• WandaVision Episode 7 Nexus Links to Loki

    WandaVision: How Episode 7 Nexus Commercial Links to Loki

    The latest commercial in Episode 7 of the WandaVision arc may have just dropped a side hint and possibly a cunning link to the upcoming Loki series on the Disney+. The latest episode titled “Breaking the 4th Wall”, follows the WandaVision post the event where Wanda extends the Hex encapsulating the Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D) camp set…

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  • Celebrities Hiding Their Pregnancies

    10 Celebrities Who Were Amazing At Hiding Their Pregnancies

    Television Creators have mastered the art of hiding pregnancies of their actresses when it is not written into their storyline. But there are celebrities who have been completely opaque about their pregnancy news and surprised everyone suddenly. In fact, it is quite an elaborate task for celebrities to plan an outing with their concealed baby bumps, especially in a situation…

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  • Why WandaVision Could Feature Time Jump

    Why WandaVision Could Feature An Important Time Jump

    The WandaVision arc may be up for a major fast forward or a leap into the future. The primary Marvel Studios television series features the events of the WandaVision arc which are set three weeks into the future post the events that unfolded in the Avengers: Endgame. The only other storyline that has been released after the events of Avengers:…

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  • Celebrity Couples Collective Net Worth

    Celebrity Power Couples With The Highest Collective Net Worth

    It is wonderful to experience compassion and understanding finding its way even at the workplace, because of which many celebrities of this content have collectively reached heights only a few could dream to reach. With molding one’s career and keeping one’s special love life, a secret becomes a very strenuous task especially when the entire world’s got free advice for…

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  • Violent Characters have A Soft Spot

    Violent Characters Who Actually Have A Soft Spot

    There are many characters that we know of who’ve had a troubled childhood which kind of impacts how they feel about life and how they in their perfect sense try to fit in. Growing up they never really anybody to look up to or to find an embrace in someone’s company, so how did they cope up with this absence?…

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  • Movie Villains Illogical Motivations

    Well-Known Movie Villains With Illogical Motivations

    Many movies are built around the struggle of the Hero’s life and crafting a story around the worthiness of the hero with regards to his powers or capability or even his inheritance to the respect in the society needs to be challenged by the antagonist. The story of the antagonist often revolves around a motivation that arises only when the…

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  • Falcon & Winter Soldier Questions

    Falcon & Winter Soldier: 8 Questions The Show Must Answer

    The new upcoming The Falcon and The Winter Soldier arc in the month of March have created havoc in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The event seems to be set in the post Endgame quarters and will witness Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes teaming up against a plethora of bad guys. The Falcon and Winter Soldier series arc seems to have…

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  • WandaVision X-Men Reference

    WandaVision: Fans Spot A Major X-Men Reference

    Episode 7 of the WandaVision arc has dropped some hints on the possible appearance of the mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new episode revolves around the aftermath of the events that unfolded in episode 6. The episode starts with Wanda waking up in her bed exhausted, with probably the kind of power drain that she had to go…

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  • Batman & Joker Are Teaming Up

    Justice League Theory: Why Batman & Joker Are Teaming Up

    The new trailer of the Justice League, witness the arrival of the Darkseid with his search for the anti-life equation finally bringing him to earth. The Anti-life equation has forever been Darkseid’s ultimate goal to complete his dream of universe domination while taking over every powerful being that he ever crosses paths with and can subdue the being while using…

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  • Couples Called Off Their Weddings

    10 Famous Celebrity Couples Who Called Off Their Weddings Last Minute

    It is difficult to keep track of celebrity relationships. Where rings and engagements are involved, so are heartbreaks. Only in this case, heartbreaks are on public display along with the shining diamonds. Here is a list of 10 Famous Celebrity Couples Who Called Off Their Wedding Last Minute (Some of these break-ups are almost scandalous!).  Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck…

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  • WandaVision Crazy Fan Theories

    10 WandaVision Fan Theories That Are Crazy Enough To Be True

    WandaVision arc seems to be a promising revelation of several mysteries, with Wanda aka Scarlet Witch shown evolving into her antagonist role as shown in the Marvel comics. The WandaVision arc is depicted beautifully explaining what Wanda did and why she did it and how she is forced to go to extreme measures to avoid certain things from happening. WandaVision’s…

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  • Hollywood Chrises Net Worth

