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Ezra Miller Out of the DCEU After The Flash?

Ezra Miller has recently been a gold mine for controversies, following their violent episodes and subsequent arrests. But even before that, DCEU execs have always said that Miller has never been a team player. They have refused to do reshoots or even redo a shot to get it to perfection. Amongst all this, a new report from the Studios suggests that Ezra Miller may no longer play the DCEU’s Flash once his solo movie comes out. So is Ezra Miller out of the DCEU after the Flash? Let us have a look.

Ezra Miller, born in 1992, got their first big break in 2008’s Afterschool. Since then, they became a big name in Hollywood, bagging multiple big roles like that of Credence Barebone in the Fantastic Beast franchise and the role of Barry Allen, aka The Flash, in the DCEU. Their role as The Flash made them a household name, after only a couple of movies. The fans’ response to their performance helped them get a solo DCEU film that was supposed to come out in 2018. And that’s when the problems started. Disorderly conduct, assaults, and that too, under influence of alcohol, became a common thing for Miller.



In the last 5-6 months, Ezra Miller has had more run-ins with the law than an actor of his status can afford for his career. First, he started acting up in Hawaii, resulting in 10 emergency calls from different people. This was just the beginning of his incidents because the police arrested him just a few days later. Apparently, he had been yelling at random people and even lunged at a man playing darts. The following weeks saw their behavior worsening as they filed a restraining order against them. Recently, the Parents of a 12-year-old accused Miller of breaking their family when Miller harassed their non-binary child.


Ezra Miller Out of the DCEU

There’s a limit to everything including the number of cases a Studios would tolerate against the actor they have a contract with. Especially, when Warner Bros has a big plan for the expansion of DCEU and wants to avoid controversies. When Miler’s conduct became a common thing, they had had it! They have been discussing the future of Miller in the new and improved DCEU, and it turns out that Miller might not be a part of it! According to Deadline, the studio execs have tried their best to help Miller in such times. But they have not been coordinating with them.



DCEU is not under new leadership, as Discovery signed a deal for WarnerMedia of $43 billion in April 2022. Since then, they have announced a lot of changes to improve the image of DC. They have even announced some of their plans for the future. They have already canceled Wonder Twins, which was supposed to come out on HBO Max. But a big part of this plan is to not go forward with Miller as the fan-favorite character of The Flash. This comes after they replied to a claim to have Miller recast and the entire film reshot. To this, Warner Bros said that this is an unrealistic proposition. But since then, things have come out that might be very bad for Miller’s image.


At this point, mainly after everything that Studios went through with Amber Heard, they might not tolerate more controversies surrounding Ezra Miller. They have made this clear that they won’t be a part of the DCEU and their new film can make this easy. The Flash will be exploring the concept of DCEU’s multiverse! So casting a new actor for any role might be relatively easy at this point. This might seem l.ike the best decision that the new leadership could have made. DCEU has had its fair share of controversies over the last years, and it should do everything in its power to avoid them in the future.


What do you think? Do you support their decision to recast Miller as the Scarlet Speedster? Which, you should note, can mean that we might get a Speedster other than our favorite one. Do let us know in the comments section below.


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