking performance as the iconic physicist. His meticulous performance was rewarded with an Academy Award.

Natalie Portman

Natalie is solely known for her acting chops that have earned her a worldwide critical acclamation. She is one of the icons whose works are taken pretty seriously in the industry. Natalie portrayed the former First Lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy in Jackie. Natalie’s performance hit our hearts as she projected Jackie’s ordeal as a wife and as the First Lady when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated right beside her.

Ben Kingsley

We bet that most of you were expecting this name on this list of epic biopics. Ben Kingsley is one of the names who left the audience spellbound in Gandhi. Credit his makeover or his acting chops, it was pretty hard to differentiate between him and Mahatma Gandhi. Kingsley projected the soul of the iconic peace activist right through his eyes.

Sean Penn

Hollywood Stars Transformed Themselves for Biopics

Sean Penn’s Milk was released in 2008 but its inspiring story still resonates in the audience’s mind. Sean starred as Harvey Milk who was the first openly gay elected politician in the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. This dynamic biopic centers on the fearless life of Harvey Milk who fought hard for gay civil rights. The movie is bold and sensible and Sean’s work as the charismatic man earned him the Academy Award.

Salma Hayek

Hollywood Stars Transformed Themselves for Biopics

Salma Hayek left the audience jaw-dropping with her compelling work as the iconic painter, Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo is an inspiring feminist icon from the history whose portraits and works were inspired by the nature of the Mexican society. She was a passionate and forward-thinking woman of the 1900s. Salma did a great job of bringing out the light of Frida through her performance. Needless to that she had completely transformed her appearance to look like the artist.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis is a gem of an actor who rightfully deserves all the three Oscars that he won for acting. One of them was awarded to him for his jaw-dropping portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln. He didn’t leave out a single detail from the 16th USA President’s personality and ended up becoming a spitting image of him.

Robert Downey Jr.

Hollywood Stars Transformed Themselves for Biopics

Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t need any introduction to his work. Keeping his youth trouble aside, he has always been a terrific actor. One of his earliest and highly recognized works also happens to be Chaplin where he got into the shoes of the legendary comic.

Denzel Washington

Malcolm X was inspired by the lives and struggles of the black activist who dedicated his life to the liberation of the blacks. Denzel Washington did a riveting portrayal of the human rights activist, Malcolm X who was a part of the Civil Rights Movement.

Meryl Streep

Hollywood Stars Transformed Themselves for Biopics

Only a remarkable artist like Meryl Streep could have taken up the responsibility of portraying the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. Even though the meticulous makeup played a great role in her transformation, it was also Streep’s skills that took everyone’s breath away.

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10 Broken Celebrity Couples We Want Back Together

Broken Celebrity Couples:

No one gets more excited than fans when their favorite Hollywood celebrities go out together. Even though falling in and out of love is common in this industry, there are some couples that make history. From the moment they get together, fans die to be updated with every stage of their relationship. Seeing our favorite stars in love retains our faith in romance and makes us the happiest. Even though they belong to a different world altogether, fans can’t help but get involved with these celebs emotionally. Therefore, their breakups don’t go down well with us either. When Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up over Kristen’s cheating scandal, it felt like we were woken up from a dream where their Twilight ‘Forever’ promise seemed real. There are some ex-couples in Hollywood for whom we are still rooting to patch things up. There is no doubt that these stars have moved on happily with their lives and have no reason to look back. But here are our favorite broken celebrity couples that we wish to see get back together.

 1. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

It always seemed like Jennifer and Ben were “the one” for each other. They were one of those couples whom you can see growing old together. Therefore, it took us a while to process the news of the 10-year-old couple’s split. They still care for each other and practice co-parenting quite admirably. They might be seeing other people now, but we still can’t stop hoping for them to get back together.

 2. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

We all want a best friend in our partner over any romance and Gwyneth and Chris depicted that kind of bond. Most of the Coldplay songs that we love were dedicated to Gwyneth. Chris wrote ‘Fix You’ for Gwyneth when she lost her dad. But their split was an inspiration to many divorced couples as Chris and Gwyneth still happen to be great friends. They do an excellent job of co-parenting and still love each other as a family. Even though they have moved on their separate paths with their respective partners, it’s still a bummer how these two souls didn’t work out.

 3. Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum

Jenna seems very happy in their current relationship with Steve Kazee with whom she just had a baby. But we still can’t believe that she and Channing Tatum aren’t together anymore. It’s hard to digest that the 10-year old ex-couple who had been inseparable since day 1 isn’t in love anymore.

 4. Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson

Broken Celebrity Couples
Broken Celebrity Couples

Cara and Ashley were the power couple for two years. They were never afraid to display their passionate love in public and they proved it with their carefree and unstoppable make-out session on the yacht and the romantic kiss in the bathtub. These two always gave us couple goals, so their break up after two years was naturally disappointing. But like their relationship, even their break up was classiest and most ideal. When fans were calling out on Ashley for hooking up with G-Eazy, Cara came in her defense. It’s still hard to believe that our dream couple is not together anymore.

 5. Brie Larson and Alex Greenwald

It seemed like the Marvel star, Brie was in a happy marriage with Phantom Planet singer, Alex for about seven years. Surprisingly, the couple parted ways right when Brie’s career shot up further with MCU Captain Marvel.

 6. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

We couldn’t understand what happened between Miley and Liam even if we wanted to. We have seen these childhood sweethearts grow up together for ages. Even though they were in a long-term on and off relationship, we knew that they’d make it together someday. The announcement of their marriage was the best surprise for fans who had known the couple for the past 10 years. But we were bummed when they parted ways within a year of being hitched. What followed after was even more mind-twisting.

 7. Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt

The most heartbreaking split was of Jennifer and Brad. Both are the biggest stars in Hollywood while Jennifer is everyone’s sweetheart. They made the loveliest couple that sent fans into euphoria. Even though Jennifer must have been hurt the most with her split, there is no doubt that fans were devastated with it as well. Therefore, most of them were happy with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce. Brangelina was the prime reason for Jennifer and Brad’s fallen love. When the two were spotted together in the last few months, the internet went bonkers, rooting for them to patch up.

 8. Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Fergie and Josh were the ‘It’ couple of Hollywood. They were married for about 10 years and their romance was flying all over the internet. The two even stuck together when a dancer accused Josh of spending a night with her within months of his marriage. Why this power couple split up after 10 years is still a mystery. We hope they are able to rekindle their love.

 9. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears

Justin and Britney were once the talks of the town in the late ‘90s. They had taken couple goals to a whole new level, sometimes going overboard with matching denim. We were almost convinced that this was it when the two surprised us with their break up. Now Justin is in a happy marriage Jessica Biel but we really thought that Britney was the one.

 10. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

Broken Celebrity Couples
Broken Celebrity Couples

Katie and Jamie were together for six years but never had the need to show off their love in public. They seemed pretty comfortable and happy with each other until the news of their break up shocked everyone. Though we don’t know the reason for their split since they always stayed private, we do hope that they are able to sort out their differences.

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Chris Evans Breaks Silence After His Inappropriate Photo Leaked on the Internet

A couple of days ago, Twitter was lit on fire as Chris Evans had accidentally posted a nude pic of himself on his Instagram Story. He deleted the story soon after that upon realizing what he had unintentionally posted. But by then, he had already begun to trend on twitter. The good thing is that the fans united to defend him & his privacy. Here are some tweets asking to respect the former Captain America actor:

Looking at these reactions was quite humbling. But now, two days later, Chris Evans has himself reacted in a way only a true legend can! After trending on twitter for the image that was shared on Instagram, Evans wrote:

Chris Evans Breaks Silence After His Inappropriate Photo Leaked

Now that’s subtle. Not only did he acknowledge what had happened, but he also managed to spread an extremely important message. After reading this tweet, I broke into laughter in the typical Chris Evans stance, and then all I did in my mind was salute the captain! Here are some reactions to the NSFW incident from celebrities and Chris Evans’ brother:

It feels nice when people defend someone who totally deserves respect and affection from everyone in the world. Evans is one of the humblest human beings, and we’re glad that he took on the role of Captain America. We were graced by his performance over the last decade. He may be out of the MCU now, but he is still continuing his great work outside of Marvel.

Chris Evans Breaks Silence After His Inappropriate Photo Leaked

After Endgame, he starred in Netflix’s The Red Sea Diving Resort last year. And then, he ended 2019 with another amazing portrayal in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out. This year, he appeared in Apple TV+’s mini-series, Defending Jacob. And now, we’re going to see him star alongside Ryan Gosling in Netflix’s big budget action thriller, The Gray Man. It will be directed by Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame directors, Joe & Anthony Russo. We’re pretty excited to see more from Evans in the future.

Aren’t you?

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10 Shortest Celebrities In Hollywood Who Are Successful

The show-business is a demanding place where attractiveness is given a lot more importance over talents. Hollywood has its idea of beauty and looks for people who fit their criteria. Height is one of the most important qualities according to Hollywood. They have set a high benchmark for height and are reluctant in casting actors who don’t reach the benchmark. Therefore, Hollywood is filled with extraordinarily tall and attractive people. Some even go under the knife to achieve the perceived Hollywood perfection. But some strong-headed celebrities didn’t stop fighting against all the odds. They have faced many rejections in their early years due to their short height. But talent always prevails and thus today these celebs are the most recognized and critically acclaimed artists across the globe. Find out the 10 shortest celebrities in Hollywood who are famous and successful.

Maisie Williams

Game of Thrones Arya Stark Maisie Williams

We have watched Maisie Williams grow on the sets of Game of Thrones. She played the fan-favorite character Arya Stark that gave international fame. Maisie stands at 5’1” and is just 23 years old but is already one of the most successful stars.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese is the biggest example of proving that height can never hold you back from earning success if you have the determination. She faced many rejections at the beginning of her career for her height. Today with numerous awards including an Academy Award, critical acclamation, and global fame, she is one of the most powerful personalities of Hollywood. The Legally Blonde actress is a legend and most of her movies and series are a must-watch.

Kristen Bell

 Shortest Celebrities In Hollywood

Kristen Bell is a sweetheart and one of the most loved actresses for her cheerful and positive demeanor. She is 5’1” but hasn’t let that get in her way to success. Today, Kristen is at the top of her career with works like The Good Place, Veronica Mars, Frozen(voice), and Gossip Girl (voice) in her resume.

Elijah Wood

Elijah is a popular name from The Lord of the Rings franchise where he starred as Frodo Baggins. He stands at 5’6” and has earned success beyond that franchise. Elijah takes up challenging roles and his performance always wins over his young appearance. He knows how to have a powerful screen presence and compel the audience to take him seriously.

Emilia Clarke

 Shortest Celebrities In Hollywood

Emilia Clarke is a sweetheart of Hollywood. She is 5’2” which has been an advantage for her than a drawback, for she is adored for her cuteness. Despite her short height, Emilia has proved that she can blend herself into any kind role. She could successfully pull off the intimidating and fierce character of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. She has proved that short height cannot limit someone to only adorable roles.

James McAvoy

McAvoy is a widely admired actor whose work is also appreciated by critics. Some of his successful works are X-Men, Atonement, Wanted, and Split. He is 5’7” which the audience has never cared about due to his powerful acting.

Scarlett Johansson

Did you know that the highest-paid and the most successful actress in Hollywood are 5’3”? She is a critically acclaimed actress who dominates most of the movie genres. Scarlett is a global star by playing the Marvel superhero Black Widow and has been part of blockbuster movies. Her acting chops are taken seriously even outside the superhero genre as she has been nominated for Oscars plenty of times. Forget about her acting, Scarlett’s height didn’t stop her from achieving the title of the Sexiest Woman Alive.

Bruno Mars

 Shortest Celebrities In Hollywood

Height can easily be overpowered with your personality and talents. Bruno Mars is one of them who stands at 5’5” but knows how to woo his audience with his music videos and stage performances. He is one of the most popular singers with a huge fan base.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is an inspiration to many of us, for he is one of the shortest Hollywood actors but has retained his spot among the top 5 actors. He is 5’7” but knows how to steal attention on the screen. The Mission: Impossible star is a real-life hero, for he performs most of the actions stunts himself without the help of a stunt double.

Daniel Radcliff

 Shortest Celebrities In Hollywood

Most of us have grown up watching our all-time favorite Harry Potter who plays a big part in our lives. The character was played by Daniel Radcliff who has become an international figure today. He is recognized by everyone, young and old. Daniel was riveting since childhood for bringing life to the popular kids’ character. He is 5’5” but that didn’t stop his career from skyrocketing.

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10 Funniest Pranks Ryan Reynolds Has Ever Played

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks: 

Ryan Reynolds has lately been in the spotlight after the global success of Deadpool. But the actor is not only admired by followed by Marvel fans but has also wooed the non-Marvel fans. That’s simply because of his handsome appearance and sense of humor. He is a truckload of entertainment for his wit and practical jokes. A mere look at his social media handles, videos, and interviews will reveal a sense of humor. It is true that Ryan is the perfect man to play Deadpool for the wicked personalities they share. None of his close ones, including his wife Blake Lively and Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman, has been spared by his pranks. Even though the list of his funniest moments and practical jokes cannot cease, we have attempted to list the 10 funniest and the best pranks ever played by Ryan Reynolds on everyone. From Ryan Reynold’s funny tweets to funny moments, interviews, quotes, and videos, we have it all.

Coffee Shop Job Interview

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

We all know about Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ bromance where they keep pulling pranks on each other. The actors have known each other since their Marvel days as Wolverine and Deadpool. The internet is filled with funny videos where they don’t run out of ways to play a joke on the other.

Coming to that, once Hugh Jackman had posted a job vacancy ad for his non-profit Laughing Man Coffee. One of the early responders of the listing was Ryan Reynolds and literally went there and applied for the post of a barista.

When His Email ID Got Leaked

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

Blake and Hugh aren’t his only targets for practical jokes. Ryan played an awesome on his fans too when he revealed his email if on Tonight Show and made it look accidental. Some “smart” fans grabbed the email id and bombarded it with mails. But the prankster was always a few steps ahead of them. Fans’ mails got reverted with a funny schedule of Ryan.

It had his to-do-list which included his gym timings, followed by his Skype call with his secret family in Denmark, learning the difference between revenue and profit before the Aviation Board meeting, and the bizarre planner goes on.

Played “Let’s Get It On” When Blake Was Into Labor

Never ever miss any interview of Blake Lively who is equally as funny as her husband Ryan. She once recalled an episode from her first child’s delivery. When Blake went into labor, Ryan played the Marvin Gaye song “Let’s Get It On” in that tense environment.

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

The doctors were the only ones who were laughing, leaving Blake apprehensive of dropping the baby. She obviously wasn’t in her most cheerful mood and hauled “Are you f@cking kidding me right now?”

The Face Swap

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were one of the most ideal couples of the late ‘90s. Their most famous moments was grabbed by paparazzi when they wore matching denim outfits. No doubt it was hilarious and broke the headlines.

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

Bored Ryan Photoshopped his and blake’s face on a popular denim picture and share it on his social media handle. He added that they even used a c*ndom denim that night.

Most Romantic Birthday Wish

Ryan and Blake give us a couple of goals with their non-mushy Instagram and Twitter posts about each other. Out of all the notorious tweets of Ryan, the most hilarious one was his “romantic” birthday post for his wife. He posted a picture of the couple but cropped Blake out of it. So, the caption on a handsome image of Ryan read, “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.”

Blake is not a new player in this game and she got her sweet vengeance on Ryan’s birthday. She posted a picture of Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling only to crop out her husband out of it and wrote “Happy Birthday, the baby.”

His Detective Pikachu Preparation

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

Hands down! The best movie promotions are pulled by Ryan Reynolds who crafts a whole new story behind his movie. He is still investigating the mysterious case of the Deadpool video leak that compelled the studios to release the movie at last. Ryan has even gone as far as pinning the evidence and suspects’ pictures on a corkboard.

Coming to his promotions for Pokemon, the actor held a mock interview where he shared how he prepared himself for the role. To understand the Pokemon better, he said that he immersed himself into their world, starting from losing 182 pounds. The interview also included Blake to second his claim by sharing how Ryan had also abandoned their daughters.

The Delicious Glue Cake

Ryan isn’t afraid of admitting his poor cooking skills. He even said that his cooking would cause a fire in their house one day and that the fireman would provide Blake with a better life. But he once managed to bake a delicious cake and shared it on Instagram. The caption was hilarious which read that he added glue as the icing.

Political Campaign Against Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

Ryan enjoys ruining promotions not only for his movies but also for Blake Lively and Hugh Jackman. When Hugh’s movie The Front Runner had hit the theatres, Ryan shared a fake political advertisement. In the ad, he persuaded the voters to refrain from nominating Jack for any movies.

Working On a Michael Bay Film

During the making of 6 Underground, Ryan went on social media to mock the loud action in Michael Bay movies, from Transformers and Bad Boys. He shared a video of him speaking from the set where he talked about the “stillness and quiet moments”. The video soon turned his voice inaudible as the background action had taken over. Sarcasm on fleek!

Deadpool Will Be PG 13

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

MCU has been stringent about making its superhero movies PG-13 since day one. Deadpool on the other hand was infamous for being the only Marvel movie that was miles away from PG-13. But Ryan and Mario Lopez played a prank on the audience on April Fool’s Day by sharing a clip of Deadpool joking that the sequel would be rated PG-13.

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Famous Hollywood Celebrities Taylor Swift Has Dated

Celebrities Taylor Swift Dated:

Taylor Swift’s boyfriends always end up hitting the headlines, thanks to her music releases dedicated to each breakup. Even though these celebs are already famous for their work, they earn another stem of fame as Taylor swift’s boyfriends. The country-music star has been at the top of her career since her teen days. But most of her hit songs are either about her ex-boyfriend or on friendship. And fans really enjoy deciphering the subjects of her songs. Find out all the famous Hollywood men Taylor Swift has ever dated.

 1. Joe Jonas

Teenagers and Swifties were elated over Joe and Taylor’s relationship. Even though they have now moved on to separate paths happily and Joe is married to Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner, stories of their romance still live on. They dated for a few months in 2008 until Joe infamously broke up over the phone. Songs like “Last Kiss”, “Forever and Always” and “Holy Ground” were reportedly inspired by their relationship.

 2. Harry Styles

In spite of the short-term romance between Harry Styles and Taylor that ended before fans even learned about it, Taylor managed to drop hints during that period. At the dawn of the fling, she tweeted “I knew you were trouble” by Red but as the romance phased out, she continued the song with another tweet “‘til you put me down”.

 3. Calvin Harris

Calvin and Taylor met via Ellie Goulding in 2015 and seemed to be inseparable since then. They were spotted doing grocery shopping together and were also seen celebrating July 4 holidays together. However, their break up had stirred a lot of heat on Twitter with fans standing for Taylor. Some of also assumed that her song “I Forgot That You Existed” was about Calvin Harris.

 4. Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift and the MCU actor Tom Hiddleston had surprised fans with their union. What caught the most attention was their mushy moments in public. They started going out immediately after Taylor’s break up with Calvin. The couple had caught everyone by surprise with their cuddling, Tom wearing ‘I <3 Ts’ and their meeting Taylor’s parents within a few days of dating. Many decoded her song “Look What You Made Me Do” to be about Tom as the background dancers were wearing the same ‘I <3 Ts’ shirts.

 5. Jake Gyllenhaal

The Nightcrawler actor was one of Taylor’s most talked about boyfriends. Their love story was the hot topic of the time which lasted from October 2010 to January 2011. Jake also made it to Taylor’s music albums as many speculated that the song “The Last Time” was written on him. The lyrics went like “This is the last time I’m asking you this. Put my name at the top of your list”.

 6. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Swift met the Twilight star on the sets of Valentine’s Day movie. The ‘Taylors’ couple became a sensation for teens while it lasted. Taylor Lautner is one of the very few people who was put under a good light in Taylor’s song. By the time “Back to December” released, it didn’t take long for fans to connect the lyrics to Taylor Lautner where she referred to the muse with “tan skin” and “sweet smile”. She apologized to the song for breaking his heart and said that she missed him.

 7. Zac Efron

Celebrities Taylor Swift Dated
Celebrities Taylor Swift Dated

Taylor’s rumored romance with the former High School Musical star, Zac Efron was too brief to even make news about. They met on the sets of The Lorax and allegedly clicked while promoting the film. However, the stars never confirmed the conjectures.

 8. Lucas Till

Taylor and Lucas Till sparked romance when they met on the set of Hannah Montana The Movie. The two then paired up for Taylor’s hit music video, “You Belong With Me”. But their relationship only lasted for a few months and ended without any drama.

