Juggernaut vs Thanos: Here’s Why Mad Titan Will Knock The Hell Out of Juggernaut

Seldom does a villain leave a mark as impactful as Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War. The way Josh Brolin portrayed the Mad Titan on screen is worthy of praise. While the acting was top notch, the character depth and backstory was also as layered as it could be. But Thanos isn’t going down in the history books for being the most relatable Marvel villain. He will be remembered for the sheer amount of might and strength he brought on screen. No villain could be as strong as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or would it? If you look a bit further. There is one other Marvel Universe, one that is not the official property of the Mouse House. In the X-Men Universe, there exists a mutant supervillain who might just have what it takes to defeat Thanos in one on one match. Presenting Juggernaut vs Thanos – Who would win this cosmic fist fight??

Note – Thanos is not wearing the Infinity Gauntlet; otherwise this fight would have been over even before it began….


The movie version of Juggernaut is an absolute beast. He has no connection to the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak like he did in the comic books. In the comics, Juggernaut is actually not a mutant but the Avatar of Cyttorak, a primordial God of Magic and hence has limitless abilities. In the movies, the Juggernaut has pretty much the same abilities but they are derived from the mutant X-Gene now in his system.

Juggernaut vs Thanos
Juggernaut vs Thanos

So Juggernaut derives his powers from genetics rather than the Crimson gem in the movies. In the movies, Juggernaut is inhumanly durable, is super strong and has super human endurance. His most powerful ability in the comic books is his ability to be literally unstoppable once he achieves momentum. That, in fact, is his mutant ability.


Thanos, even without the Infinity Gauntlet, is a freaking force of nature. His fists were all he needed to defeat the Incredible Hulk, touted to be the strongest Avenger in terms of raw, brute strength. Thanos defeated the Hulk like it was a piece of cake for him. The Hulk has taken down armies, stood against an unstoppable Robot A.I, defeated Thor in his Rune King form in Sakaar during Thor: Ragnarok. But when he found himself going up against Thanos, he eventually did end up biting the dust.

infinity war
Juggernaut vs Thanos

Thanos is also a genius level scientist who is blessed with knowledge and is a gifted strategist, able to spin cunning master plans to influence future events even though he is millions of miles away from the events he is plotting for. Thanos comes loaded with the standard superhuman physical attributes like strength, speed and durability. While the comics even show him using energy manipulation powers, the movies never did so we decided to opt it out of his skill set.

Final Fight – Juggernaut vs Thanos

Juggernaut vs Thanos
Juggernaut vs Thanos

The fight will go down in the history books as the bloodiest fight ever. Thanos is ruthless when it comes to using his skills in close combat. Juggernaut does not have a dead end to his ability and his strength is virtually limitless. When these two guys start trading fists and breaking bones, it is not just the Earth that will tremble but the entire universe. Picking a victor is going to be a really difficult task this time.

So?? Who do you think will win?

It is Thanos!! Thanos will win this one hand down!!!! While we appreciate the fact that the movie version of Juggernaut is indeed extremely overpowered, but Juggernaut would have a hard time going up against even the Hulk. Even in the comics, the Hulk has had several victories in a one on one fight against the Juggernaut. And since Thanos had defeated the Hulk with ease, it would be foolish to think that the Juggernaut could defeat the Mad Titan. The fight would lean seriously in favor of Juggernaut in the beginning but with Thanos’ genius and strength combined, Juggernaut is no match for the purple freak. With or Without the Gauntlet, Thanos wins this one. Juggernaut just doesn’t stand a chance against the mad Titan’s might.

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