Will Johnny Depp Return for Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

The last few years had been really tough for the mega movie star Johnny Depp. His time with his ex-wife was filled with toxicity, but what happened after his divorce deeply affected his career too. He lost the trial in the UK, where he was given the tag of a Wife Beater. That did not go well for him and he promised that he would be back! And guess what! He is back!! He said that he would fight to tell his truth and he has done that!

Depp sued his ex-wife again for a defamation lawsuit for the op-ed she got published in the Washington Post. And the trial totally went in his favor as the Jury ruled against Amber Heard! She has to pay over 10 million dollars for the damage she caused to his reputation. But money wasn’t important for Depp. His image needed to be cleaned up in the public eye, and that has happened. That’s where he has truly won.


But while Amber Heard was making allegations, Depp lost all major roles. Disney was ready for a Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and they had already got a script penned down. But they had cut ties with Depp because they wanted no backlash. And Depp felt betrayed. Allegations were also being made against Amber Heard but she wasn’t treated the same way. And then when Depp lost the case in the UK, Warner Bros. asked him to resign from the role of Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3. But even after he has won, Amber Heard is still attached to Aquaman 2. Although, her career has come to an end even if she appears in the movie.


Will Johnny Depp Return for Pirates of the Caribbean 6

But anyway, we’re here to ask whether Johnny Depp would like to return to Disney. During his recent trial, he was asked whether he would come back and he said that he would not return even if they offered him 300 million dollars. He said it as a joke, but his point was that he felt betrayed and no amount of money could fix their broken relationship. Disney cut ties with him, but he was still the face of their multi-billion-dollar Pirates franchise. They were still selling Jack Sparrow toys. Yes, it is their own intellectual property. But the point is that they were not distancing themselves from Johnny Depp’s character even though they had him go. And that’s what Depp did not like.


Now guess what, a Website in Australia called Poptopic has reported that Disney sent a heartfelt apology letter to Johnny Depp. And along with the letter, they are ready to fix their relationship with the actor and offer him $301 million for Pirates 6. Poptopic claims to have a source close to Disney who revealed this particular intel. Well, I call this report a joke! Just think about it. Johnny Depp jokingly denied that he won’t return for $300 million. So, Disney is asking him whether he will return for $301 million. How crazy is that? Did a child write this report? I call this totally bogus. $300 million is a lot of money!


An entire blockbuster event takes up this kind of a budget. So just think about it. How can Disney pay Depp $300 million and then spend another $200 million on the production of Pirates 6? That would push the budget of the movie over $500 million. A movie this expensive has never been made. Even Endgame had a budget of $356 million and the fourth Pirates movie cost somewhere between 370 to 400 million. So pushing the budget to $500 million would be insane! And there’s no way any studio could make a sizable profit out of that. Sure, this $301 million contract is being reported for a movie and a Disney+ series. But still, even $150 for a project is a lot.


Yes, Disney may have sent an apology letter to Johnny, but he hasn’t been offered this large sum of money for sure. So that leaves us with the question of whether Johnny will return to work with Disney. I think it could happen over time as his wounds heal. But I don’t think it would happen right now. And will he return to the Fantastic Beasts franchise? Well, definitely not. Warner Bros. already has a new Grindelwald. And besides, I don’t think even they want to return to the Fantastic Beasts franchise after such low numbers at the Box Office.


Johnny Depp will return to the movies for sure. Whether it would be Pirates or any other movie, that is yet to be seen. But I personally believe that he might sign an exclusive deal with Netflix. They’re very keen to sign big-name actors for big sums of money. So maybe they could make the first move to bring Depp back!


What do you guys think? Will Depp return to the Pirates franchise after claiming that he won’t? Or will some other Studio bag him before Disney? Let us know in the comments down below.

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