 9. Conor Kennedy

Conor and Taylor had a short-lived relationship that ended as Conor was reportedly freaked out with the seriousness of the commitment. Sources suggest that he was ‘nervous’ as he felt that Taylor was coming too strong. It is possible that Conor was the subject of her song “Begin Again”.

 10. Joe Alwyn

Celebrities Taylor Swift Dated
Celebrities Taylor Swift Dated

It seems like Taylor and her secret boyfriend, Joe Alwyn has been growing strong. They have managed to put curtains over their relationship for the past three years. Even though they have kept their relationship hidden from public eyes, there are rumors of their engagement floating around. If they continue to stay this strong, it is likely that we won’t be getting break up songs anymore.

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Celebrities Who Didn’t Break Up Despite Getting Cheated

Celebrities Didn’t Break Up Despite Getting Cheated:

No matter how perfect and ideal some celebrity couples appear to be on the surface, most of them have deep dark secrets in their relationships. The world of fame, glitz, and glamour is a slippery place where infidelity is very common. It’s a miracle if a celebrity marriage or relationship lasts even for five years. Even though some Hollywood couples depict real-life fairytales, they are extremely rare to find. While some celebs break up or end their marriage after catching their partners cheating on them, others forgive them and try to rebuild their foundation of love. How much love is real is uncertain in the show business where everywhere tries to display a “perfect” life. We have listed 10 celebrities who didn’t break up and stayed married even after getting cheated.

 1. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Back during Sarah’s Sex and the City days, her husband Matthew Broderick was on the news for allegedly running an affair with a 25-year old woman. There was speculation of him being spotted outside the woman’s apartment with wine and flowers on a regular basis. His marriage Sarah is a second chance.

 2. Jude Law and Sienna Miller

Even though Jude and Sienna got engaged to each other in 2004, they seemed to have an open relationship where none of the parties knew. In 2005, Jude admitted having an affair with his kids’ nanny and released a public apology to Sienna. But after Sienna’s phone was hacked in 2014, it was revealed that she too had an affair with her “Layer Cake” co-star Daniel Craig during 2004. She confirmed the reports by stating that she once “fell in love with someone famous and that became the story- it was bad timing”. They did stay together and tried to save their relationship but eventually parted their ways.

 3. Fergie And Josh Duhamel

Singer Fergie and actor Josh were on the nine-month of their marriage when a stripper came forward and admitted on spending a night with Josh while he was still married. The couple denied the allegations but sought therapy for some time. They managed to get past this turbulence and continued to stay together. Josh and Fergie soon became one of the sweetest and most beloved couples until they decided to part ways after eight years for other reasons.

 4. Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie

The Zombieland actor got roped in a huge embarrassment when news of his cheating scandal got revealed in public. He spent a night with not one but three women at the same time in a foursome and none of them included his wife. Woody’s secret got exposed as one of the women involved belonged to the media. However, his wife Laura forgave him and the couple seems to have moved on.

 5. Kate Middleton and Prince William

According to reports, Prince William got closer to Rose Hanbury when the Duchess of Cambridge was carrying their third child. However, the royal family rubbished all the allegations. The couple appears to have moved past the speculations and leading a happy life with three children.

 6. Bill and Hillary Clinton

One of the biggest political sex scandals in history involves Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. 49-year old Bill Clinton was the President of the United States when he was intimately involved with a 22-year old White House intern, Monica. According to reports, it happened between 1995 and 1997 but came to light in 1998. Bill Clinton admitted the affair which led to his impeachment. However, his wife, Hilary Clinton stuck around and is still with Bill.

 7. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

Speculations swirled up a few years ago that caused turbulence in the elite “It” couple’s marriage. It was sparked by a few tabloids that accused David of having affairs multiple women that included his assistant, makeup artist, etc. However, the couple rubbished these reports and sued the concerned publications. Victoria and David are the most inspiring couples today in terms of togetherness, bond, as well as their snazzy lifestyles.

 8. Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z are the topmost power couple in the show business today. They are uber-successful and rich as individuals but together, they are a supreme couple who are close to building their own empire. However, the so-called “ideal couple” has had its ups and downs as well. Jay-Z had admitted cheating on Beyonce in 2017 and showed deep remorse and shame. It was followed by a separation period but Jay-Z’s back to back music albums on apology that convinced Beyonce to forgive him.

 9. President Donald Trump and Melania Trump

Celebrities Didn’t Break Up Despite Getting Cheated
Celebrities Didn’t Break Up Despite Getting Cheated

The current President of the U.S.A has been roped in many cheating speculations in the past but the one that made the most headlines was with adult-film actress Daniel. It was Daniel who came forward and spilled the beans, claiming that she had sex with Donald Trump in 2006. However, First Lady Melania Trump denied all the affair rumors.

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Scarlett Johansson And Other Famous Celebrities Who Own Fast-Food Restaurants

Celebrities Own Fast-Food Restaurants:

If you are sitting on a cash mountain, buying a number of restaurants is no big deal. These wealthy celebrities keep making their bank balance heavier by investing in new ventures. Today, we are going to talk about famous celebrities who own fast-food joints. Quick service restaurants or QSR are economical ventures as they have a wider target and invest less in resources. The focus of QSR is more on quantity over quality. Thus with little money, these already-rich celebrities are getting richer. With the current eating habits of youth who depend on quick services, QSRs make a booming market. From McDonald’s to Burger King and Domino’s, these QSRs are leading the industry for their accessibility and economic value.

Let’s find out which celebrities currently own or once owned quick-service restaurants.

 1. Chris Brown

Celebrities Own Fast-Food Restaurants
Celebrities Own Fast-Food Restaurants

Show business is an uncertain platform where no one knows how long their fame would last. Therefore, the popular singer, Chris Brown took the prudent decision to invest in one of the biggest franchises that are the Burger King.

 2. Mark Wahlberg

The talented Mark is mostly recognized from The Departed, Lone Survivor, Ted, etc. But this actor is also a powerful name in the fast-food chain business. Mark owns the Wahlburgers burger joint which is a family business. The Wahlburgers chain spans all over North America with 30 outlets. Mark also runs a 10-season reality show that is based on Wahlburgers.

 3. Kanye West

Kanye is one of the richest celebrities in the show business and with his socialite wife, Kim Kardashian, the two are ready to take down the world. The Stronger and I Love It rapper owns some locations of one of the biggest international fast-food chains, Burger King. He used to previously own Fatburgers outlets as well.

 4. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is a well-known actor who has earned a name in the rom-com genre. He has appeared in movies like No Strings Attached, Jobs, and What Happens in Vegas. Kutcher has made more success in entrepreneurship as the co-founder of a venture capital firm named, A-Grade Investments whose portfolio include Airbnb, Uber, and more. He also once owned a restaurant called Ketchup in Dubai that served an All-American menu of steaks, burgers, etc.

 5. Pitbull

Celebrities Own Fast-Food Restaurants
Celebrities Own Fast-Food Restaurants

Pitbull is one of the top music kings in the industry whose songs are widely enjoyed by the youth. No party is complete without his energetic songs. Some of his biggest hits are Gasolina, Rain Over Me, Give Me Everything, I Know You Want Me, and the list goes on. Pitbull has another source of income by partnering with the Miami Grill which is a privately owned restaurant chain.

 6. Scarlett Johansson

The Sexiest woman alive and the MCU queen, Scarlet Johansson has been one of the highest-earning actresses in Hollywood in the last few years. She is a critically acclaimed actor whose hits include Marriage Story, Jojo Rabbit, Her, and Lost In Translation. But Scarlett is best known for portraying the Marvel superhero Black Widow in the Avengers franchise. With so much on her plate already, the global celebrity owns a gourmet-popcorn shop called Yummy Pop in Paris.

 7. Venus Williams

Venus is one of the best Tennis Players and the sister of the No.1 Tennis Player, Serena Williams. With her legacy and international fame, Williams is expanding into more domains such as the restaurant business. She has bought some joints of the Jamba Company that produces fresh fruit and vegetable juice and smoothies. Now that’s a perfect place to invest for an athlete who promotes a healthy lifestyle.

 8. LeBron James

LeBron James is one of the legendary basketball players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Apart from sports, he is also enthusiastic about the food chain business and has therefore invested a heavy amount in the casual dining restaurant Blaze Pizza.

 9. Ludacris

Celebrities Own Fast-Food Restaurants
Celebrities Own Fast-Food Restaurants

Rapper Ludacris is already basking in the fame of music and movies. He is a multi-talented artist who has bagged Grammy, Billboard, and MTV awards for his music as well as the Screen Actors Guild and Critics’ Choice Award for acting. But Ludacris has no plans to stop or slow down as he is in partnership with Jackmont Hospitality in owning Chicken+Beer restaurant.

 10. Jimmy Buffett

Even writing about Krispy Kreme made me all droopy with the image of their glazed donut. The Coral Reefer Band singer, Jimmy owns multiple outlets of the international donut chain, Krispy Kreme. Buffet’s biggest hit song is “Margaritaville” which inspired him to open his diner company, Margaritaville which has about 30 outlets under franchise.

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Marvel Stars With Their Stunt Doubles Who Make Action Awesome

Marvel Stars With Their Stunt Doubles: 

Marvel has the best superheroes of all and the actors who are portraying the Marvel comic characters are the perfect ones. But then there are those real stunt doubles who just become the center of attention by performing the best for these actors. So here we bring you the most amazing Marvel stars with their stunt doubles who make action awesome:

1. Cate Blanchett With Stunt Double Zoe Bell

2. Elizabeth Olsen With Stunt Double C.C. Ice

3. Chadwick Boseman With Stunt Double Daniel Graham

4. Hugh Jackman With Eddie Davenport

5. Tom Holland With Stunt Double Greg Townley

6. Anthony Mackie With Stunt Double Aaron Toney

7. Chris Pratt With Stunt Double Tony McFarr

8. Mark Ruffalo With Stunt Double Anthony Molinari

9. Chris Evans With Stunt Double Sam Hargrave

10. Tom Hiddleston With Stunt Double Paul Lacovara

11. Sebastian Stan With Stunt Double James Young

12. Dave Bautista With Stunt Double Rob de Groot

13. Karen Gillan With Stunt Double Kelly Richardson

14. Clark Gregg With Stunt Double Dane Farwell

15. Andrew Garfield With Stunt Double William Spencer

16. Scarlett Johnsson With Stunt Double Heidi Moneymaker

17. Chris Hemsworth With Stunt Double Bobby Holland

18. Michael Douglas With Stunt Double Mike Runyard

19. Tessa Thompson With Stunt Double Tara Macken

20. Ryan Reynolds With Stunt Double Yanis Marshall

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Hollywood Celebrities Who Criticized Disney

Celebrities Criticized Disney:

Disney is the biggest entertainment powerhouse today that has a net worth of $130 Billion. It has a plethora of popular movies and series under its wing. Disney has catapulted many careers in Hollywood and most of the actors would kill to be a part of the mogul. The mere term Disney excites us due to the wide range of entertainment it has to offer. Right from childhood to teen years and up till now, Disney has been our constant company. However, some celebrities are strongly averse to Disney. They have actively spoken against the production house of Mickey Mouse and have provided reasons to support their opinions. You’ll be surprised to witness some of the names as they themselves are brought up in the Disney family.

 1. Dylan Sprouse

Most of us have grown up enjoying the mischiefs of the twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. But according to Dylan, Disney was a money-minded studio that never acknowledged nor appreciated their work and ideas. He was 18 when he began to share his ideas with the studios, but they shunned him completely.

 2. Zendaya and Bella Thorne

According to reports, the whole environment of Disney’s Shake It Up for unsettling for Zendaya and her on-screen best friend Bella Thorne. They revealed that it was hard for the 2 teens to become friends at first because they were constantly “forced to compete” against each other. Comments like “who is better at this?” kept flying around at the studio. But the girls didn’t heed to the politics and ended up becoming real-life best friends.

 3. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is one of the most revered stars in Hollywood who is legit worshipped by the critics and audience for her work and personality. She is a confident woman who has never shied away from expressing her opinion even when she was new to Hollywood. We are recalling one such occasion when she gave a piece of her mind to Disney as well. While accepting an award on behalf of Emma Thompson for Saving Mr. Banks where Tom Hanks starred as Walt Disney, Meryl Streep called out at Walt Disney for being sexist and anti-Semitic. She said that in light of the pretty image of Walt that was built in the movie. The actress shared that Walt Disney’s associates said that he neither liked nor trusted women or cats.

 4. Demi Lovato

No wonder why Ryan Reynolds doesn’t want his kids to become child stars. Being an actor is a demanding job that consumes a lot of time and energy. Such a schedule for a kid or a teen can be extremely distressing. Demi Lovato is a proof who revealed that her Camp Rock work schedule caused her PTSD.

 5. Bella Thorne

Disney has built an infamous image for compelling their child stars to move around as an ideal and sweet teen. This policy almost led Bella to get fired after she shared a picture of herself wearing a bikini at the age of 14.

 6. Miley Cyrus

Celebrities Criticized Disney
Celebrities Criticized Disney

The Hanna Montana star’s criticism about Disney isn’t new to us. She has connected her Black Mirror episode to her childhood as a Disney star on many occasions. Miley reportedly grew body dysmorphic disorder where a person is obsessed with finding flaws in one’s own appearance even if they can be non-existent. She was compelled to carry an image of perfection and be at her best behavior in public. Some sources also reveal that Miley wasn’t allowed to leave for home when she had her first period.

 7. Selena Gomez

Selena’s story is no different from that of Miley Cyrus who was reigning the Disney top teen spot in their days. No doubt that Selena owes her big break to Disney that made her a star from Wizards of Waverly Places. However, as a member of Disney, she had to maintain the same sweet and innocent image. She wasn’t allowed to be like other teens who could make mistakes and be themselves.

 8. Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers were a family of talented brothers who were blessed with creativity and charm since they were kids. However, they were peeved at Disney executives who kept changing their lyrics. Intervening and being critical of their creativity would be unacceptable to any artist as it confines their creativity. But perhaps it was a situation of quid pro quo where the boys were bound to submit in return of fame.

But Nick Jonas had more to say about the production house. He criticized the script of Camp Rock and stated that it had terrible writing. Furthermore, Nick was also reportedly forced to shave every day to look younger for his show JONAS.

 9. Raven

The witty star from That’s So Raven was admired for her humor and confidence. However, Disney made her super conscious about her weight and kept pressuring her to lose more. Well, that can be said for most of Hollywood and not just Disney. According to sources, the actress was also asked to use a tanning bed thrice a week.

 10. Rowan Blanchard

Celebrities Criticized Disney
Celebrities Criticized Disney

Rowan from Girl Meets World is now a dedicated activist who fights for serious social issues. But back during her days with Disney, the studio discouraged her from participating in any causes and from raising her voice.

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Stunning Celebrity Couples in Hollywood Where The Woman is Taller

Celebrity Couples Where Woman is Taller:

Our exterior has got nothing to do with who we are from within. Therefore, these celebrities didn’t care for the popular belief that the men must be taller than the women in a relationship. It is not true that every woman looks for a taller male partner or that men only desire a partner whose scent they can smell from hair. There is little to no evidence that pheromones exist in humans. Hence, you can desire any partner regardless of their appearance. These celebs have broken that stigma and some of them are really happy with their choices. Find out the stunning celebrity couple in Hollywood where the woman is taller.

 1. Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise

Both Nicole and Tom are two of the most powerful and most attractive celebs in the show business. Together they only enhanced their presence in the room as the sensational couple. Tom and Nicole had a height difference of 4 inches as Tom is 5’7” and Nicole is 5’11”.

 2. Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington- Whiteley

Height has got nothing to do with love and the sooner the world realizes it, the happier it will be. Even Rossie Huntington couldn’t resist the charming and handsome Jason Statham. The Hobbs & Shaw star and Rosie make a beautiful and happy couple. Rosie is the same height as Jason which is 5’9” but let us not forget the four inches heels.

 3. Daniel Radcliffe & Erin Darke

The Harry Potter’s titular star and Erin from Good Girls Revolt have been smitten by each other since day 1. They met on the sets of Kill Your Darlings in 2013 and are happier than ever. Daniel’s darling is an inch taller than him but the difference gets bigger once she straps on heels.

 4. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

When it’s the charming Tom Cruise, who’d care if he is taller or not? He attracts every sex with his charismatic smile and insane action stunts. Similarly, he wooed Katie Holmes and tied the knot with her in 2006. Katie is 5’9” plus the heels and Tom is 5’7”. Sadly, they aren’t together anymore due to other personal reasons.

 5. Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Celebrity Couples Where Woman is Taller
Celebrity Couples Where Woman is Taller

Seems like Nicole Kidman has a type as an individual as her current husband, Keith Urban is also shorter than her. Keith is a lucky man who could sway the gorgeous Nicole Kidman off her feet. They have been together since 2006 and keep getting stronger as a couple for the individuals they are from within. Keith is 5’9” while Nicole stands at 5’10” plus heels.

 6. Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo

If we look at Adam and Behati separately, it’s hard to resist their captivating looks and personality. When these two are together, the room temperature is bound to rise. Adam and Behati are 5’9” but Behati also gets to enjoy her heels. They have been together since 2014 and head-over-heels for each other.

 7. Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden

Cameron was a diva during her days in Hollywood and one of the most admired stars for her acting and super fit physique. Then came musician Benji Madden who swept Cameron off her feet in 2014. They got married in 2015 and Cameron’s happiness is visible from her face. Benji is 5’6” while Cameron is 5’9”. But the 3 inches difference plays no role in her life. She has retired from Hollywood lives her life to the fullest with Benji and their kid.

 8. Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

Celebrity Couples Where Woman is Taller
Celebrity Couples Where Woman is Taller

Joe and Sophie make the newest couple in town but they are already winning hearts with their compatibility. They are one of the hottest and most attractive couples. They instantly clicked since the moment they met and got engaged the following year. Now they are happily married and recently welcomed their baby to this world. Joe is 5’5” whereas Sophie is 5’9”.

 9. Uma Thurman & Ethan Hawke

Uma and Ethan met in 1996 on the sets of Gattaca. They immediately clicked with each other and decided to get married in 1998. While Uma was 5’11”, Ethan was an inch shorter than her. This adorable couple was always the talk of the town and the target of the paparazzi on red carpets. However, they parted ways in 2005 amid allegations of Ethan’s infidelity.

 10. Mark Wahlberg & Rhea Durham

Celebrity Couples Where Woman is Taller
Celebrity Couples Where Woman is Taller

Mark and Rhea are one of the most ideal couples in Hollywood where it is a miracle for a marriage to last more than 5 years. They have been together for over 10 years now but they know how to keep the romance and chemistry running. Mark Wahlberg is about 5’6” and Rhea is 5’7” but we can clearly witness how little role it plays in their life.

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10 Hollywood Actors From The ‘90s Who Would Fit in The MCU Cast

Actors Would Fit in MCU Cast:

Have you ever wondered how the Avengers would look like if they were cast in the 1990s? There is no iota of doubt that the faces that play our favorite Marvel superheroes are irreplaceable and no one could have done the job better than they have. However, what if MCU was created in the ‘90s? Based on fan demand and the actors’ on and off-screen personality, we have reimagined some icons of the ‘90s as the Avengers. Here is a list of Hollywood actors from the ‘90s who would fit in the MCU cast.

 1. Doctor Strange

Given Keanu Reeves’ fame back in the ‘90s with films like The Matrix and Speed, he would have definitely been cast as Doctor Strange. His calm and composed style of dealing with the crisis would have blended well with the Sorcerer Supreme’s personality. However, Keanu’s case is slightly different from other actors on this list, since he still retains his youthful face and is more popular than ever. Frankly speaking, we are still waiting for him to join the MCU family.

 2. Black Widow

Did you see Uma Thurman’s action stunts in Kill Bill? She played an assassin and her character was titled as the “deadliest woman in the world”. Would have been awesome to see her don the Black Widow suit and kick some asses.

 3. Star-Lord

Actors Would Fit in MCU Cast
Actors Would Fit in MCU Cast

Most of the sites and fans have found the ‘90s hero Brendan Fraser as the face for the cheeky Peter Quill. Hollywood may have forgotten the actor today but back in his days, fans wouldn’t dare to miss any of his movies. The Mummy star has entertained us with his heroic charms, adventurous attitude, and swag that tick the boxes for Star-Lord as well.

 4. Spider-Man

Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio was offered to play Spider-Man by Sony but he refused to take a Superhero role? Sony’s taste is impeccable as Leonardo could easily depict the active and genius young boy.

