Here’s What DC Head Revealed About Amber Heard In Aquaman 2

After we covered the part where Amber Heard’s expert witness testified in favor of her on Monday, this happened the next day. Tuesday saw the head of the DC Films, Walter Hamada, testify and he revealed some things that deny every one of Heard’s witnesses’ claims. He spoke about the real story behind the production of Aquaman 2 which seems to have been mistold on Monday. Keep up with the post to learn about Hamada’s testimony about Amber Heard in Aquaman 2.

Depp v Heard trial has been going on for more than three weeks now. The trial saw both the parties demonstrating how the events starting from their divorce have affected their careers. On Monday, Sheard put her case forward through Kathryn Arnold, Heard’s expert witness from the entertainment industry, when she revealed how she had to fight with the execs of DC films to keep her role in Aquaman 2. However, she also explained how her role was significantly reduced to keep the protestors at bay. She even revealed some pretty big spoilers of the movie that upset a lot of DC fans.


Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

But things took a turn for weirder when the next day featured Walter Hamada testifying via video deposition. According to Heard, she initially had a bigger role in the upcoming movie which the writers cut, following the trial. Hamada completely denies those statements by admitting that it was never true. He added that the movie was never about the chemistry between Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Heard’s Mera. According to Hamada, this movie was always supposed to be a buddy comedy, featuring Aquaman and his half-brother, Orm(Patrick Wilson). If the court takes this into account, this alone can discredit Heard’s entire testimony.



If you think that Hamada stopped at that, then you are very wrong. Hamada revealed that Dc never canceled Heard’s contract. This comes after Kathryn Arnold made it specifically clear that the cancellation of this contract was a big deal. So, all of it was just a big, fat lie? Hamada even talked about Heard’s involvement in Zack Snyder’s Justice League which briefly featured Heard as Mera. Because this proved that Warner Bros has no personal vendetta against Heard, opposing the actor’s claims. These are Hamada’s words-


I was actually hoping Depp’s legal team was going to bring up the fact that Zack Snyder brought back Amber Heard for the Snyder Cut in the fourth appearance for Mera, but that never came up. I think it would have shown that Warner Bros. wasn’t “out to get her,” as they let Snyder bring her back for the HBO Max version of Justice League, which is a separate project from the 2017 theatrical release of Justice League, I believe, and maybe even more appearances as Mera if the Snyder Cut would have been successful enough to warrant sequels.


If you wish to read the entirety of Hamada’s deposition, we got you covered.


Hamada is asked by Depp’s lawyer if Amber Heard has ever been released from her Aquaman 2 contract.

“No,” Hamada responds.

Hamada is asked if she was ever released by Warner Bros. from her Aquaman 2 contract on or about February 22, 2021.

“No,” said Hamada.

Hamada is asked if Amber Heard was rehired for Aquaman 2 by Warner Bros.

“No,” said Hamada [This is, of course, in light that the company never released Amber Heard from their contract]

Hamada is also asked if at any point in time did Warner Bros. reduce Ms. Heard’s role in Aquaman 2.

“Besides the role in the film that she has it was determined in the early draft of the script which would have been 2018, I would say, the character’s role is what it was from the beginning,” said Hamada.

Hamada is questioned if her role was ever reduced for any reason.

“No. Again from the early stages of the development of the script, the movie was built around the character of Arthur and the character of Orm,” explained Hamada. “Arthur being Jason Momoa. Orm being Patrick Wilson. So they were always the two co-leads of the movie.”

The head of the DC films is asked if Warner Bros. ever planned to portray Amber Heard as the co-lead in Aquaman 2.

“No. The movie was always pitched as a buddy comedy between Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson,” replied Hamada.

Hamada also confirmed Amber Heard was paid for both Aquaman movies and is asked if her compensation for Aquaman 2 was affected by anything said by Johnny Depp or Adam Waldman or anybody representing Johnny Depp.

“No,” he replied to all three questions.



After they cleared the air around Heard’s contract, they asked if the movie ever experienced any delays when the execs were deciding whether to exercise their rights to not include Heard in the movie. To that, he replied ‘Yes. Probably weeks’ and added that it was due to talks about recasting and some other creative concerns. And these concerns were due to the fact that the creative execs weren’t sure if the chemistry between Momoa’s Arthur and Heard’s Mera will work in the Aquaman sequel. But they decided to go on with Heard early on, and never even tried to hold auditions for Heard’s roles. Then Heard’s lawyers asked Hamada how did they end up making Heard’s and Momoa’s chemistry work. to that, he replied


It’s editorial. A good editor and a good filmmaker can pick the right tapes, can pick the right moments, and put scenes together, again score is big, the music in a scene makes a big difference, you can make a happy scene feel sadder or a sad scene feel happier, it’s just the magic of post-production, editing, sound, sound design, music, etc.


Hamada’s testimony about Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 may have proved to be a turning point in this case. We say that because his testimony directly negates everything Arnold claimed in hers. Now, who’s testimony decides the direction of this testimony is entirely upon the court. As for the court of public opinion, this statement of Hamada’s may not land well among the people.

What are your thoughts about this legal battle? Are you excited about Aquaman 2? Do let us know your answers down in the comments.


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