10 MCU Characters Henry Cavill Could Play

Rumor has it that Henry Cavill is close to taking on a role in the MCU. It would be amazing if that happens, and we are going to look at some MCU Characters Henry Cavill Could Play.

Cavill is excellent as the Witcher. But before the MCU, I’d reckon he should return as Superman in the DCEU. He should strongly be considered for James Bond as well. In this House of the Dragon season, I reckon he could also play an amazing Aegon Targaryen if a flashback or a spinoff series ever happens. But I guess his return as Superman isn’t confirmed. And the Bond producers may have already looked past him because he is playing a spy called Argylle, and Apple TV+ is looking to make a franchise out of that film, so Argylle may be here to stay.


Hence, Henry Cavill would probably be free to take on an MCU role or perhaps a franchise itself. Reed Richards and Hercules are already taken. So the other MCU characters Henry Cavill could play are:

Captain Britain

A member of the Braddock family had already been name-dropped in Avengers: Endgame. So we know that Brian Braddock, aka Captain Britain, is headed to the MCU. Who better to take on this role than Mr. British over here? Just look at these concept arts of Cavill as Captain Britain. He looks brilliant as Captain Britain, and Marvel should bag him for this one. He could lead his franchise. And he could even team up with MCU’s new London-based team that is being set up with Blade, Black Knight, and maybe Moon Knight. They could all form the MI-13 squad.



Logan is coming in sooner rather than later. And Cavill’s name had already come up a few years ago as he was rumored to play Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2. Playing the Witcher for two seasons, he has shown that he can display a rage mode. So with his perfect physique, his hairy body, and acting chops, he has what it takes to be a good Wolverine.



A majority of us loved Cavill as Superman. And many would argue that WB has been wasting his potential all these years. So maybe Marvel could take advantage of the opportunity they have to cast Cavill as Superman’s MCU counterpart, which is Hyperion. They could show WB what they have been missing out on. And Cavill could play Hyperion well.


The Sentry

MCU Characters Henry Cavill Could Play

This is one of the most powerful characters to exist in Marvel comics. And he is yet another Superman-type character. So again, Cavill could portray the role with perfection. But what’s great about this particular character is that he also has an evil counterpart called The Void. So Cavill would get to play the good and the bad side of a very conflicted character and show his range as an actor. And that way, we’d also get the evil Superman role Snyder was setting up for him.


Wonder Man

A Wonder Man series is reportedly under development at Marvel, and Simon Williams could show up very soon. He is a Hollywood movie star with a crazy set of powers. Nathan Fillion was initially cast as Simon Williams back in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But his role was cut out of the film. So, if Marvel doesn’t bring him in for the upcoming series, they could move ahead with Henry Cavill.



We’ve seen how Tom Ellis played the very handsome and highly threatening devil in Lucifer. So just imagine a similarly suited vibe for Henry Cavill, who could dress up as James Bond would but be the demon, Lord Mephisto. Ever since WandaVision, Mephisto has been popping up in everyone’s theories. People thought that he’d be in multiple Phase 4 projects. But sadly, he still hasn’t got an appearance in the MCU. Well, we’re sure that Mephisto is not far away from us as they’ve been making several devil references to tease us. So, he could show up soon, and Cavill could be the one to bring him to life.



Thor: Love and Thunder gave us the debut of Hercules with Brett Goldstein’s cameo. So, a solo Hercules project just became inevitable. Whether it happens before Thor 5 or after it remains to be seen. But you could make an educated guess that Hercules would be battling his brother Ares in this outing. Thor: Ragnarok proved that Ares already exists in the MCU, and I’d love it if Henry Cavill played the part. He could be a formidable villain against the God of Strength.



The upcoming Nova project features both Richard Rider and young Sam Alexander. So, Henry Cavill could easily play Richard Rider and become this powerful cosmic hero. He could then feature in the next team of cosmic heroes that might form up at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. I am presuming it would be the MCU’s version of the Annihilators.



In the comics, Quasar has connections with the Eternals. So he could be brought into the mix in an Eternals sequel. And when that happens, Henry Cavill could be the one showing off those shiny quantum bands as Quasar. Instead of Nova, he could pick this unfamiliar character and make him a household name. He could join the Annihilators even as Quasar. But I know that most people, including Henry Cavill, wouldn’t keep Quasar as a top priority.



Henry Cavill has the kind of face that would look great with Scott’s visor. He could also portray the great leader that Cyclops is supposed to be. And we’ve already seen him look marvelous while firing his heat vision. So instead of a mutant like Wolverine or any other character on this list, Cavill could play Cyclops and lead MCU’s X-Men franchise.


But which of these roles do you think Henry Cavill should play? Do you have any other Marvel roles in mind? Or do you think he should be back as Superman instead? Let us know in the comments.

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