 5. Ant-Man

The competition to play the likable and hilarious Ant-Man runs between David Schwimmer and, well, Paul Rudd. Paul Rudd was a known personality even back then who was admired for the same charm and humor. However, considering his youthful face looks even at this age, he would have looked way too young back then. The best contender for the role would have been David Schwimmer who is best known as Ross from Friends. He is a master of putting himself in an awkward situation and killing us with his humor.

 6. Wasp

The Wasp who is played by Evangeline Lilly depicts a bold and witty woman who has a heart but can also kick your butt. She is someone who would never let her emotions cloud her judgment and decisions. We can’t think of anyone else but the ‘90s fit actress Sandra Bullock who would have understood the strong-headed character so well.

 7. Pepper Potts

Actors Would Fit in MCU Cast
Actors Would Fit in MCU Cast

Sharon Stone was a diva of her time who could grab the screen attention with her powerful presence. She could play out Pepper Potts in a smart and charming manner. Sharon had also displayed action skills in Total Recall which would have come handy in the MCU.

 8. Iron Man

Though Robert Downey Jr. is the ultimate Iron Man for the similarities he shares with the character, casting him in the ‘90s wouldn’t have him possible due to his lifestyle back then. The only alternative would have been the action star Tom Cruise. He could have easily played the young and rich brat.

 9. Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman Forever! We are still processing through the actor’s loss who had brought life to Black Panther. We are yet not ready to accept any new face who could replace the T’Challa. However, if we go back to the ‘90s, the actor we find the best fit for the role would be Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington has 2 Academy Awards under his belt and no one else could display the strong screen presence as good as Denzel.

 10. Mantis

Even to date whenever we look at Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy, most of us are reminded of Winona Ryder. Ryder is a critically acclaimed actress who is best known to the current generation as Joyce Byers from Stranger Things and Rachel Green’s girl pal from Friends. But she was at the top of her career in the ‘90s with Edward Scissorhands and Little Women. Her cute and petite appearance would have been convincing as Mantis. Though quirky for her solitude for most of her life, Mantis is a significant member of the team who sided with the Guardians while taking down Ego and helped the Avengers in slowing down Thanos.


 11. Hulk

Actors Would Fit in MCU Cast
Actors Would Fit in MCU Cast

To play the self-restraining, witty, and genius Bruce Banner isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Mark Ruffalo did an excellent job of bringing life to the comic book character. But in the ‘90s, perfect casting would have been David Duchovny.

 12. Thor

It goes without saying that Brad Pitt would have been the ultimate God of Thunder in the MCU in the ‘90s. Apart from his face that resembles that of Thor, Brad’s Fight Club physique, cheeky attitude, and passion towards action would have made a perfect Thor.

 13. Falcon

Eddie Murphy is best recognized for his performance in The Nutty Professor and Beverly Hills Cop. Though he was best at comedy-action, we can totally picture him as the cool Falcon who can be serious and light-hearted depending on the situation.

 14. Hawkeye

Actors Would Fit in MCU Cast
Actors Would Fit in MCU Cast

Johnny Depp has successfully blended in every role he has played over the years. His experience in comedy and action would have given him an edge over others to play the passionate and intelligent Hawkeye. He was any way the top actor of the ‘90s and would have been definitely been approached by the MCU.

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Hollywood Actors Who Cried The Best on TV Shows

Hollywood Actors Cried on TV Shows:

Ever since the concept of acting was introduced to mankind, the ability to cry has been considered as one of the primary factors to judge an actor’s potentials. TV series are full of drama, twists, and heartbreaks despite their genre, but some emotional moments were enacted so well that their hangovers stayed for long. We have listed the actors whose cries were the best and the most heart-breaking in TV series.

 1. Nina Dobrev On The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries was the most thrilling yet depressing show ever made. There came a saturation point when you stopped hoping for a happy season finale. Elena Gilbert had to undergo the most suffering on the show, hence she cried a lot. But given Nina Dobrev’s riveting talents that could pull off a subdued Elena and a notorious Katherina on the same screen, it’s needless to say that she has one of the best cries. Elena’s meltdown when she lost her brother felt so raw and real that we couldn’t watch her through our watery eyes.

 2. Millie Bobby Brown on Stranger Things

Millie Bobby left the audience spellbound with her performance as Eleven on Stranger Things when she was hardly 12 years old. Millie has never failed to make the audience feel a connection with her character despite its quirks. When Eleven read her adoptive father, David Harbour’s letter after his death, the young girl displayed all the layers of a daughter’s feelings which consisted of heartbreak, guilt, loss and so much more.

 3. Viola Davis on How To Get Away With Murder

Hollywood Actors Cried on TV Shows
Hollywood Actors Cried on TV Shows

Viola David needs no introduction, for she is one of the finest actresses in the industry. She singlehandedly ran the suspense show, How to Get Away With Murder to success. Even though watching her formidable character of Annalise Keating cry was shocking to us, it was strongly believable. We could feel both Viola and Annalise cry in those moments.

 4. Jacob Elordi on Euphoria

Be it Jacob, Zendaya of any actor on Euphoria, each one of them knows how to leave an impression in the audience’s mind. Jacob is young and new to the industry, but he has already taken us by storm with his riveting performance in Euphoria. His ultimate breakdown in the intense finale reverberated in our minds even after we turned off the TV. According to reports, Jacob Elordi even got a concussion from that scene.

 5. Elisabeth Moss on The Handmaid’s Tale

Elisabeth is an exceptional actress who is a wizard on the screen. She knows how to take us into her innermost storms through her eyes, effortlessly. Watching her alone is enough to run the entire show. And when she cries, it feels like someone dropped a brick on our hearts.

 6. Joseph Morgan On The Originals

It’s not easy to win hearts by playing a sinister character. Yet, Joseph’s proud and notorious vampire, Niklaus Mikaelson always brought a hurricane to our hearts. The character always suppressed his emotions and weakness, yet Joseph Morgan could signal his feelings without ever displaying a single drop of tear. And every time he attempted to conceal his weakness, all we wanted to do was offer him a hug.

 7. Grant Gustin on The Flash

Hollywood Actors Cried on TV Shows
Hollywood Actors Cried on TV Shows

The Flash of CW is famous for another quality other than his speed. There is no disagreement that the “fastest man alive” cries a lot. It’s hard to think of an episode when Barry Allen didn’t cry. But looking at his experience, we can’t blame Barry. In fact, every time he cries, we cry with him. From the moment he lost his mother ‘again’ in the first season to failing to lift baby Nora when Ramsey messes with his mind, Grant Gustin hits right through your heart.

 8. Rachel Brosnan on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Rachel’s career has been shining bright in fame ever since she has starred on the super hit comedy, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. She portrays Mrs. Maisel in the most charismatic and witty demeanor that entertains us throughout the show. But the last episode of season 3 had her in tears which is very rare for her character. To see her weep as her career takes a downfall and her dreams regarding the upcoming tour get crushed due to a mistake feel like the most human experience.

 9. Gina Rodriguez On Jane the Virgin

Gina’s breakdown of learning about Michael’s death is one of the most famous and heartbreaking scenes in the history of the TV show. We couldn’t decide if it was the moment or Gina’s reaction that led tears to roll down our cheeks.

 10. Jensen Ackles on Supernatural

Hollywood Actors Cried on TV Shows
Hollywood Actors Cried on TV Shows

Jensen Ackles has been the king of our hearts for over a decade and his time still hasn’t faded. He has displayed exceptional acting chops as Dean Winchester who is one of the prime magnets of Supernatural. Dean is a charismatic man who never let his guards down even though he had the warmest and the most loyal heart. But when he did break down for his brother Sam or after his traumatic experience in Hell, he got us as well.

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Hollywood Child Actors Who Passed Away Very Young

Child Actors Passed Away Very Young:

We usually find ourselves waiting to see a child actor grow up to become a big star. Since we see them in their earliest years, we get attached to them and get fascinated to wonder what they will turn up to be. The Hollywood child actors we talk about here were once household names and won many hearts right from the early stages of their careers. Unfortunately, their paths came across tragic accidents, medical conditions, or substance abuse. The following bright faces came to be known to the world at a young age but they themselves never got to know the world in return.

 1. River Phoenix

River Phoenix was the Joker star, Joaquin Phoenix’s brother. He was a teen sensation of the ‘80s for his dashing personality, charming smile, and snazzy hairstyle. He was 23 years old when he ingested illegal substances that later turned out to be lethal. The actor’s body was found outside The Viper Room nightclub at Sunset Strip which was previously co-owned by Johnny Depp. He appeared in movies like Explorers, Indiana Jones, and the Last Crusade, Stand by Me, A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, etc.

 2. Tara Correa-McMullen

Tara was best recognized from the CBS drama Judging Amy where she played a gang member. The teen girl was loved by Hollywood for her work and passion. But while she was growing in her career, Tara began to befriend the kind of characters she portrayed on the show. She was 16 years old when she was assassinated in Inglewood, CA.

 3. Lee Thompson Young

Child Actors Passed Away Very Young
Child Actors Passed Away Very Young

Lee Thompson got his big break from the Disney show Famous Jett Jackson where he played the titular character. He further rose to bigger fame after starring in the crime series, Rizzoli & Isles. His manager confirmed that the actor shot himself at his home. Cops were sent to his apartment after he failed to show up for his shoot.

 4. Sawyer Sweeten

Swayer was known from the classic hit sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond where he played Ray Romano’s son. He was 19 years old when he allegedly took his life during a family gathering in Texas. He reportedly went to the front porch and shot himself. According to reports, his autopsy revealed that he had drugs in his system. He had a twin brother who also appeared on the TV show.

 5. Robert Knox

Robert Knox was best recognized by the Harry Potter franchise. He played the character of Marcus Belby in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He was stabbed outside a bar while intervening in a fight for his brother but succumbed to his injuries.

 6. Heather O’Rourke

Child Actors Passed Away Very Young
Child Actors Passed Away Very Young

Heather earned fame from the horror movie Poltergeist which was released after her death. She played the little who was kidnapped by the ghosts. Heather was 12 years old when she succumbed to Crohn’s disease. Sadly, she couldn’t even see her movie.

 7. Judith Barsi

The young and adorable Judith Barsi had a tragic life that ended before she even got to live her childhood to the fullest. She gained early fame from Jaws IV: The Revenge, The Land Before Time, and Punky Brewster. She had the potentials to become something big in the future. But the 10-year old girl and her mother were stabbed by her father.

 8. Skye McCole Bartusiak

The beautiful and charming Skye played Mel Gibson’s youngest daughter in The Patriot. She was 21 years old when she passed away at her home. According to reports, Skye was suffering from an epileptic seizure and died from an accidental overdose of medication.

 9. Brad Renfro

Brad rose to stardom after his big break in The Client where he worked with Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Sarandon. With early success and the world of glitz and glamor, he spiraled to a lifestyle that he couldn’t return from. He was suffering from substance abuse and died of an overdose when he was 25 years old.

 10. Corey Haim

Child Actors Passed Away Very Young
Child Actors Passed Away Very Young

Corey rose to early fame as a teenager when he starred in the hit movies, Lucas with Charlie Sheen and Winona Ryder and The Lost Boys. He was 38 years old when he caught pneumonia which got amplified due to his other health conditions.

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Celebrities Who Have Built The Most Enemies in Hollywood

Celebrities Enemies In Hollywood:

Celebrities are expected to be in a poised and agreeable manner all the time. But they are humans at the end of the day which makes them susceptible to emotions and temper. However, some of them are in tabloids for their outbursts and feuds with fellow celebs more frequently than others. They might be loved by the world but they have also made the most foes in the industry. Find out the celebs whose bold statements, temper, or diva attitude have given them more enemies than friends.

 1. Cardi B

Cardi B doesn’t shy away from giving a piece of her mind to people who try to break her. Her brawl with Nicki Minaj had stayed on the headlines for weeks after reportedly threw a shoe at her at a party and left with a bump on her own forehead. Cardi B has been over the news previously also for shooting her shoe at her Love & Hip Hop co-star, Asia.

 2. Nicki Minaj

Like every pop star, Nicki Minaj is not immune to controversies. From her ‘flying-shoe’ fight with Cardi B to her feud with Iggy Azalea, Miley Cyrus, and Mariah Carrey, we are running out of pop stars who haven’t had a row with the rap queen. Nicki Minaj surprised everyone at the MTV VMAs when she went on the stage to accept her award but took the opportunity to slam Miley Cyrus for blaming Nicki for her spat with Taylor Swift during an interview.

 3. Justin Bieber

Celebrities Enemies In Hollywood
Celebrities Enemies In Hollywood

Out of all these Hollywood feuds, the most prominent one is with Orlando Bloom which has been running for ages ever since Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr kissed Justin Bieber on the cheek at a Fashion Show. Reports suggest that Bloom also tried to punch Justin later when they crossed paths in Ibiza. Spending so many years in Hollywood has given him enough time to build more nemesis like Taylor Swift after he supported her former record label, Big Machine in prohibiting her from singing some of her songs at the AMA’s.

 4. Eminem

Eminem has earned popularity for his savage raps and feuds with a long list of celebrities including Michael Jackson, Machine Gun Dolly, Mariah Carrey, etc. He has built a notorious image and a loyal set of fans for his bold lyrics. Eminem was also sued by his mother for defaming her in one of his raps.

Furthermore, he once almost got into a physical fight with Moby at the VMAs who tried to boo him when Eminem went to the stage to receive an award. Eminem was heard relying “Keep booing little girl. I will hit a man with glasses.”

 5. Taylor Swift

This list is incomplete without the pop music princess, Taylor Swift who has either been pulled into or has found her way to controversies herself. Think of a hostile break up song and you’ll be reminded of Taylor Swift who has addressed most of her ex-boyfriends and ex-friends in her songs. Some celebs have also called her and her “girl squad” snobbish and exclusive that makes others feel like outsiders.

Most of her famous feuds have to be with Kanye West, who announced on the stage that she didn’t deserve the VMA, and Katy Perry who allegedly took Swift’s backup dancers with her on a tour.

 6. Gwyneth Paltrow

Due to various reasons, Gwyneth Paltrow has built haters both inside and outside Hollywood. According to reports, she once referred to Jennifer Anniston as “that TV girl” when the Friends star was dating Gwyneth’s ex-fiance, Brad Pitt. Many people in the industry have called her one of the most “difficult persons” to work with.

She has also had a cold war with health guru Martha Stewart ever since she raised doubts on Paltrow’s wellness brand Goop and poked fun at her.

 7. Angelina Jolie

Angelina is admired worldwide for her prominent features, glamor, and action movies. But she has a long list of people in Hollywood who refuse to work with her. She has locked horns with many directors who have called her difficult to work with.

Celebrities Enemies In Hollywood
Celebrities Enemies In Hollywood

One of her feuds went so far with director Scott Rudin that he ended up cancelling the Cleopatra biopic and indirectly called her “Spoiled brat” in a leaked email. But then again, Scott Rudin himself has a notorious image for his alleged racial comments.

 8. Charlie Sheen

Charlie’s brawl with Chuck Lorre, the producer of Two and a Half Men got him thrown out of the hit comedy series that both started and ended his career. He also worked in the Anger Management series where he had issues with his co-star Selma Blair who found him unprofessional.

 9. Rihanna

Celebrities Enemies In Hollywood
Celebrities Enemies In Hollywood

Rihanna has admired for her songs as well as her bold and confident personality. She is formidable and good at confrontation which is often not taken well by some celebrities. Rihanna has had a row with Katy Perry, Charlie Sheen, Kylie Jenner, and the list goes on.

 10. Madonna

Madonna is one of the most sensational pop queens who is globally recognized for her songs and glamor. But outside her music videos, the singer isn’t such an agreeable person. Some have condemned her for posting offensive posts while others say that she has a sensitive ego.

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Hollywood Celebs Who Were Banned From Elite Places

Celebs Banned From Elite Places:

A celebrity is usually at the receiving end of many privileges Since they have a strong influence on the world, every brand wants to attach itself to their names. This showers perks like designer outfits, invitations to events, luxurious stays, free beauty products, food, etc., over them. Sometimes the celebrities are even paid to experience and promote these benefits. But more often than not the stars have exploited their status at the cost of the privileges. Getting carried away by the attention and diva status has got them thrown out and banned from posh places.

Paris Hilton

Celebs Banned From Elite Places

The heiress of the Hilton Hotels was banned from her own family’s casino. According to reports, she was such a miserable yet addicted player that she ended up losing her Bentley to the game.

Charlie Sheen

Facts About Charlie Sheen

The Two and a Half Men star has built a notorious image over the years and seems like Hollywood has got nothing to do with him anymore. One of his actions got him banned from The Plaza and Waldorf Astoria for a lifetime. According to sources, the wrong medication turned him so violent that he began to damage the hotel property.

Lil Wayne

Celebs Banned From Elite Places

Drake and Lil Wayne had thrown an after-party at the Wynn hotel following their performance at the Hard Rock property, Las Vegas. However, reports suggest that Lil Wayne was refused admittance to the Wynn hotel and was warned that he’d be kicked out if he tried to force his way in.

Lindsay Lohan

Being showered by fame and success at a young age had turned Lindsay into a diva. Since then she was mostly mentioned on the news for all the wrong reasons. Splurging all her money on useless wants had drowned her in deep money trouble. She was thrown out from the Chateau Marmont hotel for failing to clear her bills.

Justin Bieber

Truth be told, the only mistake on Justin’s part, in this case, was being famous. Being loved by millions of people lost Justin a comfortable night stay. On learning that the sensational singer was staying at a hotel in Argentina, fans had crowded the place in all euphoria they could muster. Since the hotel staff could no more control the ruckus, they had to ask Justin to leave the hotel.

Nicki Minaj

Celebs Banned From Elite Places

Another case of fans throwing the star under the bus! The Dorchester Hotel, London where the singer was staying to promote her album “Pink Friday” had asked her to leave after enthusiastic fans had surged the premises. The disruption by the crowd was increasing so much that it left the hotel no other option but to give her the boot.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been on the news lately due to the fans protests for the #FreeBritney campaign. It rises from their concern over Britney’s conservatorship that confines her actions and puts the control of her finances under her father. It all started around 2004 when Britney’s irrational behavior started manifesting in public. Some suggest that it was a ruse by powerful people to gain access to her money. While other fans fight against her being locked up in a facility and advocate for a better environment for her recovery. This incident dates back to one of those days when Britney had allegedly smeared food all over her face. To prevent other guests from getting bothered, The Chateau hotel reportedly asked her to leave.

Ben Affleck

The successful actor and director have invited a lot of troubles in his personal life. But this incident has got nothing to do with his notorious drinking problem. In fact, Affleck received a lifetime ban from playing Black Jack in Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas because he was too good at the game. To avoid getting ripped off by the star, the hotel didn’t permit him to play anymore.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora gave a cheeky reply to celeb chef Gordon Ramsay on The Jonathan Ross Show when asked if she had ever visited the chef’s restaurant. The singer replied that she was denied entrance for not following the dress code.

John Travolta

Celebs Banned From Elite Places

According to sources, actor John Travolta had inflicted fear on all the male masseuse at The Peninsula Hotel, New York where no one wanted to take him. It was later discovered that the spa found his behavior towards the staff “inappropriate”, thus blacklisting him from the premises for three years.

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Celebrity Couples in Hollywood With A Big Age Difference

Couples With Big Age Difference:

“Love is blind” and “Age is just a number”, we have been hearing these quotes for years and wondering how true they are. Well, love is always in the air in Hollywood where you’ll witness various kinds of stories and experiences. Every couple has a different story and each of them is special in its way. Check out which celebrity couples have the most age difference between the partners and how they clicked.

 1. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brangelina had taken the tabloids by storm ever since the power couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston got divorced due to Brad’s feelings for Angelina. Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s stars were 10 years apart with Angelina being the younger one. However, this couple has also broken apart.

 2. Beyonce & Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z are one of the biggest power couples in Hollywood who are not far from building their own empire if they wish to. Both the partners are super successful and wealthy individuals, and together they own a fortune that we can’t fathom. Reportedly, Jay-Z and Beyonce have an age gap of 12 years.

 3. Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas

Bollywood queen Priyanka Chopra and singer Nick Jonas broke the headlines ever since they started going out together. Their relationship had swirled the internet for plenty of reasons. It starts with Priyanka being 11 years older to 26-year old Nick, followed by the fact that they got married within a few months of knowing each other. Their marriage was massive breaking news, for Priyanka is a Bollywood superstar and everyone was looking forward to the Big Fat Indian Wedding of the Bollywood and Hollywood stars.