    10 Famous Hollywood Chrises Ranked According To Their Net Worth

    The number of Chris who have found fame and success in the Hollywood industry is remarkable. Probably Hollywood is the only industry in the world with so many people with the same first name, but still, each one of them is uniquely established and settled well in their career. From comedians to musicians to actors we have one Chris in…

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  • Iron Man Deleted Scene Convoy Ambush

    Iron Man Deleted Scene Complicates Rhodey’s Part In The Convoy Ambush

    Iron Man Deleted Scene: The Marvel Cinematic Universe played their biggest gamble in 2008, by releasing Iron Man, which luckily for them played off in their favor and gave the Marvel Cinematic storyline to let go of all the reigns they were holding. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, (2008) Iron Man gave Marvel the right nudge they needed in the right…

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  • Squared Love Cast, Location And Sequel

    Squared Love: Everything You Need To Know – Cast, Location And Sequel

    Squared Love released on 11th February 2021 and has been seen on the Top 10 charts of Netflix since its release. The plot revolves around a womanizer celebrity journalist who falls in love with a supermodel who happens to lead a double life. The film has a feel-good factor to it all throughout. 1. Cast Adrianna Chlebicka Adrianna Chlebicka was…

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  • WandaVision Ultron Is Disguised

    WandaVision Theory: Ultron Is Disguised In Plain Sight

    In the past few weeks, Marvel’s latest television series arc has become the topic of debate on Twitter. With the role out of the 6th Episode, the WandaVision arc seems to be gaining momentum and might soon showcase the puppet master in full display. The series revolves around the post Endgame events which see the Avengers take a heavy hit…

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  • Who Is Trying To Steal Wanda’s Powers?

    WandaVision: Who Is Trying To Steal Wanda’s Powers?

    In the latest 6th episode of the WandaVision arc, we are welcomed to the extent to which Wanda has been radiating the Chaos Magic coupled with her Hex contingents in place. We see the arrival of Pietro Maximoff also known as the Quicksilver make an appearance on Wanda’s front door. The WandaVision arc is delving deeper into the plot and…

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  • End of To All The Boys Always And Forever

    What Happens At The End of ‘To All The Boys: Always And Forever’

    To All The Boys: Always and Forever, the third film of the ‘To All The Boys’ series released on 12th February 2021 and instantly became the go-to Valentine’s watch on Netflix. The popular romantic comedy based on the Jenny Hans novels follows the story of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky as their love births, blooms, struggles and thrives. What happens…

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  • This Is Us: Season 5 Major Plot Hole

    This Is Us Season 5 has been a real tear-jerker with the deepest issues that the kids never talked much about. This season also addresses the pandemic and the BLM. The Pearsons are somewhat on their own with everyone in different cities with their own problems. Before going on a hiatus, at the end of This Is Us Season 5,…

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  • Unseen Harry Potter On Set Images

    25 Unseen Harry Potter On Set Images That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

    Harry Potter movie series has always been the best and we, the Potterheads, are curious about how the filming has done what are the behind-the-scene facts, and so on. So here we brought you some of the wizardly awesome and unseen Harry Potter on set images that will make you feel nostalgic: 1. Green Screen Running!! 2. He’s Having Fun!!…

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  • MCU Heroes Don’t Have Special Powers

    Mighty MCU Heroes Who Don’t Have Special Powers

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a plethora of heroes who have their particular skillset suited for different kinds of missions or jobs. In a world filled with demi-gods who have the power to wield lighting at will to scientists who have survived gamma blasts, transforming them into a beast with untold potential and power. It is always cool to look…

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  • malcolm and marie why is it black and white

    Malcolm And Marie: Why is The Film Black And White?

    Malcolm and Marie, directed by Sam Levinson dropped on Netflix on 5th February 2021. This Netflix Original film shot completely in black and white tone has Zendaya as the leading lady playing Marie and John David Washington as Malcolm. The entire film is based on one fight the couple has on a night that was meant only for celebration. A…

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  • Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day

    10 Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day For The Singles!

