3 Theories On How The Hulk Reached Space In Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok features the much-anticipated appearance of fan favorite The Hulk. From all the teasers that have been given, the green giant will be a gladiator in an unknown planet. He fought Thor in one concept art. But how does the Earth’s biggest hero land in outer space? Here are three theories:

Ultron Made Banner Curious:

Bruce Banner has been known to be a curious creature even without The Hulk. The last we saw of him, there was an implication that he was over his time at the Avengers. He left behind his teammates and his new lady Black widow in a crucial moment. Banner has not been seen since, so where has he been hiding? Is it possible that the creation of Ultron drove Banner and The Hulk to seek out answers in space? Banner has been known to go to the most random places in his quest for knowledge about his “condition” and his scientific studies.

The Government:

In the Planet Hulk comics, The Hulk had become a nuisance to society with his rage infested destruction.This is how he ends up in Planet Sakaar, the government had captured him and blasted him off to space like they could sweep him under the rug. This could be the possibility of Hulk not being present in Captain America: Civil War. He had been sent to space by the Government, who we learn in Civil War just hated the Avengers way of taking on villains to protect the innocent.

The Grandmaster:


In the comics, The Grandmaster often played with the lives of superheroes and anyone else who took his interest to keep himself entertained. He loved to play games on people and pit them against each other. Jeff Goldblum is set to play the character of Grandmaster in Ragnarok, so there is a possibility that the ancient being just took an interest in the green giant and took him to his planet.

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