 4. Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed

It’s a wonderful coincidence that both Ian and Nikki are best known for their vampire roles in Vampire Diaries and Twilight Saga, respectively. Age is just a number for vampires who are hundreds and thousands of years old. Perhaps, Nikki and Ian have imparted the same rule in their real lives as both have an age difference of ten years where Ian is older. The temperature of the room always rises whenever we look at this stunning couple.

 5. Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas

The former Disney singer and the Game of Thrones actress fell head over heels since the moment they saw each other. Their feelings overpowered all the beliefs regarding age-gaps and mandatory dating-period rules. Joe met his seven years younger wife in 2016 and proposed to her after a year. They had a surprise wedding in 2019 and have recently welcomed a newborn member to their family.

 6. George and Amal Clooney

Even though George Clooney is about 17 years older than his wife Amal Clooney, the two made one of the most stunning couples in Hollywood. George is handsome and a star in his own field while the gorgeous Amal is a successful Barrister.

 7. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

celebrity couples

Don’t give up hopes if you’re in your 20s and still singer because there are chances that the person you’re looking for isn’t even born yet. Don’t believe us? Well, Jennifer Lopez was in her late 40s when she went out with one of her back up dancers, Casper who was in his late 20s at that time.

 8. Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Jason and Rosie are an ideal example of the quote “ Age is just a number”. The stunning Hobbs & Shaw star is 20 years older to Rosie yet he succeeded in sweeping her off her feet. They have been married for about ten years and seem to be a happy family with a kid.

 9. Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo

The “Sugar” singer swooned over the ten year younger model, Behati Prinsloo ever since he saw her. They have been married for about four years but Adam still can’t take his eyes off the mother of his two kids. His Instagram handle is flooding with pictures of Behati.

 10. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

Ask anyone about their favorite Hollywood couple and most of them will take Blake and Ryan Reynolds’ names. Even though they are not so mushy in public, their quirks make them the most ideal couple. These witty, crazy, and such lively people were made for each other. The Deadpool star and the Gossip Girl actress are 11 years apart yet they are super compatible.

Some honorable mentions are – Alec Baldwin and Hilaria (26 years), Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi (14 years), and Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie (39 years).

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20 Worst or Funniest Images Avengers Actors Probably Regret

We all love Avengers actors, they are super talented and super crazy that they never miss a single chance to have fun on the sets or outside the set. Here we brought you some of the worst or funniest images Avengers actors probably regret and also make you laugh so hard:

1. Cute!!

2. Mark’s Selfies!!

3. Aww, we love them!!

4. Sleeping Beauty!!

5. That Expression Though!!

6. Laughter!!

Worst or Funniest Images Avengers Actors

7. Lovely!!

8. He Scared Her!!

9. Very Pretty!!

10. Adorable!!

Worst or Funniest Images Avengers Actors

11. Sweet Thanos!!


12. Bicycle Witch!!

13. Ooh, Who’sThis Pretty Lady!!

Worst or Funniest Images Avengers Actors

14. Sexy, Ant-Man!!

15. Jurassic Bra!!

Worst or Funniest Images Avengers Actors

16. Ooh, The Scary Eyes!!

17. Gotcha!!

18. Gamora Having Fun!!

Worst or Funniest Images Avengers Actors

19. Vision Needs Vision!!

Worst or Funniest Images Avengers Actors

20. Weirdo!!

Worst or Funniest Images Avengers Actors

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Professional Wrestlers Who Earned Popularity in Hollywood

Wrestlers Who Earned Popularity in Hollywood: 

They say that if you drive your focus and energy to one field, success is bound to follow. But it cannot be applied for these multi-talented wrestlers who grabbed fame on both the ring and the silver screen. They have excelled in every field they have entered with sheer skills and talents. It is not easy for wrestlers to win the big screen as well but these names have gone against the odds and achieved what they wished for.

Dave Bautista

Wrestlers Who Earned Popularity in Hollywood

Can’t deny that many of us were surprised to see Bautista on the silver screen but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. He is a global celebrity today for his superhero role in the Guardians of the Galaxy that belongs to the franchise mogul of the MCU. His talents and fame have enabled him to expand his work further in Hollywood with James Bond, Blade Runner, and Dune.

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash had his name attached to World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. This WWE Hall of Fame brought the same level of energy on the silver screen with major movie projects like John Wick and The Punisher.

John Cena

Transformers Spinoff Bumblebee Post-Credits Scene

Being one of the biggest wrestlers gives Cena and his movie an edge over others. He already comes with a brand of himself that has a world-wide influence. The mere involvement of his name is enough to promote any action movie as it turns his millions of fans bonkers. Today he is a part of major franchises like Transformers and Fast & Furious.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The Rock is not only the most popular wrestler in Hollywood but he is one of the most successful actors in the industry. According to Forbes, he is one of the highest-paid actors who has surpassed many titans in Hollywood. He had a rough start but gradually ended up earning not only his loyal WWE fans but even the non-wrestler fans who admire him solely for his work in movies. Now he is the face and star of two massive franchises- Fast & Furious and Jumanji.

Big Show

Big Show is also a WWE wrestler whose real name is Paul Donald Wight II. Big Show may not have earned the top spots like The Rock and Dave Bautista but he is doing great on the small screen. He has his own show called The Big Show Show that has recently started on Netflix in 2020. The sitcom seems to be promising and might bring him the same success as of the ring.

The Miz

Wrestlers Who Earned Popularity in Hollywood

The Miz has mostly been the star of WWE production movies. He also stars in his own reality show titles, Miz & Mrs. These WWE movies have a small reach of audience and we can’t find a reason for him to not move to explore other Hollywood projects. He definitely has the looks, physique, and energy to appear in fully-loaded action movies.


The wrestler was an integral part of the WWE until he was forced to take a break due to an injury. Unwilling to pause at any cost, Edge experimented in Hollywood starting from the hit series like Haven and Vikings. Attaching his name to the successful TV series of Vikings catapulted his name and career in the show business as well.

Roddy Piper

Wrestlers Who Earned Popularity in Hollywood

Best known as ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper for his wrestling prowess on the ring, Roddy’s charisma on the screen knew how to grab attention. Sadly, he didn’t continue in the show business for long and deprived us of great talent.

Andre The Giant

The late wrestler earned this title for his unique height of over seven feet. He carried the same powerful presence from the ring to the big screen and made a place in the minds of the audience. In Hollywood, he is best known for his work in The Princess Bride.

Jesse Ventura

Wrestlers Who Earned Popularity in Hollywood

Jesse Ventura is in his 70s but he has experienced every field of his interest in his life. Starting from wrestling and later moving on to Hollywood with hit action movies like Predator and The Running Man was quite fruitful to his name. He later stepped in politics and served as a mayor and later as a governor of Minnesota in the ‘90s.

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Celebs Accused of Cheating on Their Wives With The Staff

Celebs Cheating on Their Wives:

It is hard to tell a genuine love story in the real world these days, let alone be Hollywood. Show business is a place where everything from body organs to friendships and romances, can’t be trusted. It is a miracle if a celebrity couple gets to have their happily ever after. Celebrities spend most of the time on the sets, tours, and in studios, making it hard for them to connect with their respective partners. While some fall for their co-stars, there are also some hopeless romantics who get attracted to their house staff. The following celebs cheated on their lovely wives with their staff.

 1. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe was accused of sexual abuse by the family’s former nanny. She did press charges against him but the actor denied all of them. Lowe was able to win the case and is still living happily with his wife, Sheryl Berkoff.

 2. Ethan Hawke

After a long search, the Before Sunrise actor finally found “the one” in his children’s nanny. He was married to Uma Thurman at that point and had 2 beautiful children. One of them happens to be Maya Hawke whom you have already watched in Stranger Things. Moving on, Ethan fell for Maya’s nanny, Ryan Shawhughes, and has been happily married to her since 2008.

 3. Robin Williams

The late actor was married to Valerie Velardi for 10 years when he fell head over heels for the kid’s nanny, Marsha Garces. Marsha was pregnant with Robin’s child when he divorced his 1st wife to marry her. According to Valerie, she knows and understood the Mrs. Doubtfire actor “loved women”.

 4. Jude Law

Jude Law was engaged to the stunning Sienna Miller. The Sherlock Holmes actor also had 3 kids with his previous wife but this blissful life wasn’t enough for him. He got carried away with his kids’ nanny and later apologized for it. However, it caused Miller and Law to get separated.

 5. Ben Affleck

Ben and Jennifer Garner seemed like a fairytale come true, but nothing is a fairytale in Hollywood. The power couple’s relationship started crumbling due to Ben’s excessive drinking problem. Furthermore, their growing distance had allegedly sparked a fling between Ben and the nanny. This broke the family and as well as Ben. But the 2 are in cordial terms now and dealing with co-parenting really well.

 6. Robert Lange

Celebs Cheating on Their Wives
Celebs Cheating on Their Wives

Shania Twain’s experience is quite bizarre as compared to others’ stories. Her former husband Lange was secretly dating Shania’s assistant outside their marriage. Once the affair got out, the shocking revelation brought Shania closer to the then-husband of her assistant. Even though Lang and his illicit affair ended, Shania got married to the assistant’s ex-husband.

 7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator actor’s infidelity had swirled a massive scandal over the news after the media learned about his secret son. According to reports, he allegedly had a son with the nanny while he was married to Maria Shriver in the ‘90s. The journalist immediately ended her 30 years of marriage once the news got out.

 8. Mick Jagger

Celebs Cheating on Their Wives
Celebs Cheating on Their Wives

The Rolling Stones singer had swag since his youth which was irresistible to the ladies. As the singer of the leading rock band, he must have been surrounded by paparazzi, entourage, and groupies all the time. His fluctuating heart didn’t seem to change considering his reputation with the ladies. Jagger was accused by his kids’ nanny of cheating on Jerry Hall with her. That wasn’t the only time when Jagger was accused of dating other women outside his ‘non-official’ marriage to Hall. After the annulment, Hall called Jagger, an addictive womanizer.

 9. Stephan Belafonte

Celebs Cheating on Their Wives
Celebs Cheating on Their Wives

Belafonte and Mel B. have been in a fuming battle for years over the truth behind their divorce. The Spice Girls star has accused the TV producer of physically assaulting her and of also running an affair with their nanny. While Belafonte keeps slamming the allegations, his ex-wife also claimed that he got the nanny pregnant.

 10. Jon Gosselin

The TV personality, Jon was happily married to Kate Gosselin with 8 children until their nanny broke her silence. Before the nanny, it was the elementary school teacher who was linked to Jon Gosselin. However, Job denied the allegations.

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10 Things Said By Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Co-Stars

Things Said By The Rock Co-Stars:

Moviegoers only see the on-screen side of the actors when they are pretending to be another character. The little insights we get about them is from their interviews. However, anyone can be at their best during an hour interview. In short, it’s hard to know the true nature of Hollywood actors regardless of their fame and reach. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of the most popular and highest actors in the world. He has a massive fandom both inside as well as outside Hollywood for his charisma and powerful screen presence. The internet is mostly filled with good words and fun stories about the actor. However, we can only count on the words of people who have actually worked with him. Let us find out what Dwayne Johnson’s co-stars have to say about him.

 1. Vin Diesel

Fast & Furious 9 Vin Diesel John Cena

The 2 Fast and Furious stars have been at loggerheads since the inception of the movie. Their feud during The Fate of the Furious was all over the internet where Dwayne had called his “male co-star” a “candy-a**”. After this comment, Vin Diesel stated during the interview “It’s not always easy being an alpha. And it’s two alphas, being an alpha is sometimes a pain in the [butt],”. But the two alphas have now put their differences behind and moved ahead.

 2. Zac Efron

It was a delight for the audience to watch the 2 hunks Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron share the same screen. But the latter shared the same delight for working with The Rock. Zac found him extremely funny and said that he is “like a flower that never stops blooming”.

 3. Idris Elba

Getting praised by a revered actor like Idris Elba is a big deal. The British actor played the antagonist against Dwayne in 2019 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Idris was highly impressed by Dwayne’s fitness and said that his lifestyle inspired him. “I’m not a gym person, I like training for fighting, but, you know, what he does is very specific and the way he looks after every muscle group he has is incredible,” Elba stated.

 4. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have joined forces in many movies. Kevin didn’t feel shy to express on Jimmy Kimmel’s show how annoyed he was with Dwayne. Well, we are sure that Dwayne would take it as a compliment given how close he and Kevin are. Dwayne’s perfect set of teeth despite spending “years of wrestling” is what “bugs” Kevin.

 5. Auli’i Cravalho

Auli’i was about 15 years old when she recorded her voice for Moana along with Dwayne Johnson. The teenager couldn’t have asked for a better co-actor in the studio. She described her time with Dwayne as fun and pleasant. She called him a real-life demi-god who also brought her flowers on her 1st day. She added “Dwayne is larger than life, both in real life as well as in our film. He’s incredibly funny, with a slight ego,”.

 6. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas and Dwayne Johnson have recently had the chance to share the screen on Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level. The singer and actor ranked The Rock as his most favorite co-stars on the set.

 7. Jason Statham

Jason and Dwayne might be nemesis in Hobbs & Shaw but in real life, they are great pals. When asked to describe his bonding with Dwayne on NowThis Entertainment, Statham said that they are always laughing and visiting fun places together where no one would otherwise go.

 8. Tyrese Gibson

Apart from Vin Diesel, the world also knows about Dwayne’s beef with his Fast and Furious costar Tyrese Gibson. According to reports, the producer’s decision to give a nod to Hobbs & Shaw spinoff didn’t bode well with some of the Fast & Furious cast members including Tyrese. He went on to share his feelings on social media by writing “Congratulations to The Rock and your brother in law aka 7 Bucks producing partner for making The Fast and the Furious franchise about YOU – And like you, DJ even if they call I will not be deleting this post – Gn folks see you in 2020 April #FastFamily right? Nah… it’s about #TeamDewayne. 3 yrs will it be worth the wait? #NoShaw just Hobbs will this be another #BayWatch?”.

 9. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

While reflecting on his time with Dwayne on the sets of Rampage, a smile showed up on Jeffrey’s face. He was impressed and mesmerized with Dwayne’s “charisma and muscle and teeth”.

 10. Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan has had the opportunity to work with The Rock in the Jumanji franchise. When asked on Jimmy Kimmel Live if she would work with him or Kevin Hart again, the Guardians of the Galaxy actress joked and said “neither of them”. She was peeved at them for teasing her “relentlessly” and imitating her “Scottish accents very badly”. She compared it to Dick Van Dyke’s accent in Mary Poppins.

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Celebs Who Seem to be Humble But Are Full of Themselves

Celebs Full of Themselves:

The world of show-business is never short of ostentatious celebs. Sometimes, their PR team portrays them as someone but the reality is far from our imagination. The celebrities are forced to carry a certain persona for their movie or TV series character, subduing their true selves. But their true selves are bound to break sometimes off the camera. Unfortunately, these moments have been captured by fans and paparazzi that shattered the pretty images of the celebs. According to reports, the following “down-to-earth” celebrities might be high-maintenance.

 1. Gwyneth Paltrow

The MCU actress has earned the title of being one of the most “difficult persons” to work within Hollywood. She is often mocked for her brand Goop and for the superior aura she walks with. She had even allegedly referred to Jennifer Anniston as “that TV girl” who was with Paltrow’s ex, Brad Pitt that time. She might appear as a wise and warm Pepper Potts in Iron Man but in real life, she embraces her diva stature. On being asked about the same, she made a shocking remark by stating “I am who I am. I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year.”

 2. Tom Cruise

Tom is surely the king of action movies in Hollywood that allows him certain privileges. The star often enjoys a quiet meal like some of us. However, according to reports, he took it a notch up when his team once cleared out an entire restaurant so he could dine alone. Well, common people like us would have stuck to in-room dining.

 3. Anne Hathaway

Celebs Full of Themselves
Celebs Full of Themselves

Anna Hathaway is a talented star and a sweetheart to Hollywood. But even the actress couldn’t deny one of her major diva moments. Apparently, she carried her personal espresso machine on a crew boat while shooting for Serenity. Since there was no plug point on the boat, the crew had to get a huge generator for her machine. But according to Anne, she brought the espresso not just for herself but for the entire team.

 4. Taylor Swift

Celebs Full of Themselves
Celebs Full of Themselves

Taylor Swift began her career as a sweet princess with her love songs. But that image started dwindling after her endless feuds with celebs and her former boyfriends. Many celebs have also criticized her “girl-squad” for its snobbish and exclusive tag that makes others feel like outsiders.

 5. Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller’s character on Friends can very much describe his real-life disposition if we go by the claims against him. Crew members who have worked with him in the past said that he throws the most tantrums on set. It’s no news that his coworkers mock his drama behind the scenes. In fact, some also claimed they fired a crew member for not making his coffee right.

 6. Angelina Jolie

Female Action Stars Don’t Need Stunt Doubles

Angelina Jolie is infamous for being at loggerheads with most of her directors. Many reports have accused her of being difficult on set and arguing with the directors to fulfill her demands. The same reasons forced producer Scott Rudin to nix the Cleopatra biopic and indirectly call Jolie a “spoiled brat”.

 7. Jennifer Lopez

Facts About Jennifer Lopez
Celebs Full of Themselves

According to reports, the pop star’s drama had once caused a woman to lose her job. A hotel housekeeper accused Jennifer Lopez of getting her fired for bothering her for an autograph. There are many moments when the singer was called a diva but she shunned it by calling them sexist and racist comments.

 8. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake gives a down-to-earth impression for his humble lifestyle away from Hollywood. But fans were shocked to learn that once the Friends With Benefits actor had the entire elevator clear out for him. Maybe his intention wasn’t to come across as a diva but it surely offended a lot of people.

 9. Nicole Kidman

Nicole’s countryside house with a farm and livestock portrays her as a nature-loving and down-to-earth person who enjoys a simple life with family. But the book Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography shed some light on her unbelievable diva side. It stated that “If the jet wasn’t stocked with Beluga caviar and all the trimmings she appeared deeply irritated, exhibiting a jaded petulance.” 

 10. Christian Bale

Greatest British Movie Actors

Christian is one of the most terrific actors with plenty of critically acclaimed movies under his belt. He was considered as a humble actor for his lifestyle but everything changed when a clip of him shouting on a crew member leaked online. His burning rage and constant swearing at the staff had shocked everyone around. Later, the actor apologized for his behavior stating “I was out of order, beyond belief. I was way out of order. I acted like a punk. I regret that,”.

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Star Wars Episode IX: Rey Could Have Been a Kenobi Instead of Palpatine

Star Wars Episode IX Rey:

One of the big mysteries that The Force Awakens left us with was regarding Rey’s true lineage. Why was she so strong with the Force? A lot of theories went into exploring that. We were misdirected in The Last Jedi as the film revealed that Rey’s parents were a couple of nobodies. But The Rise of Skywalker picked up the mystery once again and revealed that Rey was actually a descendant of Emperor Sheev Palpatine. But apparently, the initial plans were very different. Daisy Ridley has just revealed that Rey could have actually been the granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Daisey Ridley told the host Josh Gad that Rey wasn’t always going to have a Sith bloodline. When asked about the parentage, she said:

“No, at the beginning they were toying with an Obi-Wan connection. There were different versions and at one point she was no one… it kept changing.”

Star Wars Episode IX Rey
Star Wars Episode IX Rey

Well, if Rey would have been a Kenobi, then the story of The Rise of Skywalker would have been very different. Furthermore, we would have been left to expect some sort of a connection to Episode IX in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+. But it’s clear that the plans for the franchise weren’t locked in from the beginning. Things kept changing as the franchise went on. Whether it was for the good or the bad, that’s upon you to decide.

Josh Gad also asked Ridley whether she would like to return to the franchise if Disney called her back about 10 years down the line. She replied:

“I mean, the world is a crazy place right now. 10 years seems an awfully long way away. I think never say never, but to me, Rise of Skywalker was tied up with a bow.”

The upcoming theatrical plans of Star Wars aren’t very clear for now. The Rise of Skywalker could lead to future spinoffs, but at the same time, people would like to watch something different than the franchise has to offer. That’s why, we believe that even if Rey Skywalker is to return, it won’t happen any time soon as the next Star Wars movie itself will arrive in 2023.

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Celebrities Who Might Secretly Be Vampires In Plain Sight

Celebs Who Might be Vampires:

Teen movies and TV shows have portrayed vampires as beautiful ageless creatures who are centuries or millennium old. Even though they are fictional, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and Originals fan always keep a door open for its possibility. In spite of knowing the truth, we will always like to believe that vampires do exist, who have been hiding in the shadows for centuries and stepping out only at night. Myths and teen stories aside, the following celebs have raised some eyebrows over the years for not aging a single day. In fact, some of them even look like they are aging in reverse.