    Valentine’s week is hard for the singles out there. While some of us succumb to the pressures of air filled with love and find ourselves a date to participate in the flowers-dinner-chocolates ritual, others don’t remove the masks and stay tight by their principles and spend a night by themselves, or celebrate Galentine’s with the gals! You order your favorite food,…

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  • Marvel Mutants Powers EvolvedMarvel Mutants Powers Evolved

    Marvel Mutants Whose Powers Have Evolved Into Something Unique

    The transition phase between the finding of their powers and experiencing a change after hitting puberty or a second traumatic event in an individual born with the X-gene might trigger a phase of development of a new power in the individual which might give rise to new powers. There are multiple ways in which someone born with the X-gene can…

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  • Marvel Villains Return in MCU

    Marvel Villains Ranked According To The Chances of Their Return in MCU

    In the Marvel comics universe, a villainous character isn’t really dead until the writer comes up with a new plot to implicate the villain in the storyline to ensure the continuity of the story. In the same way in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are multiple villains who could make a comeback into the Marvel storyline to give the narrative…

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  • Stunning Women From X-Men

    10 Most Stunning Women From X-Men

    Since its formation in 1963, X-Men have always had a wide variety of damsels who filled up and livened the pages of X-Men comics and our lives. Even though it was a vague contradiction, given the title of the comics. Every new issue brought with itself one or two new damsels who would steal your heart in a wink of…

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  • MCU Deaths: 10 Stories Fans Never Knew About Them

    MCU Deaths Stories Fans Never Knew: Unlike the comic any death that happens in MCU tends to stick to the storyline, at least that is what we’ve seen so far. Any comebacks are next to impossible until and you are the Norse God of Mischief or the infinity stones are able to call forth a wish-granting dragon (a vague reference…

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  • Marvel Thanos Cannot Die

    Marvel Confirms Thanos Cannot Die

    In the Marvel Comic Universe, Thanos is somewhat at a god-level even surpassing the death herself. Yes, that is true, in the Marvel comics realm killing Thanos is next to impossible. It is not because the mad titan cannot be defeated or killed in battle or that he has an immortal essence surrounding him. There is a much simpler logic…

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  • Justice League: Darkseid’s Anti-Life Symbol Explained

    The marketing gimmick of Zack Snyder’s Justice League exclusively featured the anti-life symbol, which hints at Darkseid and the arrival of his Apokolips army on earth in the Snyder’s cut of the movie. A teaser of the Justice League Snyder’s cut released on 11th February 2021, showed Darkseid’s general Steppenwolf striking the ground beneath him holding a new weapon and…

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  • WandaVision: New Theory Divulges Heartbreaking Endgame Easter Egg

    For all our readers who have watched the Avengers: Endgame, you may remember Captain Marvel’s reentering the earth’s atmosphere during the last battle of Avengers: Endgame. Thanos warship mid-battle ceases the firing on the Avenger’s ground forces and starts shooting in the clouds with the energy cannons aboard Sanctuary II (the name of the warship that Thanos commands). That’s when…

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  • Infinity Stones Return in WandaVision

    Infinity Stones To Return in WandaVision – Through Commercials?

    In the latest news that picking up wind amongst WandaVision fans is the return of infinity stone’s in the WandaVision arc and it is being done in the most comical way possible. This is possibly the wildest speculation being made by many fans but may become true due to logic and reasoning as to why the stones might re-enter the…

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  • Lucasfilm Fires ‘The Mandalorian’ Star Gina Carano

    Gina Carano rose to fame as a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter competing in events like Strikeforce and EliteXC. She retired from MMA competitions and moved on to acting, one of her earlier launches include her starring in Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 film ‘Haywire’. Her next was in ‘Fast & Furious 6’ and later on as ‘Angel Dust’ in the Marvel/20th…

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  • Awesome Post-Credits Scenes In Movies

    Post-Credits Scenes That Led To Something Awesome In Movies

    Post credits are some of the most precious moments of a movie, as they lay the groundwork for the sequels to come. Post credits become quite popular with franchisees and often create a much bigger hype for the movie that is yet to come while creating goodwill for the brand which transforms every customer or client into a potential fan.…

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  • MCU Characters Introduced Differently

    10 MCU Characters Marvel Should Have Introduced Differently

    From the start of 2008, with the release of the first Iron Man movie Marvel has always managed to hit the nail on the board without bending it. But there are a few instances where Marvel messed up in turns of storyline or the introduction of characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s narrative. Marvel has equipped itself with a vast…

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  • Romantic Films To Watch

    Romantic Films To Watch With Bae On Valentine’s Day

    This year, Valentine’s day is on a Sunday. So if you want to avoid going out to celebrate in a crowded place as a health precaution against Covid 19, or you just want to stay in, have greasy Chinese food, and catch up on a movie, cuddled up in your bae’s arms, we have put together the perfect list of…

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  • 20 Times Fans Desperately Wanted Chris Evans And Elizabeth Olsen To Date Each Other

    Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen portray the Marvel characters, Captain America And Scarlet Witch respectively. We saw them together on the same team in Captain America: Civil War. And for that, they did the movie promotions together in a pair. This absolutely gave the idea to the fans that they must be dating each other in real life which they…

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  • WandaVision Theory Wanda Saving Vision

    WandaVision Theory: Wanda Was Saving Vision, Not Stealing Him

    The WandaVision arc has become all the more intriguing and interesting with the airing of its 5th episode. There have been multiple story plots that have been revealed in the 30 minutes episode of the arc and a lot of questions that had remained unanswered are being provided with a detailed description in the following episode of the WandaVision arc.…

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  • Period Romance Movies To Watch

    Period Romance Movies To Watch To Deal With The Bridgerton Hangover

    On a mundane day, watching a period film is the closest we can get to time travel. And then there’s something enchanting about the air with which the characters of romantic period films walk into a room. If you’re someone who doesn’t know what to watch after finishing Bridgerton too soon or someone who just loves period films, this list…

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  • Actors Switched From Movies To TV Shows

    10 Actors Who Switched From Movies To TV Shows

    With the launch of Netflix in the summer of 1997, we have come very far into watching series on our laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In today’s era Netflix, HBO & Amazon are practically getting nominated for the Golden Globe’s and the Emmy’s. Many actors who were struggling to stay on top of their game in the movie industry have turned…

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  • X-Men Characters Who Aren’t Actually Mutants

    Even though each level has its kind of specialty, some extremely popular X-Men characters are considered mutants, but in reality, are not. Now when we say mutant, one is born with the activated X-gene with levels of its prominence depending on the human gene it is intertwined with. So, in this blog, we will be discussing famous X-Men characters who…

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  • Heartbreaking Goodbyes in Movies

    10 Most Heartbreaking Goodbyes in Movies

    In films, like life, we have to bid some difficult goodbyes. And no matter how prepared we are to watch that sad goodbye scene, we probably can not control our tears or save our hearts from breaking for the unfortunate series of actions on screen. Yet the whole of those scenes are to move us, and if it does, it’s…

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  • Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Succesful

    Amazing Movies With Awful Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

    The initial idea of creating a movie started with the film Roundhay Garden Scene in 1888. The plot behind the whole exercise was to create a moving film that would serve the purpose of communicating ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, etc with the use of moving images. The film industry has expanded since then and has given rise to multiple genres…

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  • Movies With Disappointing Endings

    Top 10 Hollywood Movies With Disappointing Endings

    In the movie world, the worst thing to happen is when you’re most anticipated movie ends in the most dramatic way possible. The movie starts most spectacularly, but the conclusion comes to an abrupt end and kills the ecstatic zeal that was built up in you. Here are a few of the movies which we felt had a disappointing ending.…

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  • Behind-The-Scene Images From Movies And TV Shows

    20 Amazing And Rare Behind-The-Scene Images From Movies And TV Shows

    We all love movies and TV shows and it is all amazing to see what actually happens behind the camera which made that iconic shot very memorable. Check out these amazing and rare behind-the-scene images from movies and TV shows that will blow your minds: 1. The Return of the Jedi 2. Maleficent 3. Jason Momoa and Meera With Their…

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  • Best on-screen duos

    7 Best On-Screen Duos in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe has achieved something which was far beyond imaginable, by creating and diversifying multiple timelines to unveil the action and story plots of how hero’s battle out with villains to achieve peace. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s creation of a whole new universe revolving around our real world has given hopes to many for a much-awaited climax and…

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  • Teenage Characters Played By Older Actors

    Famous Teenage Characters Played By Older Actors

    The beauty, the looks, the fineness of one’s look goes away with age is what we all have grown up to believe, but does it really? I mean how many times do we walk around the street and see all kinds of people, some over mature, some adaptive teens, and some who their age with a mask of childish innocence,…

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  • Top Hollywood Cops

    Top 10 Hollywood Cops of All Time

    Who doesn’t like a good action movie with cops involved? But cops are so much more than just the action. Let’s look at Hollywood’s favorite cops of all time and delve into why it is we love them so much. Do tell us if we missed out on someone. Presenting: Top 10 Hollywood Cops of All Time. 1. RoboCop from…

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  • Marvel Villains

    10 Most Messed Up Marvel Villains We Won’t See In MCU

    Detective Comics or DC, due to its dark epilogue have multiple daunting and terrorizing villains. The DC comic’s main characters are set in a dark and troubling time where humanity is challenged by some deranged and crazy individuals to tip off the scales of justice. Whether you talk about the Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Sinestro, and many more. Compared to…