 1. Will Smith

Will Smith made his debut on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in the ‘90s when he was in his 20s. It’s incredible how the Men in Black actor still retains that same freshness on his face after 30 years.

 2. Scarlett Johansson

Forget about not aging, the MCU star is getting younger day by day. She can easily play her younger self in the upcoming Black Widow movie, thanks to her healthy lifestyle. Her fitness regime and hard work to play the super-fit assassin has finally paid off.

 3. Enrique Iglesias

Enrique has been a sensation and the protagonist of many romantic dreams for ages. If we follow the movie and series patterns, only vampires can look that mesmerizing, and the Bailando singer’s age-defying charms only solidify the belief that he could be one of them.

 4. Julia Roberts

Celebs Who Might be Vampires
Celebs Who Might be Vampires

Adapting the Eat, Pray, Love mantra in real life has paid off Julia with great rewards. She leads a simple life outside Hollywood where she is seen cycling to grocery stores and staying close to nature. She has also claimed that she never got a facelift, which is evident in her radiating smile.

 5. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is 56 years old, yet she looks way younger and more radiant than the younger actresses who got facelifts. Years of Pilates, yoga, and kick-boxing relax her inner self and mind which eventually reflect on her face. Sandra has gracefully accepted her age and treats her body like a temple.

 6. Paul Rudd

The curious case of Paul Rudd has baffled fans over the decades. There are memes especially dedicated to his age-defying looks. Fans who have grown up watching him have also started turning grey but Paul still looks the way he did in Clueless in 1995. Was the 50-year old actor really stuck in the quantum realm?

 7. Mila Kunis

Celebs Who Might be Vampires

The Friends with Benefits actress has earned many hearts for her vibrant energy that reflects on her face and actions. Today she is a mother of 2 kids yet nothing much has changed about her since her movie American Psycho in 2002.

 8. Jennifer Lopez

Facts About Jennifer Lopez

The singer has proved that only a healthy lifestyle and diet can gift you the timeless beauty and figure. There should be a game specially designed for people to guess her age from a range of pictures over the decades. Instead of spending a fortune on surgeries, people should spend that amount on finding her secret.

 9. Blake Lively

Celebs Who Might be Vampires
Celebs Who Might be Vampires

Blake Lively was 18-years old when she starred in the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants. It has been 14 years since then but the only thing that has changed about the gossip Girl star is that she looks even younger and more radiant. Most of the celebrities spend thousands of dollars to look young forever but they don’t even end up achieving even half of Blake’s natural youth. Blake’s 2015 movie, Age of Adeline starred her as a woman who remained 29 for 8 decades. Let us know if you feel that it should have been titled, Age of Blake.

 10. Jessica Alba

Believe it or not but Jessica Alba is in her late 30s and a mom of 3. Her experience as an actress, businesswoman, and mother has undoubtedly enlightened her with wisdom. However, she could still pass as a teenager. Her age-defying face is good enough to promote her beauty brand, The Honest Co.

Celebs Who Might be Vampires
Celebs Who Might be Vampires

Some honorable mentioned are Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna, and Adam Levine.

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Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Best Friends in Real Life

Celebrities Best Friends in Real Life:

It is always exciting when 2 famous celebs date each other. But somehow the excitement is amplified when 2 popular stars are BFFs. That’s because the chances of celebs dating are way higher than 2 famous people being best friends. Most of the friendships mentioned below have lasted over a decade and seem to be quite strong and genuine for a world of show business where most of the relations exist just for the publicity. Find out which friendships we are referring to and how old they are.

 1. Blake Lively and Taylor Swift

Blake and Taylor are like sisters from different mamas. They never shy from displaying their love for each other in public. They even referred to each other as Blake Swift and Taylor Lively once. Taylor had also included the voice of Blake’s eldest daughter in her song “Gorgeous”. The 2 divas were also spotted relishing their leisure time together at Warner Bros. Movie World Theme Park.

 2. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

Matt and Ben’s friendship is so rare to see that fans have often confused them to be romantic partners. They have been spotted leaving each other’s pad plenty of times. They are no less than a family to each other who have celebrated Thanksgiving together. Ben and Matt have worked in many movies together and also wrote the screenplay for Good Will Hunting which earned them an Academy Award. Clearly, they are not only brothers but also make an excellent team.

 3. Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence

These 2 super-talented and Oscar-winning actresses became friends accidentally. Call it fate or a stalker who brought them together. They both decided to join teams when they thought that they were being contacted by the same stalker who later turned out to be someone from the industry. Even though the mystery was solved, they continued to hang out together.

 4. Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio

Kate and Leonardo’s chemistry in Titanic still echoes in the history of romantic movies. But their real-life friendship is also something to sing about. They have loved and cared for each other as best friends for over 20 years. They have grown up together in the industry and have never shied away to show their love and support on the cameras. In 2016, Kate refused to boycott the Academy Awards as Leonardo was winning the award that year for The Revenant.

 5. Adele and Jennifer Lawrence

Celebrities Best Friends in Real Life
Celebrities Best Friends in Real Life

Adele and Jennifer make a notorious pair that always breaks the headlines with their insane mischiefs. Just like true best friends, they bring out the crazy in each other. These troublemakers have taken the ideal girls’ night out to the next level. Once, Jennifer had gone so out of control that she peed in a bucket and later visited a gay bar with Adele. In fact, even Emma Stone has accompanied this pair on a girls’ night plenty of times.

 6. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire

Leonardo and Tobey shared the screen together in The Great Gatsby in 2013 but they go way back. The Titanic and the Spider-Man stars were 12 years old when they met for the first time during an audition and clicked immediately. They realized how much they had in common and have been together ever since. Their friendship is over 30 years old so its safe to say that they are stuck with each other forever.

 7. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

We don’t see these 2 stars romancing with their respective partners as much they bromance with each other. They make almost every post, story, and even advertisements about each other. The Wolverine and Deadpool stars simply can’t get their minds off each other. Good for us as it makes our Instagram super entertaining.

 8. Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran

Celebrities Best Friends in Real Life
Celebrities Best Friends in Real Life

We have already established by now Friends stars, Courteney and Jennifer Anniston are best friends in real life just like their characters, Rachel and Monica. But Courteney is friends with another popular celebrity from the music industry. Her Instagram followers must know how close she is to singer Ed Sheeran whom she also let to stay at her residence when he was recording in LA. It’s him who introduced Cox to her current partner, Johnny McDaid.

 9. Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale

Vanessa and Ashley may have been at loggerheads in High-Musicals but in real life, these girls know how to stick by each other. Unlike their on-screen characters, Vanessa and Ashley shared a lot in common and eventually made them best friends. Despite being caught with life and career, they manage to find time for each other.

 10. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams

Celebrities Best Friends in Real Life
Celebrities Best Friends in Real Life

The Stark sisters may not have been so close on Game of Thrones but in real life, they get each other. Their bond manifests on their Instagram feed where they shower each other with love and support via comments and pictures. Their adorable pictures together give us major friendship goals.

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20 Unseen Photos of DC Stars When They Were Young

DC stars are awesome and now that we going to get to see them more in the future, every fan is excited. Here we brought you some of the unseen photos of DC stars when they were young:

1. Amber Heard

2. Amy Adams

3. Anne Hathaway

4. Ben Affleck

5. Chris Pine

6. Christian Bale

7. Ezra Miller

8. Gal Gadot

9. Henry Cavill

10. Jared Leto

11. Jason Momoa

12. Jesse Eisenberg

13. Margot Robbie

14. Nicole Kidman

15. Robert Pattinson

16. Dwayne ”TheRock” Johnson

17. Tom Hardy

18. Will Smith

19. Zachary Levi

20. Bonus: No Mather How Much He Hated Being Green Lantern, We love to consider him here!!

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Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Hot Siblings

Celebrities Have Hot Siblings:

Good looks and talents run strongly in the following celebrity families. One sibling may have stolen all the spotlight but we can’t deny how gorgeous both of them look. Being attractive by birth has given them the opportunity to run the show business and the fashion industry. If these popular siblings ever shared the same screen, it’s guaranteed that they’d become a sensation overnight like the Jonas Brothers. Jonas Brothers tapped on this opportunity and became a global brand. Be prepared for a double treat as we show you some of the hottest pairs of celebrity siblings.

 1. Harry Styles

This attractive pair of siblings can surely stand out in the crowd. Harry has been a sensation among fans for his looks and voice. But his sister Gemma is a snazzy woman herself. Gemma is a personification of beauty with brains as she is a well-known writer with an extensive following.

 2. Beyonce

Both Beyonce and her sister Solange are full of talent and super attractive genes. Beyonce is one of the queens of pop who is a step away from ruling the world. Her beautiful sister Solange is also following her path as an artist and her work has been appreciated by many.

 3. Kaley Cuoco

If you were mesmerized by Kaley Cuco’s captivating eyes and hotness, wait till you see her sister, Briana. They definitely have gorgeous genes running in the family, for its hard to tell which sister is prettier. Both their enchanting beauties are bound to leave us speechless. Briana is also an actress who worked in the HBO series, The Newsroom.

 4. Gigi and Bella Hadid

As if this powerful pair of sisters wasn’t enough to take the fashion industry by storm that they also come with a hot brother. Anwar Hadid is a handsome man who personifies perfection just like his sisters. Anwar is also a model and deserves attention.

 5. Nikki Reed

Twilight actress Nikki Reed can melt your hearts with her ravishing smile and Goddess like eyes. Lucky for us that she has a good-looking brother who shares the same charming smiles. Just look at those chiseled jawline, nose, and smile. Nathan is a photographer but also an enthusiastic yogi like his sister.

 6. Scarlet Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Female Avenger Marvel

Scarlet Johansson has earned the title as one of the hottest women on the planet. Almost every man and woman have a crush on the Black Widow star. She has an equally charismatic twin brother, Hunter. Hunter is also an actor who worked in Manny & Lo.

 7. Blake Lively

Blake is an absolute stunner who has been ruling our hearts for ages. Ryan Reynolds is a lucky man to call one of the most attractive and wittiest women in Hollywood as his wife. Blake shares great genetics with her brother, Eric. Eric is also part of the show business as an actor.

 8. Zac Efron

Finding two stunning brothers in the same family is like discovering a treasure. Zac has transformed from a cute teen in High School Musical to a superhot stud in Baywatch. His brother Dylan can also steal attention easily. He is known for his performance in A Star Is Born.

 9. Miley Cyrus

Miley has been a globally known pop star since she was a kid. She has retained her fame with her talents and her stunning appearance. Her sister Noah is also on the rising curve already as a super attractive singer. Her song “Make Me Cry” was a massive hit and took everyone by storm.

 10. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley were once household names as the famous Olsen Twins. Now their sister, Elizabeth is also rising star by landing a coveted role in the biggest franchise of the MCU. We can’t deny how hard it is to differentiate amongst the sisters.

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10 Hollywood Celebs Who Became Parents at Very Young Age

Celebs Became Parents at Young Age:

No matter at what age one becomes parents, whether they plan it or not, it changes people. Parenthood has always been described as a beautiful journey that has helped many people grow spiritually and mentally. The same goes for the following celebrities who became parents at a very young age and only feel blessed for that.

 1. Solange Knowles

Solange is the sister of the pop queen, Beyonce. Even she has walked on the same path of music as Beyonce. She had her first kid when she was 19 and shifted all her attention towards her ever since.

 2. Jamie Lynn Spears

Celebs Became Parents at Young Age

Jamie is the sister of the popular sensation Britney Spears. Jamie herself had a rising career during her teen days when she starred on the Nickelodeon show, Zoey, and All That. But she shifted her focus on her kid ever since she became a mom at the age of 17. That, however, didn’t affect her power over her fans. She is back to the spotlight now with her new Netflix show, Sweet Magnolias.

 3. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne was known for indulging in a fun and lavish lifestyle due to the fame and wealth he started earning from a young age. But his youthful days were soon interrupted by a great responsibility when he became a father at the age of 16 with his high-school sweetheart. The rapper is now a proud father of 4 kids from different mamas.

 4. Sofia Vergara

Celebs Became Parents at Young Age

The Modern Family actress is a household name to everyone across the world who enjoys western drama. She gave birth to her son at the age of 19 with her high-school sweetheart and ex-husband, Joe Gonzalez.

 5. Keisha Castle-Hughes

Celebs Became Parents at Young Age

Keisha is widely known from Whale Rider, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. She has been in the movie business since her teen years. Even motherhood came to her at a young age when she was just 17 years old.

 6. Reese Witherspoon

Celebs Became Parents Very Young
Celebs Became Parents Very Young

Reese is one of the most revered and admired celebrities of Hollywood. Both her on-screen work and off-screen personalities are magnetic. Reese was only 23-years when she had her first daughter Ava. She is an inspiration to all the women and moms out there for excelling in both career and motherhood. On having her kids at a young age, Reese said, “I find having little kids is more physical and it’s just really hard on your body. So I am glad that I had kids kind of young,”. Reese and Ava look less like mother-daughter and more like sisters.

 7. Kylie Jenner

Celebs Became Parents at Young Age

Kylie had her first baby, Stormi Webster when she was 20 years old with Travis Scott. She never shared the news of her pregnancy until after Stormi was born. Becoming a mommy at a young age didn’t change Kylie’s career at all who went on to become one of the biggest cosmetics moguls.

 8. Oprah Winfrey

Celebs Became Parents at Young Age
Celebs Became Parents Very Young

The global personality and strength of many women, Oprah became pregnant at the age of 14. She doesn’t share the same story as other celebs on this list. Reportedly, it was an inevitable outcome of years of abuse at the hands of her family. However, the son was born prematurely and passed away right after birth. But being the ambitious and strong woman that she is known for, Oprah didn’t let her experience come in her way of achieving her dreams. Today, she is a well-celebrated billionaire and philanthropist.

 9. Rod Stewart

Rod was a charismatic British singer during his popular days, surrounded by entourage, fans, and groupies. He just knew the right trick to sweep his admirers off their feet. The same charm and enthusiasm brought him his 1st child when he was just 17, followed by 7 more kids from different mamas. He is now happily settled with his 3rd wife, Penny Lancaster, and has 2 kids with her.

 10. Roseanne Barr

Celebs Became Parents at Young Age
Celebs Became Parents Very Young

Roseanne is widely recognized as the titular character from the series Roseanne. She was just 17 years old when she had her first child. Roseanne gave her daughter away for adoption but they did reunite after several years of searching.

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Hollywood Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Dated Each Other

Celebrities Dated Each Other:

In spite of being famous and followed everywhere by fans and paparazzi, the following celebs managed to keep some of their relationships a secret. What makes these relationships juicy is that each partner is star power. Wouldn’t you want to if your favorite actors were dating each other? Whether you knew about the secret affair or not, these relationships have been forgotten over time despite their stardom that still runs in the industry. Find out the star-power couples we forgot dated once.

 1. Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s controversial relationships with Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie are something that fans still talk about. It took everyone by storm and overshadowed his other relationships. One of Brad’s other famous yet forgotten romances flamed with the Iron Man actress Gwyneth Paltrow in 1994. Gwyneth has been a critically acclaimed actress since long before Iron Man, which makes her another big star to have been wooed by Brad Pitt. They fell for each other on the sets of Se7en and had even got engaged.

  2. Winona Ryder & Matt Damon

Winona Ryder, whom the younger audience knows from Stranger Things was a critically acclaimed actress in the ‘80s and ‘90s. She was also best friends with Gwyneth Paltrow who had set her up with Matt Damon. Gwyneth was dating Matt’s best friend Ben Affleck those days. Matt and Winona went out for 2 years but parted ways eventually.

 3. Sandra Bullock & Matthew McConaughey

Actors building romantic ties with co-stars on sets are old news. But what many didn’t know was that ‘90s diva Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey fell for each other while shooting A Time To Kill.

 4. Cameron Diaz & Jared Leto

The Bad Teacher actress has always had a thing for musicians. Now she is happily settled with Benji Madden and has also quit movies to focus on her personal life. Before Benji, Cameron’s relationship with Justin Timberlake had also taken rounds on the news. But another celeb with whom she got serious with was Jared Leto from Suicide Squad. They were even engaged for some time before splitting their paths.

 5. Sarah Jessica Parker & Robert Downey Jr.

Celebrities Dated Each Other
Celebrities Dated Each Other

Oh yes! A lot of fans missed out on the romance between these 2 stars. To be fair, Sarah hadn’t had her Sex and the City breakthrough when she was dating Robert Downey Jr. But they couple dated for 7 years which would have lasted longer had RDJ not given in to addiction. Now both are popular names in their profession and happy in their respective marriages.

 6. Johnny Depp & Kate Moss

Johnny Depp’s most famous relationships have been with Winona Ryder and Amber Heard, hands down. However, he has had many marriages and love interests during his prime time. One of them was with the 10-year younger Kate Moss whom he dated for 4 years.

 7. Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan is now a well-recognized face globally as the Winter Soldier from MCU. But the actor started his career from the hit TV series, Gossip Girl that starred Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Though Stan had a small role who appeared occasionally, he and Leighton sparked a romance on the sets and dated for about 2-years.

 8. Tyra Banks & Will Smith

Celebrities Dated Each Other
Celebrities Dated Each Other

Tyra and Will sparked a romance on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But it didn’t last long as they got packed up in a busy schedule and demanding career. Now, Will is happily married to Jada Pinkett who had also auditioned for the same series but didn’t get through.

 9. Luke Wilson & Drew Barrymore

If actors fall for their co-stars after one movie, then hearts were bound to fly for Luke and Drew who worked in several movies together. Films like Best Men and Charlie’s Angels brought them closer which eventually turned into something more. They went out for 2 years before splitting up amicably.

 10. Owen Wilson & Sheryl Crow

Celebrities Dated Each Other
Celebrities Dated Each Other

Sheryl Crow made her debut in The Minus Man where she also met Owen. The two hit it off immediately and went out together for about 2 years. This relationship had caught everyone by surprise.

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Celebrity Exes Who Remained Friends After Break Up

Celebrity Exes Remained Friends:

Can former partners stay friends after break up? This question has baffled many people over the years. Different love gurus have a different opinion on this case. But we only believe what we see. Everyone functions differently and one belief cannot be applicable for all couples. The following celebrities have proved that even ex-partners can maintain a healthy friendship.

 1. Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley

Hugh and Elizabeth make one of the most exceptional couples in the history of mankind. Despite undergoing major blows in their relationship, including Hugh’s scandal with a prostitute, they stayed together for 13 years. But their friendship stands so strong to date that Elizabeth has made Hugh the godfather of her son, Damian Hurley.

 2. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are definitely ‘ex-couple goals’. They have been handling co-parenting very maturely, providing others a lot to learn from. Even though Chris and his ex-wife Anna parted ways 2 years back, they still care deeply about each other. Anna also congratulated Chris on Instagram after he announced his engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger.

 3. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Celebrity Exes Remained Friends
Celebrity Exes Remained Friends

Just because you have separated doesn’t mean that you stop loving a person. Sometimes 2 adults want different things and part ways peacefully. The same can be said for Iron Man actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin who continued being close friends even after their divorce. They are excellent at co-parenting and often go on family trips and double dates together. In fact, Gwyneth also attended Chris’ girlfriend from 50 Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson’s 30th birthday bash.

 4. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

Andrew and Emma met on the sets of The Amazing Spider-Man from where their relationship began. The timeline of their relationship is as long as the movie franchise. They broke up after 4 years but maintained a healthy friendship even after it.

 5. Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki

Celebrity Exes Remained Friends
Celebrity Exes Remained Friends

Kaley and Johnny’s relationship isn’t so different from their on-screen story on Big Bang Theory. They went out for a while, parted ways but remained good friends after. Some would say that Kaley and Johnny became better friends after their break up. Leonard and Penny may have patched up again but the actors moved on with other people. But they are extremely happy about each other’s relationship with their respective partners.

 6. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Fans were shocked upon hearing Jennifer and Ben’s divorce, given how madly in love they were with each other. No one ever saw their 10-year-old marriage falling apart. However, Ben and Jennifer are still in good terms and doing great with co-parenting which is not everyone’s cup of tea. It was also reported that Jennifer had helped Ben in getting out of his addiction issues.

 7. Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

Celebrity Exes Remained Friends
Celebrity Exes Remained Friends

Lenny and Lisa who give most of us friendship goals used to be married once. They divorced each other after 6 years but things are now way better for them. In fact, Lenny is also a great pal of Lisa’s husband, Jason Momoa from Aquaman.

 8. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Staying married for 7 years does build a strong bond between the partners that can’t be broken by divorce. Jennifer and Marc have moved on with their lives separately but still, continue to care about each as friends. They never let their divorce affect their kids by spending time together with them.

 9. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

Fans were always rooting for Nina-Ian and their Vampire Diaries character, Elena-Damon. Unlike their on-screen love story, Nina and Ian broke up after 3 years followed by Nina leaving the show. However, the 2 are great friends now and Nina even hangs out with Ian’s wife, Nikki Reed from Twilight Saga.

 10. Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama

Celebrity Exes Remained Friends
Celebrity Exes Remained Friends

Demi has created a buzz in 2020 after announcing her engagement with Max Ehrich. Fans went gaga over her ring, dress, and the romantic beach where she got proposed. Before Ehrich, Demi was roped in an on-and-off relationship with Wilmer for 6 years. They drove the final nail to their relationship but stayed friends.

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Hollywood Celebs Who Were Dropped by Brands Over Controversies

Celebs Dropped by Brands:

Being a brand ambassador comes with more responsibilities than just promoting the brand. Once a celeb joins a brand, both their images get strongly connected. If one gets in controversy, the other also gets dragged into it. In this list, we are referring to brands that dropped a celeb due to their controversial actions. A brand is viewed as no less than an entity of its own, therefore its public image is one of the most valuable assets to the company. Celebs who represent these brands are a global personality themselves whose each and every step is constantly watched. Therefore it’s very crucial for them to think twice before any action.

 1. Lil Wayne

When Lil Wayne included the 14-year old Emmett Till in his rap song who was killed for whistling at a woman, it had offended many listeners. He later apologized for his ‘inappropriate’ lyrics, but it was already too late for his contract with PepsiCo. The lyrics were later pulled back but his contract was never revived.

 2. Kate Moss

Kate Moss was a famous name in the fashion industry. Her beauty and confidence made her the face of elite brands like H&M, Chanel, and Burberry. But all the fame and power turned into dust in a blink when pictures of her indulging in illegal substances floated all over the internet. All 3 brands dropped all associations with her immediately.

 3. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone got involved in a political row with China after she commented on the earthquake that hit the country taking over 60,000 lives. She connected the earthquake with the unrest in Tibet and stated that China was paying for its karma. Luxury brand Dior had to remove her as the face of the brand and immediately pulled back advertisements from the stores in China that featured her face.

 4. Katy Perry

Celebs Dropped by Brands
Celebs Dropped by Brands

Brands ending ties with celebs once they lose fame is pretty common. Good Hair Day did the same with Katy as her popularity started to fade. Even after canceling the contract with her, they continued using her face on the poster. This prompted Katy to slap them with a $6 Million suit.

 5. Tiger Woods

The world was shocked at the news of Tiger Woods cheating on his wife, Elin Nordegren. This scandal dented both his marriage and his image severely. It prompted Gatorade to remove him as the face of the brand immediately. This step was later followed by other brands too.

 6. Wayne Rooney

Coca-Cola has been at the top of its industry for ages, thus maintaining a healthy brand image is of utmost importance to it. It will not tolerate any mistake on its brand ambassador’s end that costs the brand its goodwill, even if the mistake is personal. When the footballer Wayne Rooney got roped in cheating allegations in his marriage, Coca-Cola nixed its contract with him.

 7. Rihanna

Rihanna is admired for her music, hotness, as well as her boldness. All this earned her a contract with Nivea but later the same reasons got her replaced. Reportedly, Nivea’s core values contracted with Rihanna’s bold display in ‘California King Bed’ official music video that was also played in one of its ads. Things fuelled further when some pictures of her throwing money at exotic dancers started to float on the internet. As a result, Nivea found her a “no-go” for the brand that stood for “trust, family, and reliability”. It thanked Rihanna for her contribution and changed its campaign strategies.

 8. Ronaldinho

Celebs Dropped by Brands
Celebs Dropped by Brands

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo rivalry has been going on for generations which have grown so strong that even their employees aren’t allowed to wear clothes of the rival’s color, i.e, blue and red. But the Brazilian footballer was clearly not aware of it and his ignorance cost him his contract with Coca-Cola after he was spotted relishing Pepsi in public.

 9. Chris Brown

Chris and Rihanna’s fight swirled a huge controversy over media. Chris was accused of physically assaulting Rihanna which was proved by the injury marks on her face. This compelled Wrigley’s Doublemint chewing gum to immediately cut ties with Brown.

 10. Lance Armstrong

Celebs Dropped by Brands
Celebs Dropped by Brands

The famous cyclist used to be sponsored by the fitness brand Nike during his race. And rightly so, for his close connections to sports and for being the epitome of fitness until he was caught indulging himself in illegal drugs. The brand didn’t waste a moment on cutting ties with him.

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10 Celebrities Who Will Not Leave Wealth For Their Children

Celebrities Not Leave Wealth For Their Children:

Despite possessing a fortune that can feed 2 generations, these celebrities have decided not to pass on these luxuries to their kids. No doubt that all this money didn’t come out of thin air, instead it demanded years of hard work and dedication from these elite stars. Similarly, they want their kids to stand on their feet and lead their lives independently. Find out who they are.

 1. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has earned millions of dollars over the years as an action star. But the famous actor has decided to donate all his wealth to charity. Jackie’s son Jaycee has been involved in numerous troubles. The actor refused to help his son and condemned him when he was arrested over drug charges. And as far as his daughter, Etta Ng is concerned; she is no longer a part of his life.

 2. Mark Zuckerberg

Yes, this business mogul also has doubts about leaving his fortune to his own kid. The growth and success of Facebook to this date has made him worth $68.2 Billion. But the billionaire wrote an open letter to his kids that he’d donate 99% of his wealth to the charity. Mark Zuckerberg invested his time, energy, and brains into the success of Facebook, so he’d definitely want his children to be as ambitious as he was.

 3. Simon Cowell

The judge from Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor wants his children to enjoy life and its luxuries but with their own money. He will not leave any money for them to inherit and donate everything to charity. He wants them to learn about the challenges of life and come out of it stronger.

 4. Gordon Ramsay

The infamous chef is strict not only in the kitchen but even at his home with his children. He wants to see the same perseverance both inside and outside his ‘Hell Kitchen’. He strongly believes that money and luxury should be earned and not handed over for free. In spite of his wealth, the celebrity chef doesn’t allow his children to travel in first class.

 5. Elton John

Elton John loves his children dearly and makes sure that they aren’t deprived of any fun. He has provided them with all the joys and luxuries of this world but at the same time, he wishes for them to retain this lifestyle with their own money. He will not leave his wealth for them as he doesn’t want them to depend on his money when they are older.

 6. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Celebrities Wealth For Their Children
Celebrities Wealth For Their Children

Ashton and Mila are successful in their career individually and together they make a power couple. Even though their kids are born with a silver spoon, the couple wants them to comprehend the value of money and work hard to earn it. Ashton himself admitted that his children are blessed with a “privileged life”.

 7. Gene Simmons

Gene believes that leaving financial security with your children will take away their motivation to work hard. Gene himself is a multi-talented man as an actor, author, musician, and producer. According to reports, the rockstar has cleared it to his children that only waking up every day to work will earn them money.

 8. George Lucas

Celebrities Wealth For Their Children
Celebrities Wealth For Their Children

The billionaire director has given all his strength and sweat to make it big and therefore understands the value of money. He wants his children to be as financially independent and strong as he is in the future. George Lucas is averse to their indulging in free money without ever learning its worth. All he has to offer them is his moral support to guide them in achieving their goals.

 9. Sting

The English musician has complete faith in his children’s potentials to make it on their own. He says that they don’t rely on him for money and that he couldn’t be more proud of them for it. That’s why he doesn’t mind splurging all his hard-earned money on himself. Even though the legend has a net worth of $230 Million he once stated, “I told them there won’t be much money left because we are spending it! We have a lot of commitments, and there isn’t much left.” He continued “Obviously, if they were in trouble I would help them, but I’ve never really had to do that. They want to succeed on their own merit.”

 10. Nigella Lawson

Celebrities Wealth For Their Children
Celebrities Wealth For Their Children

Nigella Lawson is a successful chef and a cooking show host who earned a huge fortune that can look after her next generation as well. But she has earned all this money for herself and her children until they grow up. She will not allow her children to depend on her wealth without ever learning how to achieve all that luxury.

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10 Celebrities Who Survived Plane Mishap

Celebrities Survived Plane Mishap:

Traveling is a big part of a celebrity’s job. That’s why they spend half their time on the plane to attend promotions, shoots, events, invitations, and more. It can be said that the plane is their 2nd home and they spend more time on them than in hotels. No matter how advanced our technology is, there is always uncertainty attached to it. A plane can fall subject to many uncertainties like bad weather, system glitch, etc. The following celebrities have come close to such dangers but luckily got saved by luck or a genius pilot.

 1. Harrison Ford

It’s no news to Harrison Ford fans that he is a licensed pilot who is very passionate about flying planes. In fact, the Indiana Jones actor has saved many trekkers who were stranded on the hills or forests. But once, he got in trouble when his plane crashed on to a golf course. The failure of the engine caused the plane to plummet straight on the ground, giving him several injuries.

 2. Barack Obama

Barack Obama was walking on a thin rope every day when he became the President of the U.S.A. But he met a life-threatening situation when he was a U.S. senator which involved being on the road and air most of the year. Once, his plane had collided with another plane on the runway at the Chicago airport.

 3. Post Malone

Rapper Post Malone had a dangerous and highly publicized experience in 2018. His private Gulfstream IV jet blew 2 tires during take-off for a flight to London. The aircraft was then forced to make an emergency landing after flying in circles for hours to burn off fuel.

 4. Sandra Bullock

Facts About Sandra Bullock

The Oscar-winner actress may have survived the fake life-threatening situation in the movie Speed, but chances of survival were too thin in her real-life accident. In 2000, her private jet had crashed on a snowbank since the airport authority couldn’t turn on the lights on the runway.

 5. Jason Momoa

The Aquaman and Game of Thrones actor got saved from a devastating accident merely by seconds. He was already in the air when his plane engine had caught fire. It would have turned fatal but luckily the pilot was able to make a safe landing on time.

 6. Bono

Celebrities Survived Plane Mishap
Celebrities Survived Plane Mishap

Bono was on one of her tours for the rock band U2. They were in the air when the rear door of the plane had suddenly come off. Obviously, they had to cut their trip short but the pilot was able to land the plane safely.

 7. Travis Barker

Travis Barker was on the Learjet 60 business jet that crashed in 2008 while taking-off from the Columbia Metropolitan Airport. The aircraft ran beyond the runway fence and came to halt on an embankment. The drummer surviving this horrible accident was a miracle as the aircraft had burst into flame, taking many lives with it. Travis was critically injured and had to endure a slow and painful recovery.


 8. Jennifer Aniston

Celebrities Survived Plane Mishap
Celebrities Survived Plane Mishap

Well, Phoebe’s fake prediction did come partially true in real life. Jennifer was traveling on her 50th birthday when she endured a horrible experience. There was a loud explosion right after her plane took off as it had lost a tire. The plane had to take several circles in the air to burn off the fuel before attempting to make a successful landing.

 9. Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze was a celebrity who was admired for Dirty Dancing, Ghost, and Road House. He was also a licensed pilot who loved to fly planes. One day he ended up running over a street and hit the street lights until the aircraft came to a halt itself. The accident would have devastating but he survived it luckily.

 10. Ed Robertson

Celebrities Survived Plane Mishap
Celebrities Survived Plane Mishap

The lead singer of The Barenaked Ladies was also a trained pilot. He was once operating it with 3 more passengers on board when he crashed it onto the trees. Luckily no one was hurt and was rescued on time.

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Most Hilarious Moments of Robert Downey Jr. During Interviews

Hilarious Moments of Robert Downey Jr:

Robert Downey Jr. is a world-famous celebrity who popular for his portrayal of Iron Man aka Tony Stark in the MCU. He is a fan favorite actor, for no one but him could fit perfectly in the shoes of Tony Stark. Both of them are often regarded as synonymous with their similarities. This allowed RDJ to be himself at the sets of Iron Man and Avengers movies most of the time. The actor is a delight to watch both on and off-screen for the same wit that he shares with Tony Stark. Find the wittiest and most sarcastic moments of RDJ during interviews.

 1. Typical Tony Stark

Marvel to Replace Iron Man

Downey Jr. was on fire with his amazing response when he was asked what he liked the most about returning to Iron Man film after The Avengers. Knowing the character so well, RDJ replied, “ If I was Tony, I would say that the thing I enjoyed the most is that I’m the center of attention again.”

 2. When RDJ Shared How Iron Man Uses The Washroom

Tony Stark

Keeping all the major threats and wars aside, fans often wonder about the common man crisis. Having spent so many hours on the battleground, odd places, and even outer space in a suit without a zipper, where does Iron Man pee? When RDJ was asked this question, he said that Stark has a toiler built in his suit. He further added a sarcastic comment that this was the best interview in the history of interviews.

 3. Charlie Chaplin Settles The Argument

When Robert Downey Jr. was approached by a reporter who claimed that he/she saw him participating in an Iron Man look-alike competition that morning, the actor couldn’t be more spontaneous. He said that he came second but didn’t mind because even Charlie Chaplin ranked the 2nd position when he went for the Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest in 1992. It was hilarious because RDJ had played Charlie Chaplin in 1992 in Chaplin.

 4. That Face Though!

When a journalist told RDJ that having a daughter is usually considered payback for your past action during youth, RDJ’s expression was worth a million dollars. He gave a sheepish smile and said that he had to leave.

 5. Trolling Tom Holland

Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland’s bond is entertaining both on and off-screen. During an interview when Tom Holland shared a real-life experience where he told a girl in his class that he was Spider-Man and that he was an actor who was cast by MCU, but the girl didn’t believe him. To this, Robert Downey Jr. replies with his usual confidence and wit “ Of course she didn’t believe you. That’s a ridiculous story!” Within seconds he blew off Holland’s teenage swag.

 6. Sneaky!

Hilarious Moments of Robert Downey Jr
Hilarious Moments of Robert Downey Jr

When Robert Downney Jr. was asked about the coolest thing in his house, he confirmed that they were all the Iron Man souvenirs from the set. Amazed and doubtful, the interviewer asked if the productions permitted him to take so much from the set. RDJ replied in sass that they “don’t necessarily let me keep it. Things just go missing”.

 7. The Best Of Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes

When RDJ was asked how differently he went about playing Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark, he explained it in the simplest way possible. The differences were laid down in accordance to his wife Susan Downey’s perspective.  She claims that when RDJ plays Sherlock Holmes, he thinks that he ‘knows’ everything but when he is in Tony Stark’s character, he starts “believing I ‘am’ everything”. Whether Susan Downey really feels that way or not, RDJ surely knows both his characters well.

 8. No Kidding!

Hilarious Moments of Robert Downey Jr
Hilarious Moments of Robert Downey Jr

RDJ threw another cheeky moment when he was called handsome by the interviewer. As the person opposite to him told the MCU star that he was handsome and that he shouldn’t let anyone tell him any different, to his surprise, RDJ replied with a straight face that “They Don’t”.

 9. Afterlife Plans

Instead of thinking about heaven or hell, RDJ was more enthusiastic about being a ghost after his death. In fact, he has reasons to support it. He excitedly said that it was more fun to be a ghost and scare people. His plans included, “turn off the lights in the kitchen when you thought you’ve turned them off, hide under the bed and grab your leg when it dangles off while you’re sleeping, sit in the backseat and show up in your rearview mirror when you’re driving alone at night”. That’s one mean and notorious ghost!

 10. Confidence on Fleek

During a press conference when Gwyneth Paltrow got occupied with answering all the questions in French, leaving RDJ blank and stealing his spotlight. But the Iron Man star took it in a good stride and lightened up the press con with his jokes. He said that he would have spoken in French but he was “raised by wolves”, unlike Paltrow who went to a nice school and passed out looking fancy. This totally left Paltrow all pink.

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Best Celebrity Family Profiles on Instagram

Celebrity Family Profiles on Instagram:

Some celebs love to flaunt their “perfect” lives that consist of fashionable wardrobes, luxurious lifestyle, fitness, and sports, etc. But fans are getting more inclined towards celebs whose Instagram profile is incomplete without their children and adorable family. Their happy family pictures emanate positivity and give some of us major family goals.

 1. Kevin and Daniel Jonas

Kevin rose to fame as the teen star in the Jonas Brother band. Even though he moved on to different professional lines, he proved that he still have that charm after the success of their recent music album, Happiness Begins. The Jonas clan is admired by many fans for their closely-knitted family ties. But the sub-family of Kevin and Daniel Jonas has gained attention too. Their adorable family pictures with kids will compel you to open Instagram again and again.

 2. Neil Patrick Harrison and David Burtka

Neil and David are undoubtedly the best dads on Instagram. We can devour their colorful and happy family pictures for hours. Looking at the delectable dishes, desserts, and Christmas cookies they prepare for their 2 kids and the holidays’ video cards can make us forget our problems. If you are searching for ideas on how to spend time with family, then hop on to their aesthetic profiles. Patrick and David met on the sets of how I Met Your Mother as Barney and Scooter, respectively.

 3. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Chrissy was a well-known model before tying the knot with singer John Legend. But now she has dived into cooking and has become a highly influential personality with her delicious home-meal recipes and family-oriented pictures.

 4. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

As 2 powerful individuals in the show business, Kim and Kanye together form a formidable couple. The 2 have changed significantly after meeting and have only brought out the best in each other ever since. The world sees them as a strong entity together who are strongly committed to their family of 4 kids.

 5. Jared and Genevieve Padalecki

Celebrity Family Profiles
Celebrity Family Profiles

From being costars on the superhit show Supernatural, Jared and Genevieve have become one of the most ideal couples in Hollywood. They have been married for over 10 years and their love for each other only grows stronger. Genevieve’s Instagram handle is pretty delightful to the eyes. She gives major mommy and family goals to people by sharing helpful tips and ideas on lifestyle, wellness, family, holidays, etc. By sharing aesthetic pictures of her gardening, playing, running, and holidaying with the kids, she makes parenthood seem so easy and fun.

 6. James and Kimberly

The star of Dawson’s Creek, James has been married to Kimberly for over 10 years and they have grown to a family of 7 members over the years. Fans often get drawn to their beautiful profile which is incomplete without their kids.

 7. David and Victoria Beckham

The Beckham’s family is treated no less than a royal clan. David and Victoria are famous individually as well as together. From being popular personalities for their own work, they soon became a power couple. And now they are followed by fans from all over the world for their inspiring family pictures.

 8. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady and Gisele’s dedication towards fitness as a quarterback and a model, respectively has blended well with their family love. Rather than compromising their lives, they have embraced the change. Their Instagram profile is flooding with pictures of the family playing sports together at home. Well, a family that plays together, stays together.

 9. Ciara and Russell Wilson

The pop-star Ciara was admired for her talents but made it to headlines while dating Future and giving birth to their son. Now she is widely followed by people on social media for her family-oriented pictures with NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson. They are strongly glued to one another and thus make a cheerful family. The couple has recently welcomed a 5th tiny member to their family.

 10. Nicole Polizzi and Jionni LaVelle

Celebrity Family Profiles
Celebrity Family Profiles

Nicole aka Snooki from Jersey Shore has now become a big Instagram celebrity by sharing stunning pictures of her family and home. Nicole is clearly on top of her game as a Momma influencer. You’ll hardly find any pic of her without her adorable children. She is a happy and proud mom of 3 kids.

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10 Celebrities You Don’t Know Are Big-Time Geeks

Celebs Hollywood

10 Celebrities You Don’t Know Are Big-Time Geeks

Celebrities Big-Time Geeks:

Geek is the new sexy! In a place like Hollywood where most of the things run on fashion, appearance, glitz, and glamour, some celebrities are secretly geeks. Even these creative people are obsessed with science, comics, academic degrees, and other cool stuff. Find out what makes these celebs excited outside screens and sets.

 1. Natalie Portman

It is so surprising that the Oscar-winning actress is one of the smartest personalities in Hollywood. Natalie was strongly fascinated by science as a kid and participated in many competitions and science talent hunt shows.

 2. Mila Kunis

Facts About Mila Kunis

Apart from her amazing acting chops and looks, Mila has an attractive personality outside the screens. The Friends With Benefits star shares the same interest as many of you. She is a Star Trek fanatic and didn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Star Trek Experience. She has also safely kept the autograph of Leonard Nimoy. She stated that she is still a Star Trek fan and that no one ever stops being one.