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  • Marvel Storyline influenced The Show

    WandaVision: Every Marvel Storyline That Influenced The Show

    The first Disney+ series influenced by the MCU has paved paths to untold possibilities in the WandaVision Chapter which was unveiled earlier this year. The WandaVision chapter has been credited to the multiple numbers of comics from the MCU, which directly or indirectly has influenced the WandaVision narrative. Here we will discuss those comics which have created the influence. Nights…

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  • Cast of Bridgerton

    The Cast of Bridgerton And Where You Can Get More of Them

    The most-watched series on Netflix – Bridgerton has a stunning cast and we evidently haven’t been able to take our eyes off any of them waltzing around in their exquisite gowns and coats. The show, set in the Regency Era of London begins with Daphne coming out into the society, along with several other young women, scaling the competitive marriage…

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  • Avengers: Endgame Re-Release Hulk

    Key Retcons That Saved Iconic Movie Franchises

    The way Marvel has constructed the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline is extremely commendable, from X-men to all the other Marvel stories Marvel has given meaning to the word retroactive continuity. Here are a few movies with a plausible retroactive continuity that saved the dying movie franchise.  The Thanos factor With the first marvel movie coming up in 2008 (Iron Man),…

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  • Actors Forced Into Leaving Hollywood

    10 Actors Who Were Forced Into Leaving Hollywood

    Being a movie star seems like a colorful dream from this side of the fence. But living that dream isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Acting in movies is not limited to rehearsing lines from the script and attending premieres. It takes a toll on actors to such an extent that some of them end up bidding farewell to the industry.…

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  • Pointless CGI Movie Shots

    10 CGI Shots That Were Totally Useless

    Pointless CGI Movie Shots: The first CGI produced film was the Westworld in 1973 and since then we have come far. CGI & VFX are often used in tandem to create scenes that make the impossible look awesomely possible. The use of CGI helps the creative filmmakers get the best ideas out on the screen to create a picture as…

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  • 2021 Golden Globe Nomination

    The 2021 Golden Globe, TV Show & Movies Nomination’s Exposed

    The 93 people panel of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be announcing the nominees for the 2021 Golden Globe awards on the 4th of February 2021. The nominations this year are coming a little late than the normal reward cycle because the band for the nominees has been expanded to give a push to the artists seeing the impact…

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  • WandaVision Plots That Fans Should Look Out For

    Disney’s latest reveal on the Wanda Vision season 1 with currently 4 episodes and the trailer out for the 5th episode, seems to have taken the Marvel fans by storm. The much-awaited plot seems to be have started with an endearing reality of Wanda also known as the Scarlet Witch and Vision, who was created by Ultron in the movie…

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  • Heroes Did Terrible Things

    10 Beloved Heroes Who Did Terrible Things

    At times, villains are loved more than the heroes in a movie. This phenomenon is not new if we look at Loki, one of the most favorite bad guys. After all, villains can have a reason to go rogue and some of them also have British accents. But we are bound to arch our eyebrows when a hero does something…

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  • Thor 4 Set Photos Asgardians of the Galaxy

    Thor 4 Set Photos Reveal Thor and the Asgardians of the Galaxy

    The filming on the brand new sequel to Thor: Ragnarok, and the fourth installment for the Thor franchise began working earlier this month. The film will take place in Marvel Studios’ Phase Four, which is also set to feature many upcoming films including Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Eternals, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.…

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  • LGBTQ Celebs Came Out In 2020

    10 LGBTQ Celebs Who Proudly Came Out In 2020

    Let us celebrate the celebrities who happily opened up about their sexual orientation identity to their fans in 2020. As famous people, they have a world beyond their friends and family, with whom they like to share significant moments of their lives. These stars used social media to share things about themselves that resonated with millions of fans out there.…

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  • Unequal Pay In Leading Roles

    10 Times Actors Protested Against Unequal Pay In Leading Roles

    We have been moving forward since forever but we started to evolve when people decided to break the silence on unfair practices. Hollywood and many other industries have allowed a huge gender pay gap for as long as we can remember. But now, many celebrities are utilizing their power and platform to actively advocate for wage equality for everyone. In…

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  • Celebs Welcomed Babies In 2020