 3. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was an exceptional boy since his childhood. He not only became a global sensation as a singer but was also a Mathematics nerd. He was a pro at solving the Rubik’s cube since he was little.

 4. Megan Fox

This is great news for Megan Fox fans! The gorgeous actress is a big Star Wars and comic book fan. That definitely makes her one of the interesting persons in the room. Apart from fashion and fitness, she has some pretty fun interests.

 5. Angelina Jolie

Celebrities Big-Time Geeks
Celebrities Big-Time Geeks

One of the action and beauty queens of Hollywood is the biggest geek in Hollywood. She is an avid reader but loves to read from 1st edition books, only. The star has a wide collection of 1st edition books. Angelina has also been obsessed with knives and daggers since she was a teen and has been collecting them ever since. “I’m kind of a closet geek, so I talk about a lot of different things,” she once said.

 6. Leonardo DiCaprio

The iconic actor from Inception and Titanic may have plenty of properties, mansions, and cars but what excites him the most are action figures. Leonardo has been collecting action figurines for ages and has never grown tired of it. He owns a whole collection of Star Wars figures.

 7. Brad Pitt

Celebrities Big-Time Geeks
Celebrities Big-Time Geeks

Brad usually stars in action and thriller movies particularly crafted for the grown-up audience. But the Hollywood sensation’s hobbies trace back to his childhood. Brad is not shy about his fascination with Lego. To date, the 56-year old actor enjoys building his own houses and characters with the Lego.

 8. Tom Cruise

The Mission: Impossible star’s hobbies don’t lie far away from his profession. Tom Cruise is one of the biggest action heroes known for performing his own action stunts. Outside acting, Cruise enjoys Fencing. He has also persuaded his best friends, Will Smith and David Beckham to play the sports.

 9. Will Smith

It’s true how your friends play a big role in shaping your likes and interests. Will has developed a great fondness for the sports fencing ever since Tom Cruise introduced him and David Beckham to it. He once stated, “Tom has a room for training. We don’t get enough time to hang out, just us three guys, so this is his way of getting together and bonding.”

 10. Tom Hanks

Celebrities Big-Time Geeks
Celebrities Big-Time Geeks

The Hollywood legend has an eye for quaint and classy things. Tom Hanks has a collection of vintage type-writers and enjoys typing letters on them. He once joked saying that, “I’d better start hoarding stationery and pray the post office survives”. Wish we had the chance to explore all these type-writers. He also recently sent a letter and a typewriter to a bullied boy named Corona.

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Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Not on Instagram

Celebrities Not on Instagram:

In a digitalized world, Instagram is considered as one of the topmost used social media channels used by most of the people. Many celebs have tapped on to this opportunity to connect with their fans and take their PR one notch up. While everyone is busy sharing their “perfect” lives with millions of fans, there are still some big celebs who haven’t been enticed by the trendy social media.

 1. Sandra Bullock

Facts About Sandra Bullock

The charming actress leads a lifestyle that is healthy for both her body and mind. Even though we’d love to follow such a beautiful diva, Sandra is not keen to join social media. She is happy with her life in the real world and not tempted to the digital one yet.

 2. Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s no surprise that the Sherlock and Doctor Strange actor isn’t fond of Instagram or any other social media channel. He has accepted on several occasions that he is not a social media person. He doesn’t zen mind still hasn’t been infected by Instagram and he would love to keep it that way. According to the actor, it would be a disaster for him.

 3. Angelina Jolie

It’s a loss for the social media world to not have the gorgeous sweetheart of Hollywood on Instagram. Not only is she averse to having an account on Instagram and Twitter, but she also steps out of other celeb’s photos most of the time.

 4. Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence is both a powerful and clumsy actress who adored by millions of fans all across the globe. She’d definitely create a huge buzz if she ever joins Instagram officially but it hasn’t lured her so far. She feels that social media has been scornful to her on many occasions and therefore prefers staying out of the Instagram spotlight.

 5. Amal Clooney and George Clooney

Celebrities Not on Instagram
Celebrities Not on Instagram

Both Amal Clooney, husband, George Clooney don’t find the need to share their happy moments on social media. As a popular Hollywood star, George has many fans still awaiting his official presence. On the other hand, the poised Amal would be the perfect celeb to follow on Instagram. she not only has a super awesome wardrobe that we’d love to goggle at, but her powerful stance on human rights and her opinions on them deserve to be spread across people.

 6. Robert Pattinson

The Twilight sensation and Batman star is all up for Instagram but finds himself too mundane for that world. However, if you ask us, he is one of the coolest personalities whose life doesn’t run on sharing his moments on social media.

 7. Scarlett Johansson

We would kill to have our favorite star’s official Instagram account. However, the Black Widow sensation finds her time too valuable for social media. She was once heard saying “I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account . . . I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less than have to continuously share details of my everyday life,”. Even Captain America actor Chris Evans has joined his friends, but Scarlett hasn’t changed her mind.

 8. Emma Stone

The La La Land star is widely admired for her acting prowess and elegance. She has a huge fandom and position in Hollywood over the years but prefers to keep her personal and professional lives separate. In order to honor her privacy, the actress has always stayed out of Instagram.

 9. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is one of the most sensational men in the show business whom fans would love to follow on Instagram. Given how his life has always been surrounded by paparazzi, the actor has restrained himself from spilling more details of his personal life on the platform.

 10. Kanye West

Celebrities Not on Instagram
Celebrities Not on Instagram

Even though his closed ones from Kim Kardashians to her sisters are queens of social media and make millions of dollars on it, Kanye is surprisingly absent from it. He deleted his account after his controversial statements on the 13th Amendment.

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Eccentric Celebrity Middle Names Even Fans Didn’t Know About

Celebrity Middle Names:

Global popularity means that both you and your names are recognized by people from all over the world. However, that is not necessary, for some of these celebs are Hollywood legends and titans yet we never knew their weird middle names. Fame often compels budding celebrities to tweak or shorten their names so they sound cooler and are easy to remember. But like most of us, these celebs didn’t have a choice over their names during birth. Even though the world knows them by someone else, their bank account and passport would say otherwise.

 1. Richard Tiffany Gere

Highest Grossing Stars in Rom-Com Movies
Celebrity Middle Names

Richard Gere was a sensational actor admired for his handsome and appealing looks. He rose to fame after American Gigolo, Pretty Woman, and Primal Fear. The charming actor’s full name is Richard Tiffany Gere.

 2. Ben Geza Affleck

Surprised? The multi-talented Ben Affleck has stood at a strong position in the industry as an actor, director, and screenwriter. With 2 Academy Awards for Argo and Good Will Hunting in Best Picture and Screenplay, he has proved that he is the master of every field. His other works as an actor include Batman Vs Superman, Gone Girl, and The Way Back. His complete name is Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt.

 3. Jennifer Shrader Lawrence

This young talent has become one of the strongly influential queens of cinemas with her acting prowess. She has earned critical acclamation and global fame after Hunger Games Franchise and Silver Linings Playbook. Jennifer Shrader Lawrence was also the highest-paid actress in the world in 2015 and 2016.

 4. Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson

You’d recognize him as Mel Gibson from Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. He took everyone by storm with his roles in hit action classics. His real name is Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson.

 5. Matt Paige Damon

Over the years, Matt Paige Damon has earned a premium spot as royalty in Hollywood. Most of the critically and commercially hit movies to ever be made in the history star Matt. From The Bourne Identity franchise to Good Will Hunting, The Departed, The Martian, Saving Private Ryan, Ford v Ferrari, and The Talented Mr. Ripley, he has given us the best gifts.

 6. Hilary Erhard Duff

Most of us have known Hilary since she was just a teen on Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire. Her full name is Hilary Erhard Duff and she also has royal blood running in her veins as the 18th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

 7. Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton Wykeham Fiennes

Next Professor X in MCU
Celebrity Middle Names

The British actor owes his fame to the classic fantasy franchise of Harry Potter. Ralph is widely known as one of the most famous and biggest villains in the history of movies, Lord Voldemort. His cold and creepy performance gave us chills and still reverberates in our minds whenever we recall the wizarding world. His other prominent works include Schindler’s List, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The English Patient. Commonly known as Ralph Fiennes, his middle name is more complicated as Nathaniel Twisleton Wykeham Fiennes which is his family name.

 8. Kit Catesby Harington

Kit is a rising star Hollywood who has already expanded his reach and strengthened his influences over fans across the world. He has been basking in fame ever since he nailed the role of John Snow in Game of Thrones. Now Kit Catesby Harington is set to explore higher stardom by joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Eternals.

 9. Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the biggest titans in Hollywood who is practically worshipped for his powerful work. The actor has only given critically and commercially successful movies in his career. Name any from Shutter Island, Titanic to Catch Me If You Can, Django Unchained, The Revenant, Inception, The Wolf Of Wall Street, this list will never end. Despite such a vast recognition, not everyone knows that his full name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio.

 10. Chris Whitelaw Pine

Celebrity Middle Names

The hunk actor rules millions of fans with his charms and chiseled features. He became popular among teens since he himself was young in Princess Diaries 2. But he rose to prominence as the face of the famous Star Trek franchise and now in Wonder Woman franchise in the DCEU. Known as Chris Pine, his real name is Chris Whitelaw Pine.

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Hollywood Celebrities Who Wrote Autobiographies

Celebrities Wrote Autobiographies:

Some celebrities are too private about their lives beyond the screen while others don’t mind accounting spicy details from their lives for others to read. These celebs didn’t shy away from writing their memoirs so fans could see from their point of view. Now that you have plenty of time to yourself, tap on to this opportunity to pick up an autobiography of a celeb. The following are the names that spilled the beans about their lives.

 1. Gabrielle Union

We’re Going To Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True is a book that you must grab whenever you get the chance. It throws light on the real-life incidents faced by the actress who came out as a survivor of sexual abuse. The book encourages its readers to live with confidence, strength, and fair-mind.

 2. Trevor Noah

Getting insights into the TV comedian’s history will shock you. The charming Trevor Noah chronicles his traumatic childhood as the son of a Black Xhosa and a white Swiss man, thus calling his book Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood.

 3. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe penned down 2 autobiographies, Stories I Only Tell My Friends and Love Life. His 1st book became a New York Times Bestselling book. The book traces back to his earlier years in the industry as a newcomer and how he worked his way up. The second one, Love Life takes the readers to Lowe’s personal life including himself, his love, family, friends, and other battles.

 4. Demi Moore

Hollywood Celebrities Autobiographies
Hollywood Celebrities Autobiographies

If you want a peep into the life of a high-profile diva, then dive into Demi Moore’s Inside Out. The iconic actress has penned down her own story which reveals some shocking details. She has written her heart out while recalling her childhood, addiction problems, adulthood, trauma, and successes. It was The New York Times Bestseller and sparked many controversies surrounding Ashton Kutcher.

 5. Taraji P. Henson

The actress from The Help has always been an inspiration to women of color out there for her perseverance. To understand her and her courage, one must look at ‘her’ story from ‘her’ perspective in Around The Way Girl. Beginning from her schooling and graduation from Howard University to her determination to achieve her dream, we slowly learn about who she is as a person.

 6. Jessica Simpson

Jessica’s book titled, Open Book traces her life and inner self beyond the celebrity world. After being attacked by endless rumors and criticisms, she has finally stepped up to pen down her journey from her perspective. It was released in 2020 and got recognized as #1 New York Times Bestseller.

 7. William Daniels

Celebrities Wrote Autobiographies
Hollywood Celebrities Autobiographies

There I Go Again: How I Came to Be Mr. Feeny, John Adams, Dr. Craig, KITT, and Many Others is a memoir recorded by the ‘90s fan-favorite actor, William Daniels, himself. The title refers to Mr. Feeny who was a famous character from the hit sitcom of the ‘90s Boys Meets World. Savor on to the journey of Daniels that begins right from his childhood up to his success in personal and professional life.

 8. Rita Moreno

Learning about other people’s struggles and journeys changes stimulates our minds and changes our perspective of the world. The legendary Rita Moreno is one of the successful names about whom one must-read. She has an Academy Award, 2 Emmy Award, and a Tony award under her belt. Coming across how her life changes after moving with her family from Puerto Rico to New York and finally getting noticed as a potential star will enrich your confidence.

 9. Julie Andrews

You will get engrossed to the Hollywood icon’s Home: A Memoir of My Early Years which chronicles her childhood through wartime, divorced parents, and then as a famous figure. The book instantly became New York Times #1 International Bestseller. After the success of her first memoir, she released the second part, Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years, co-written by her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton.

 10. Rachel Ray

Celebrities Wrote Autobiographies
Hollywood Celebrities Autobiographies

Rachel Ray 50: Memories and Meals from a Sweet and Savory Life: A Cookbook is a book that you need to curl up with during the new normal at home. The book not only accounts for some significant chapters from her life but also teaches some delectable home meal recipes. It feels like a heart to heart chat with such a big personality.

Some honorable mentions are Yes Please by Amy Poehler, Bossypants by Tina Fey, The Girl With Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling, And Me by Elton John, whose stories will resonate in your mind for days after reading.

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20 Cutest Photos of Avengers When They Were Young

We all love The Avengers. they are smart and powerful that they can save us all. But before that, they possess the powers of cuteness which we brought here today in pictures. Check out the cutest photos of Avengers when they were young:

1. Captain Marvel

2. Thor

3. Drax

4. Captain America

5. Gamora

6. Thanos

Cutest Photos of Avengers When They Were Young

7. Nebula

8. Bruce Banner

Cutest Photos of Avengers When They Were Young

9. Nick Fury

10. Black Panther

Cutest Photos of Avengers When They Were Young

11. Ant-Man

12. Star-Lord

Cutest Photos of Avengers When They Were Young

13. Hawkeye

14. Black Widow

15. Bucky Barnes

Cutest Photos of Avengers When They Were Young

16. Spider-Man

17. Doctor Strange

18. Loki

Cutest Photos of Avengers When They Were Young

19. Tony Stark

20. Bonus-Groot

Cutest Photos of Avengers When They Were Young

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New Report Reveals That Marvel Wasn’t Aware of Chadwick Boseman’s Cancer Battle

Everyone’s mourning the tragic loss of the Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman. We shouldn’t think about the next Black Panther movie just yet, but the sudden loss of the actor has really brought up a few questions. The Hollywood Reporter has come up with a detailed report solving a few queries that the fans may have had about the late actor. In this report, we get to know about Marvel’s stance upon dealing with the loss of one of their leading men.

People have been wondering whether anyone at Marvel knew about the 4+ years of battle that Boseman had fought with colon cancer. THR states:

“On Aug. 28, Marvel chief creative officer Kevin Feige received an urgent email regarding Chadwick Boseman, with no further information. Unbeknownst to anyone at the studio, the Black Panther star had been battling colon cancer privately for four-plus years and had taken a sudden turn for the worse. By the time Feige read the message an hour later, Boseman already had died, sending shock waves through Disney and the tight-knit Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Marvel Wasn’t Aware of Chadwick Boseman’s Cancer Battle

So clearly Feige & co didn’t know. In fact, outside of Boseman’s family, only a few people knew about it, and none of them really had an idea about how severe his condition really was. The list of non-family members who knew are:

– Producing partner Logan Coles

– Chadwick’s agent Michael Greene

– His trainer Addison Henderson

– 42 director Brian Helgeland

It was Boseman’s wish to keep his condition private. In fact, he thought that the situation wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand. A week before his demise, he actually thought that he was going to beat cancer and even regain his lost weight in order to appear in Black Panther 2. Marvel was planning for Black Panther 2 to go under production by March 2021. So, he planned to get ready for that, and he was even ready to shoot another film (Yasuke) this year. His death was just very sudden, tragic & unlucky.

Marvel Wasn’t Aware of Chadwick Boseman’s Cancer Battle

If you’re wondering that how exactly did he keep his condition a secret as it should have come up some time during the filming of any of the 4 big budget MCU films that he starred in. For that case, film finance attorney Schuyler Moore has stated that a Marvel actor would not require any medical examination for studio insurance purposes. He said:

“Big studios don’t often [get] completion bonds. They are more prevalent in the indie filmmaking world. Sometimes, the big studios will look to insure for a particular actor, but they usually have a particular reason for doing so. Otherwise, studios will just shoulder the risk [of sickness or death].”

Marvel Wasn’t Aware of Chadwick Boseman’s Cancer Battle

As of now, Disney & Marvel are grieving over the actor’s demise & their priority is to support the Boseman family. No one is thinking about Black Panther 2, and that’s what it should be. But still, they’ll have to make a call upon how they need to deal with the Black Panther situation. After all, they did create a Billion Dollar franchise with Chadwick Boseman, and director Coogler would probably be at least halfway through his story (if he hasn’t finished it already).

In our minds, we really don’t want a new actor to replace Chadwick Boseman. Instead, the idea of Shuri being transitioned into the new Black Panther has come up. Recasting the late actor could lead to a major fan outcry as people are going to draw comparisons no matter who gets picked. But, Marvel may not have another choice unless they are planning to delay the film & rework the story to make it fitting for Shuri to be the new Black Panther. If that will be the case, then Marvel could have Shuri’s Black Panther appearing in all the interconnected crossover films that they had originally planned for T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) to be in.

Let’s wait and see how Marvel handles the situation in the future. In the last decade, Studios have handled these sudden death situations well enough. We trust Marvel to be fair & do the same when the time comes. But now is not the time for it. Right now is the time to just show our support to the family of the fallen idol.

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Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Mentioned in Others’ Songs

Celebrities Mentioned in Songs:

Almost every piece of art is inspired by a muse, be it a painting or a song. A great singer always directs his affections and feelings to his songs. Sometimes these emotional songs are written about other celebrities. Art is merely a way how an artist expresses his heart. Similarly, the following songs, too, have hidden meanings dedicated to their personal lives that include other celebs. Taylor Swift is not the only singer whose songs talk about her personal experiences.

 1. Eminem- Obsessed

Neither Mariah Carrey nor Eminem spared each other in their songs after the breakup. As a response to Eminem’s Bagpipes, Mariah released the super hit, Obsessed.

 2. Scarlet Johansson- I Kissed A Girl

While some reports suggest that it was Miley Cyrus who inspired Katy. The singer of I Kissed a Girl herself confirmed that Scarlett Johansson was her muse. She was inspired when she came across Scarlett’s picture while flipping through a magazine. According to some reports, she said, “I was with my boyfriend at the time, and I said to him, ‘I’m not going to lie: If Scarlett Johansson walked into the room and wanted to make out with me, I would make out with her. I hope you’re okay with that?’”.

 3. Russell Brand- By The Grace of God

Celebrities Mentioned in Songs
Celebrities Mentioned in Songs

Katy Perry penned down her feelings and experience after her 2-year marriage with Russell Brand fell apart. The singer also confirmed that she penned down the evidence in her songs and that fans could always refer to her music to find the truth about anything.

 4. Gwyneth Paltrow- Fix You

The famous heart-warming song of Coldplay by Chris Martin was dedicated to none other than his former wife and actress, Gwyneth Paltrow. He wrote it to help Gwyneth after she lost her dad in 2002. The actress was grateful to Coldplay for that.

 5. Ariana Grande- Cinderella

Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, who passed away in 2018 dedicated this song to her. Even the singer herself confirmed that the song was written about her post-breakup. After learning this information, fans went back to the song immediately to check out the lyrics that talked about their intimate chemistry.

 6. Selena Gomez- What Do You Mean

Selena & Justin’s on-and-off relationship has swirled social media for years. It had evidently taken a toll on them emotionally, compelling them to pen down their feelings about each other in many songs. Justin had revealed in an interview that What Do You, Sorry, and Mark My Words were dedicated to Selena Gomez.

 7. Britney Spears- Cry Me A River

Britney and Justin Timberlake were one of the most talked-about couples in the ‘90s. There split had shocked the fans and devastated Justin. The singer poured his heart out in Cry Me A River. He confirmed it in an interview that he was brimming with so much anger that he wrote it down within 2 hours.

 8. Marilyn Monroe– Candle In The Wind

The eternal beauty, Marilyn Monroe inspired many artists. She was also a muse to the legendary singer, Elton John, but for her subdued life and not her divine beauty. Despite being surrounded by an entourage and paparazzi all the time, the diva was the loneliest.

 9. Warren Beatty- You’re So Vain

Celebrities Mentioned in Songs
Celebrities Mentioned in Songs

It is natural for most of the artists to pen down their love and feelings in their songs. Carly Simon did so too about her former boyfriend, Warren Beatty. Simon stated that only the second stanza was about the actor. However, Warren Beatty indicated otherwise and was convinced that the whole song was dedicated to him. Just like the song, he also seemed pretty flattered by it.