    18 Celebs Who Welcomed Babies In 2020

    2020 was a tough year for the majority of the world that can never be forgotten. Most of the countries were under lockdown, which also brought many close to their families. Some adapted to this new change and worked from home, while some utilized this time to focus on their loved ones. Celebrities, who were always traveling and spending most…

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  • Non-Binary Celebrities

    10 Celebrities Who Identify Themselves As Non-Binary

    As the world is on a progressing road, it is becoming easier for people to break the gender norms. They can run around as they are and as what they want to be seen. The boundaries of the binary gender have become more inclusive and divided itself into a wide array of genders- from transgender to the non-binary, and more.…

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  • Movie Villains turned Out To Be Right

    10 Movie Villains Who Turned Out To Be Right

    Everyone is a hero of their own stories. Sometimes we see heroes as the good guys because of how they are portrayed. Tables might turn sharply if we look from a different angle. If we are shown a villain’s perspective and reason, we might not necessarily see them as the buy guys. They are mostly projected as heartless creatures who…

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  • TV Actors Wanted To Kill Their Characters

    10 TV Actors Who Wanted To Kill Their Characters

    It’s one thing to leave a show, but a completely different thing to get your characters killed. What could possibly go wrong that these actors requested to finish off their TV series characters for good? At least you can still return if your character is faded out. But there is no return ticket once it dies. But these show stars…

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  • Female Aliens In Movies And Series

    10 Most Stunning Female Aliens In Movies And Series

    There is something deeply mysterious in the intergalactic characters in movies. We are used to the hot action stars on screen who are humans, but that’s become cliché nowadays. Galaxy and space SCiFis are on the rise as more and more studios are showing interest in them. It started with “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” that had their own share…

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  • Movie Spoilers Revealed In Promotions

    10 Times Movie Spoilers Were Revealed In Promotions

    Sometimes even a huge team of executives, PR agents, and marketers fail to establish a good campaign. In the desperation to attract more and more audience to the theatres, they end up revealing everything in the promotions. The directors and scriptwriters burn the midnight oil for months on the plot twist and the big suspense, only for them to get…

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  • Fan Theories on Ultron’s Return

    10 Fan Theories on Ultron’s Return In Future MCU Projects

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is incomplete without its fan theories. The tradition seems to be followed even in future MCU projects.  Some of the most mind-twisting Easter eggs and hidden details seem to point at the AI villain, Ultron. He made his debut in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and wreaked havoc on earth and in Wanda’s life. Fans strongly believe…

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  • Movies and Series of Elizabeth Olsen

    10 Must-Watch Movies And Series of Elizabeth Olsen Outside MCU

    Elizabeth Olsen is one of the sisters of the famous Olsen Twins- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. While the twins earned stardom since they were babies, their younger sister, Elizabeth is the one under the spotlight now. She rose to fame after starring in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” as one of the superheroes, Wanda. Today, Elizabeth is a huge part of…

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  • Cool Dads of Television

    The 10 Coolest Dads in The History of Television

    Television has its own way of giving wings to our imagination and expectations. Sometimes by bringing a ridiculously handsome love interest or the other times by bringing glamour beyond satisfaction, but this time we are gonna talk about the ultimate one, the dad one! T.V. dads have their own cool and eccentric vibe going on, where they are unbelievably chilled,…

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  • Celebrities Fooled Public With Their Lies

    10 Times Celebrities Fooled The Public With Their Lies

    Celebrities think that they can say or do anything behind the camera to deceive the audience. Some fans do end up falling for the unachievable figures that they edit on Photoshop, while some buy the romantic relationships that turn out to be nothing but a promotional façade. But with the increasing awareness and access to the internet, fans and tabloids…

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  • Celebrities Deadly Situations In Real Life

    10 Celebrities Who Dealt With Deadly Situations In Real Life

    We often expect famous people to be immune to any sort of danger. It’s almost as if nothing can touch them behind the screens, bodyguards, big walls, and all the facilities that normal people can’t afford. But life does find its way to reach these powerful celebs. Sometimes these situations can also be fatal. In fact, some of the following…

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  • Deadpool Disney And MCU Characters

    10 Times Deadpool Poked Fun At Disney And MCU Characters

    Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool wasn’t a part of the mogul Disney until recently after it took over Fox Studios. Unlike other X-Men characters, Deadpool instantly became a fan favorite for its goofiness and wit. Even since the merc got a mouth, he hasn’t spared anyone, including Ryan’s embarrassing Green Lantern, from his attacks. Don’t know if Wade Wilson will show the…

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