 10. Don McLean- Killing Me Softly

Celebrities Mentioned in Songs
Celebrities Mentioned in Songs

The classic song from 1971 was written by Lori Lieberman after she saw Don McLean’s performance on Empty Chairs. Even though she wrote it in 1971 and released in ’72, the song didn’t chart. It was later composed by many other artists like Fugees, Roberta Flack, and Charles Fox.

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Dwayne Johnson & His Whole Family Test Positive for COVID-19

Just when you think that things might just get a little better, we get a bad news update. 2020 is cursed. But hey, today we’ve got something that’s both good and bad. First, let’s get to the bad part of it because that’s what we’re used to. Then we’d cover the good part. The bad part is that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his entire family have been tested positive for COVID-19. But we need not be alarmed because the Rock instantly gave us a good bit right after announcing that he has got the virus. Here, watch him reveal how it happened:

Johnson said:

“Alright, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, by the way. Wherever you’re at around the world right now. I wanted to give you guys a helpful update on some of the things I’ve been going through on my end for the last couple of weeks now. My wife Lauren, my two baby girls, and I have all tested positive for COVID-19. I can tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family. And, for me personally as well.

I’ve been through some doozies in the past. I’ve gone around and gotten my a** kicked a little bit in the past. I’ve had some challenges, but testing positive for COVID-19 is much different than overcoming nasty injuries or being evicted or being broke, which I have been more than a few times. The reason that this feels different is because my number one priority is to always protect my family. Protect my children, my loved ones. It is our, I mean you guys, all of our number one priority….We are on the other side of COVID-19, and we are stronger and healthier.”

Dwayne Johnson & His Whole Family Test Positive for COVID-19

So, it’s really great that Dwayne Johnson and his family have mostly recovered from the Coronavirus. Many big names got COVID-19 and they recovered. It is really important for us to be disciplined in our routines and take strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus. It can prove to be quite deadly, but in most cases, it has proven to be curable. The recovery rate is very high, and that’s a good thing. So just like the Rock, if you’ve got the virus, you’ve gotta stay strong and disciplined. You’d be able to beat it as well.

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Beautiful Married Hollywood Couples

Hollywood has its share of adorable couples that have stood the test of time in stable marriages. This is not an easy fete given that most of the relationships between celebrities often hit the rocks after short stints of romantic bliss. Some well-regarded couples make heads turn whenever they are mentioned as we will see in the few mentioned below.

Why celebrities often form couples?

People with careers in the same industry brush shoulders all the time thus they are bound to form relationships easily. These are individuals that possess similar interests and are keen to hook up with persons of their class. Both parties are familiar with what to expect from tabloid rumors and the pestering paparazzi photos. However, the love scene in the industry is quite inconsistent as the relationships can change overnight from one film production to the next. This has never occurred to the following notable couples:

Denzel Washington & Pauletta Pearson

Washington and Pearson initially came across each other back in 1977 on a Television film set Wilma. They commenced dating following that and they formally got wedded in 1983 after Pearson had turned down Washington’s proposal twice. They have got four kids who are also rising stars in showbiz. They retook their vows in 1995 and are together for close to four decades.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

Hanks first encountered Rita in 1981 when filming Bosom Buddies while Hanks was still with his college love, the late Samantha Lewes. The relationship between Hanks and Wilson began under tough circumstances with Hanks having to split-up with his then-wife in 1987 before the duo wedded in 1988. They have a couple of sons that they shield from the public interest. The pair have featured in various films together such as Sleepless in Seattle and Volunteers. After 30 years their union is still quite strong.

Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker

The couple met in November 1991 soon after Sarah broke up with a former boyfriend. They embarked on their relationship shortly afterward and then co-starred on How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. Their marriage ceremony took place in 1997 and they have three kids. The twins were acquired via a surrogate. The pair is still strongly bonded for two decades now.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Timberlake and Biel originally converged at a birthday festivity thrown by Timberlake in 2007 and are presently together for slightly more than a decade. They were momentarily estranged in 2011 but then got affianced and wedded in 2012. There is a son that was born in 2015. Apart from a minor incident when pictures of Timberlake holding hands with Alisha Wainwright following a night out that was viral, the couple has hardly had any issue to suggest any discordance. Timberlake apologized for that incident and the matrimony is still intact to date.

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

Douglas and Zeta-Jones initially stumbled upon one another in 1998, got affianced in 1999, and were wedded in 2000. There is a son and daughter in spite of having a stunning 25 year age gap. The duo that co-starred Traffic separated in 2013 to work out their nuptials but got back as one after eight months. Their matrimony was however rocked by sexual harassment accusation against Douglas but they braved the storm. Its twenty years and they are solid than ever.

How to meet your significant other and build a meaningful relationship?

In case you are having a hard time securing a love connection then you should work on socializing skills. You are required to get out more and mingle with the populace as it will present you with an opportunity to make new friends in the process. Find the nearby singles groups that consist of persons that share in your interests since it will be easy to initiate meaningful conversations with them.

There many organized activities that you could take part in near you such as festivals, sports, events, conferences, religious gatherings, and volunteering just to mention a few. When you actively say hello to strangers, smile at them, and simply ask about anything then it could easily generate a relationship. One simple way to meet and acquire a rewarding affiliation is by taking your dog to the park for a stroll. Your canine friend can easily win you the attention of a fellow dog lover.

Social media groups and online dating sites can greatly assist you to meet new people too if you are not confident enough to approach people in person. This means finding friends exposes you to a wide collection of singles that are willing and ready to venture into love relationships without delay. When searching for new partners online it is advisable to look at the information provided at trusted dating review or ask feedback from your friends with relevant experience.

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10 Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts For Millions of Dollars

Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts: 

Most of us get insurance for our properties, health, and cars because they cost us more than a fortune. But for celebrities and their first-world problems, some things are dearer to them. Whether it provides them their livelihood or there is another strategy involved, only the celebs would know. Whatever the case is, we bet you’ll be amazed to know the body parts that the following stars have insured.

 1. Taylor Swift

Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts
Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts

You’d assume the sensational singer to value her voice more than anything else. But her toned legs that she loves to flaunt in her dresses have convinced her to insure them for $26.5 Million. It’s not so surprising, considering her dance videos and live performances.

 2. Kim Kardashian

Guessing which body part is the most precious to Kim shouldn’t be a difficult task. The TV personality rose to fame after her hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians but got more attention for her super attractive figure. Her famous buttocks are insured for $21 Million.

 3. Daniel Craig

The James Bond actor has had a long relationship with intense action movies. Over the years, he has learned to perform most of the stunts himself. In Quantum of Solace, the actor didn’t need his stunt double for his action sequences. Therefore he wisely insured his body for $9.5 million.

 4. Rihanna

Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts
Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts

Throughout her career, Rihanna has won admirers from all across the globe for her songs and voice that touch your soul. But this singer is also known for her unpredictability and her brave moves. In 2018, she swirled a new trend of sharing a pic with her unshaved legs to break the beauty standards coerced on women. She was highly praised for breaking the fashion standard. Clearly, Rihanna loves her gorgeous legs with and without hair, for she insured them for $1 Million.

 5. Julia Roberts

Highest Grossing Stars in Rom-Com Movies

The Pretty Woman actress has the most magnificent smiles in Hollywood. It’s a curve that straightens everything and needs to be insured. So, she insured her perfect set of teeth for $30 Million.

 6. Cristiano Ronaldo

As exciting as soccer is to watch, the sports can get escalated to severe brutality. Being in the game for so long has made Ronaldo a victim of such violent tricks and tactics on several occasions. His legs are at a high stake in such a sports game. Therefore, his prudence guided him to get his legs insured for a whopping amount of $ 144 Million.

 7. Madonna

Madonna has mesmerized her admirers from all over the world of every age group. Considering her voice, gorgeous eyes, and snazzy dance moves, she deserves to be one of the most sensational singing divas ever. Madonna is in her early 60s but still maintains herself very well, thus defying her age. She has also got her bosom insured for $2 Million.

 8. David Beckham

Dressing Well

This A-list footballer’s career runs on his legs. Those sharp and chiseled calves are also some of his best features that we can’t keep our eyes off. That’s why he has insured his legs for $70 Million.

 9. Miley Cyrus

Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts
Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts

Ever since Miley Cyrus has dropped the Hanna Montana wig, she has adopted a rather wild and bold persona. There is rarely any pic of the pop-star smiling and not sticking out her tongue. Even though it’s her voice and creative mind that provides her bread and butter, but a stuck-out tongue is her signature look. Of course, the tongue is crucial for allowing her to sing and speak; therefore she has insured it for $1 Million.

 10. Heidi Klum

Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts
Celebrities Insured Their Body Parts

Some things are justified in the name of fashion in this show business. You would have rarely seen the former Victoria’s Secret model not flaunting her smoking hot legs. She knows their worth and insured them for $2 million.

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Hollywood Celebrities Who Spent A Fortune on Transforming Themselves

Celebrities Transforming Themselves:

Even though Hollywood is a place for talents, we can’t deny the role that appearance plays in this world. There are many celebrities who wouldn’t be basking in fame had they not changed their looks. In a place where fashion and beauty standards are way too high, celebs spend fortunes to achieve them. You may not buy happiness with money but you can always buy beauty.

 1. Amanda Seyfried

The actress is best known from Mamma Mia!, Mean Girls, and Letters to Juliet. She has been in Hollywood from a very young age and has enhanced her throughout her career. According to sources, she went for rhinoplasty, chin implants, and more. Even though she looked beautiful in younger days, she has now turned into a gorgeous babe.

 2. Megan Fox

Celebrities Transforming Themselves
Celebrities Transforming Themselves

Megan Fox had enjoyed recognition mostly for her appealing looks and figure. According to reports, the actress also claimed that the Transformers franchise used her only for her hotness. This statement, however, got her removed from the franchise. She spent about $60,000 on her nose, breast implants, and Botox to make her features sharper and more prominent.

 3. Kardashians

You must have seen this family name coming. Over the years, the Kardashians have become the personification of surgeries. They have shown striking changes in almost every part of their body, from nose, cheekbones, and lips down to hips and curves. Even if one member has missed out on a body part, the other sister could have compensated for it. Whether its Kim, Chloe, or Kylie, all of them are promoters of beauty technology.

 4. Rihanna

Celebrities Transforming Themselves
Celebrities Transforming Themselves

Rihanna looked adorable when she was younger but as she grew older and richer, she tapped on the opportunity to transform herself further. Her skin bleach, nose jobs, and breast implants are strikingly visible if you compare her before and after look.

 5. Cardi B

CardiB needs no reason to change, for her fans already admire her talents, charms, and looks. But the rapper didn’t look the same in her earlier years. On making enough money, she spent about $40K on her set of teeth.

 6. Nicki Minaj

Celebrities Transforming Themselves
Celebrities Transforming Themselves

The queen of rap has earned world-recognition and doesn’t need any introduction. But appearance-wise, Minaj has undergone several transformations over the years. She spent about $20,000 on surgery to transfer fat to her chest and other parts to make more prominent.

 7. Demi Moore

Once a diva of the ‘80s, Demi is still defying age with her youthful charms. But that isn’t a miracle nowadays, especially in show business. According to sources, the actress spent $500,000 on her knee wrinkles but not on her face.

 8. Cher

The singer’s fans still admire her ravishing appearance which doesn’t reflect that she is in her 70s. Cher has admitted on getting surgeries and facelifts on a regular basis for $700 to look younger.

 9. Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner is Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s father who was also a celebrity in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He is also a former Olympic athlete and a gold medalist. Bruce has now transformed into Caitlyn Jenner and spent about a million dollars on facial, Botox, chest surgery, and eyelid lifts.

 10. Lil Kim

Celebrities Transforming Themselves
Celebrities Transforming Themselves

It shouldn’t matter how people see you as long as you embrace your true self. We can’t expect the world to see the beauty in us as long as don’t accept and appreciate ourselves. Even though Lil Kim had won many hearts across the globe with her unique talents and appearance, she wasn’t satisfied with herself. Living up to the fashion standards of the show business, Lil Kim convinced herself to undergo skin bleach, breast implants, nose jobs, and more. Now she is completely unrecognizable!

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20 Fan Messages For Chadwick Boseman Which Make Us Cry

Chadwick Boseman, our very own Black Panther died fighting cancer on August 28. He went peacefully with his family by his side, but the world was struck with grief. People throughout the world, in and out of the industry united to share their condolences for the loss of such an impeccable talent and a noble human being. Here are some of the fan messages for Chadwick Boseman which make us cry:

1. The Shining Example!

 Fan Messages For Chadwick Boseman

2. You Have Purpose!!

3. Absolutely!!

 Fan Messages For Chadwick Boseman

4. Wakanda Forever!!

5. Greatly Missed!!

6. Extraordinary!!

 Fan Messages For Chadwick Boseman

7. Sweet!!

8. Our Hero!

 Fan Messages For Chadwick Boseman

9. RIP Legend King!!

10. Tremendous Human Being!

11. True!!

12. Rest In Paradise!!

 Fan Messages For Chadwick Boseman

13. Rest In Power!!

14. Death Is Not The End!!

15. It Hurts!!

16. A Tribute!!

17. Sad!!

 Fan Messages For Chadwick Boseman

18. Little fan!!

19. Messenger From God!!

20. Always Be Our King!!

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Famous Celebrities Who Were Told They Would Never be Successful

Celebrities who were told they would never be Successful:

Most Hollywood stars that we see today wrote their fate. They weren’t born with opportunities but hustled to make their way to perfection and success. But then some faced more hurdles than others. You’ll be surprised to know that the following A-list artists were told that they’d never make it big in Hollywood. Despite the emotional and physical challenges, they never deterred. Awareness of self-worth and passion held them steady and eventually, the world got to see their talents. The same celebs who were once discouraged from being actors or singers have not only proved the critics wrong but have earned the top spot in Hollywood. They may have had a tough beginning but nothing could take their happy-ending away.

 1. Shakira

Celebrities Told Never be Successful

Every person who has been introduced to music knows Shakira. She is a global sensation whose songs are enjoyed by every generation. But her music teacher felt otherwise when Shakira was a kid. She compared young Shakira’s voice to that of a “goat”. Even though such an experience with one’s teacher can instill in a kid for a long time but Shakira was stubborn enough to prove her teacher wrong.

 2. Meryl Streep

Facts About Meryl Streep

Can you imagine someone belittling the Goddess of Hollywood? Meryl Streep is one of the most influential and revered actresses who has bagged 3 Academy Awards and been nominated over 10 times. But during her audition for King Kong, she understood the casting director calling her an “ugly thing” in Italian. To this Meryl boldly yet politely replied in his language “I am sorry I am not beautiful enough to King Kong.”

 3. Walt Disney

Highest Grossing Distributors of 2019

The world is more than grateful to the father of Mickey Mouse whose creative mind shaped most of our childhoods. Without him, we’d be deprived of Mickey Mouse and family and all the fascinating stories and cartoons. But even such a powerful personality like Walt Disney wasn’t immune to rejection. Before Mickey Mouse happened to him, Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper firm who didn’t find him “creative” enough.

 4. Kate Winslet

Celebrities Told Never be Successful

Kate was severely disparaged by her drama teacher when she was 14 years old. He dropped below his dignity to discourage Kate. The teacher told her that she would still survive in acting if she settled for fat girl parts. Well, Kate is far away from that negativity now as she has achieved her dreams and become a successful star.

 5. Reese Witherspoon

Celebrities who were told they would never be successful

Reese is another highly respected actress who is known for her exceptional acting chops and personality. The charming actress faced many rejections in the beginning due to her height. She once recalled being constantly told, “No, not right, not tall enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough”. But her perseverance didn’t let us back out. And today, she is one of the most elite stars of Hollywood every young actress looks up to.

 6. Benedict Cumberbatch

Rude and Insulting characters

Benedict is a beloved actor who has spread his charm across the globe with critically acclaimed performances. His flawless depiction of Sherlock Holmes in the series Sherlock flipped our minds out. Benedict also caught the attention of the biggest franchise of MCU and cast as the superhero Doctor Strange. But the British actor who became the ideal face of Sherlock didn’t land the role easily. The makers were reluctant to cast him as they didn’t find him sexy enough for the character.

 7. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah wouldn’t have been Oprah if she hadn’t been fired from her job. The reason that lost Oprah her job became the same reason why she became a legend. Her employer found her unfit for the media industry as she was too invested in her stories as a news anchor. But her devotion grew from her passion and dream to make a change, without which she wouldn’t have become one of the most influential personalities.

 8. Gisele Bundchen

Celebrities who were told they would never be successful

Gisele basically rules the fashion industry as one of the topmost models. Every magazine cover runs with her face on it which is admired for its unique beauty. But a few years back the same unique beauty was unacceptable for the fashion world. Some were too critical of her nose while others didn’t approve of her eyes. They didn’t find her good enough to even feature in the smallest section of a magazine.

 9. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer’s journey to becoming the highest-paid actress was not achieved smoothly. Despite being talented, she was constantly put down for her “unacceptable” figure according to Hollywood standards. The directors chose skinny figure over skills. But the tables turned when Jennifer proved everyone wrong and won critical acclaim for her acting. She also won an Academy Award when she was just 22. She is definitely out of budget for those directors now.

 10. Winona Ryder

Celebrities who were told they would never be successful

Winona wasn’t given a chance to prove her skills in her audition. During one of her earliest auditions when she was young, Winona was interrupted mid-sentence by the casting director. He asked her to leave and added “Listen, kid. You should not be an actress…You are not pretty enough. You should go back.”

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Stunning Celebs Who Used To Be Cheerleaders

Celebs Used To Be Cheerleaders:

No one has the same positive spirit as cheerleaders that can motivate the teams. Their vibrant and cheerful personalities are very helpful during a match no matter how challenging it is. They know the right ingredient to lift the spirits of their schoolmates. It should come as no surprise that the following celebs who are admired for their animated nature, were cheerleaders in their high school.

 1. Cameron Diaz

To be honest, we were expecting this name and would have been more surprised had she not appeared on the list. Cameron had shown signs of becoming a successful Hollywood diva since she was a teen due to her confidence and energy to perform in front of a crowd. She used to be an excellent cheerleader and carried that same spirit when she entered the show business.

 2. Megan Fox

It must be hard to picture Megan as a cheerleader after watching Jennifer’s Body. But unlike the scary onscreen portrayal, Megan was a dazzling and pretty popular cheerleader. Megan joined cheerleading as a teen after she moved to Florida. She cheered for Morningside Academy.

 3. Reese Witherspoon

Reese’s mere presence on the screen emanates positivity and sunshine. The actor, producer, and entrepreneur enjoyed multitasking since she was a kid. She was always a bubbly woman which made her an amazing cheerleader.

 4. Jennifer Lawrence

Celebs Used To Be Cheerleaders

The young Oscar-winning actresses’ energy has always been felt through her acting and interviews on the screen. Jennifer was a free-spirited woman since her childhood. She took part in sports and also joined the cheerleading team later in her middle school.

 5. Halle Berry

Halle Berry had dazzled her audience in her prime time which earned fame, recognition, as well as an Academy Award. Halle had what it takes to be a celebrity since she was a young girl. She excelled even in school as a class stopper, Prom Queen, school newspaper editor, and a cheerleader.

 6. Blake Lively

Watch an interview of Blake Lively and you’ll feel how smoothly she lightens up the mood of the room. Her confidence, charms, and super-fit body are perfect to be a cheerleader. She was an all-rounder in the school as the class president, cheerleader, and member of the school choir.


 7. Madonna

Celebs Used To Be Cheerleaders

Madonna is one of the longest-lasting pop sensation and diva in the show business. This beauty has melted our hearts for decades with her voice and style. Madonna was a star even in her school as a class topper and a cheerleader.

 8. Miley Cyrus

Celebs Used To Be Cheerleaders

Miley Stewart may have been a terrible cheerleader but Miley Cyrus was bang on awesome. The pop-star made us laugh and feel good throughout our teen years as Hannah Montana. She enjoyed spreading the same energetic aura in her hometown in Tennessee as a cheerleader for the local Premier Tennessee All-Stars.

 9. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is one of the most respected actresses in the industry. She holds the maximum number of Academy Awards and nominations for her meaningful roles. But she must have been a rather bubbly young girl in high school as she was an active member of the Cheerleaders team.

 10. Sandra Bullock

Celebs Used To Be Cheerleaders

The A-list actress loved being a cheerleader during her high-school days. She is often heard reminiscing those days and she still has that uniform as a souvenir. The Oscar-winning actress is loved for her exuberant personality, so we can imagine how amazing she must have been back then.